Garry’s Mod Console Variables & Commands for Prop Hunt: X

Garry’s Mod Console Variables & Commands for Prop Hunt: X 1 -
Garry’s Mod Console Variables & Commands for Prop Hunt: X 1 -

Quick Reference for Prop Hunt: X Console Variables (ConVars) and ConCommands (Console Commands).


Prop Hunt: X Introduces many features and most of it’s configuration are stored under Console Variables (ConVars). With this article, I will show you all of the various ConVars and Commands for Prop Hunt: X starting from Version X2Z Revision August: 22.08.22 (DD/MM/YY)

Alternatively, You can access all commands through [F1] ► [Prop Hunt Menu] ► ( Prop Hunt X Advanced Settings Menu ) Window. All every options are in there.

Garry's Mod Console Variables & Commands for Prop Hunt: X - Introduction - 7FD0350

This Section will only visible if you’re the Regular Players (Non-Admins).

If you’re looking for Player Settings like Preferences or mostly for Appearances, Simply navigate to [Player Settings] Menu. Don’t forget that some Plugins will also have Client Settings too. Simply by navigating to [Addons/Plugins] and scroll down until you see ” — Client Settings — ” category.

This Section will only visible if you’re the Admin, or Hosting the Game Mode.

If you are searching for Server Settings like as Admin, Gameplay Settings, Rounds, MapVotes, and Hunters Rotation, you may find them in the following menus:

  • Admin Settings – Mostly for Game mode related settings
  • MapVote Settings – Settings for MapVote system
  • Enhanced Plus Settings – More Settings like Unstuck and Team Rotation settings
  • Group & Access Options – Choices to enable groups access to the Admin Settings page and options to mute groups.
  • Addons/Plugins (Serverside) – Mostly to control your Plugins-related, such as Last Prop Standing and Prop Menu (Previously Prop Chooser)


Client Side / Player Related ConVars

List of Client Side Console Variables or Commands.

Client Side configurations are mostly used for Player Settings such as configuring User Interface, HUD & Appearances, Control Settings, and other Miscellaneous.

Please note that all of this option can be done by using Prop Hunt: Advanced Menu window. Simply by accessing from [F1] ► [Prop Hunt Menu] button ► [Player Settings] Navigation menu.

Client Side: General Interface

ph_hud_use_new (1/0)

Use new PHX HUD

ph_cl_language “en_us”

Prefered language to use. You can go to F1 -> Prop Hunt Menu -> Player settings -> and select from Language Drop Down.

cl_enable_devilballs_icon (1/0)

Show ‘Devil ball’ icon/marker to be displayed, once they’re spawned.

cl_enable_luckyballs_icon (1/0)

Show ‘Lucky ball’ icon/marker to be displayed, once they’re spawned.

ph_cl_decoy_spawn_helper (1/0)

Show/Hide a Decoy placement helper. This will show a little white dot with a text near on your crosshair that acts as “Indicator”

ph_cl_decoy_spawn_marker (1/0)

Show ‘Decoy (Fake Prop)’ icon/marker to be displayed, once they’re spawned.

Client Side: Taunt Options

ph_cl_autoclose_taunt (1/0)

Automatically close the taunt menu window after double-clicking a taunt item.

ph_cl_pitch_apply_fake_prop (1/0)

Allow use of pitch function for Fake Taunts.

Fake Taunts is a feature where you can play a taunt to a random props in the maps. They do not play on Player-controlled props though, however, they do play on your Decoy Prop.

ph_cl_pitch_fake_prop_random (1/0)

Randomize pitch for Fake Taunt instead, rather than using from preferred pitch level.

ph_cl_pitch_apply_random (1/0)

Allow use of pitch function for Random Taunts (the default [F3] taunt)

ph_cl_pitch_level (min: 50, max: 200)

Taunt Pitch Level. Starting from 50 to 200.

ph_cl_pitch_randomized (1/0)

Randomize pitch for Custom Taunt (Taunt that played from Taunt Menu), rather than using from preferred pitch level.

ph_cl_pitch_randomized_random (1/0)

Randomize pitch for Default [F3] Taunt (Random Taunt), rather than using from preferred pitch level.

ph_cl_pitch_taunt_enable (1/0)

Allow use of pitch function for custom taunts (Taunt that played from Taunt Menu)?

ph_prop_right_mouse_taunt (1/0)

Enable Right Clicking for Taunting. This will disable right-clicking function in taunt menu.

Client Side: Miscellaneous / Plugins

Last Prop Standing

lps_cl_draw_halo (1/0)

Show/Hide Halo effects, even the game sets it. This won’t show the effect if server disable this feature.

lps_cl_listen_music (1/0)

Play a background music when Last Prop Standing started.

Third Person Mode (Hunters Only)

ph_tpcam_dist (min: 32, max: 128)

The “Forward Distance” position for third person camera.

ph_tpcam_right (min: -128, max: 128)

The “Right/Left” position for third person camera.

ph_tpcam_up (min: -32, max: 32)

The “Up” (or tall) position for third person camera.


ph_cl_pltext (1/0)

Options to show a Player Names above players. Visible only on your Teams. 0 = Disable. 1 = Enable.

ph_cl_spec_hunter_line (1/0)

Show a line on hunters so we can see their aim in spectator mode.

ph_show_custom_crosshair (1/0)

Show a custom crosshair for props and hunters.

ph_cl_endround_sound (1/0)

Play a winning, lose, or “draw” music/sound when the round ends. Set to “0” to disable.

ph_cl_halos (1/0)

Toggle to Show/Hide a Halo effects when aiming to a prop. Only works if you’re using Mouse 1 Click for Replicating.

ph_show_team_topbar (1/0)

Show a bar that informs the total alive players in a team on top-left of the screen.

ph_show_tutor_control (1/0)

Show ‘Game Control’ pop up notification on every time player re-spawns. This only shows 4x and resets until map changes or when a player is reconnecting to the server.

Key Bindings

Note: Before continue, to know what’s key you want to assign, please visit to this Garry’s Mod wiki (link below) to consult what key number should you use for this ConVars. They don’t accept something like “MOUSE 1”, “A”, “B”, etc, but they will do something like this: If you want a key “J”, that’s mean you need to write it’s value as “20”

ph_cl_decoy_spawn_key (Default: 2, the number “1” key on top of “Q” key in QWERTY keyboard)

What key should we use to spawn ‘Decoy’ prop

ph_default_customtaunt_key (Default: 13, the “C” Key)

What key should we use to open Taunt Menu (Custom Taunt Window)

ph_default_rotation_lock_key (Default: 28, the “R” Key)

What key should we use to Toggle Rotation Lock

ph_default_taunt_key (Default: 94, the “F3” Key)

What key should we use to play Default Random Taunt

ph_prop_menu_key (Default: 99, the “F8” Key)

What key should we use to open Prop Menu (Prop Chooser)

ph_prop_midair_freeze_key (Default: 23, the “M” Key)

What key should we use to Toggle “Prop Freeze Mid-Air”

ph_thirdperson_key (Default: 24, the “N” Key)

Key for toggling Third person Mode on Hunter Team.

ph_cl_unstuck_key (default: 97, the “F6” key)

Key to try for unstuck.

Server Side / Gamemode Related ConVars

List of Server Side or mostly Gameplay Related Console Variables or Commands.

Most Player Settings, including User Interface, HUD & Appearances, Control Settings, and other Miscellaneous, are configured on the server side.

Please note that all of this option can be done by using Prop Hunt: Advanced Menu window. Simply by accessing from [F1] ► [Prop Hunt Menu] button. Simply Navigate to 4 categories:

  • Admin Settings
  • MapVote Settings
  • Enhanced Plus Settings
  • Addons/Plugins


Server Side: General Settings

ph_default_lang (Default: en_us)

What language should be set for the first-time player joined to your server. You should always leave this as ‘en_us’.

ph_use_lang (1/0)

Enable forced server-side Language.


It should be better to turn this off, unless if your is dedicated for specific country only.

ph_force_lang (Default: en_us)

Default language to force.

ph_add_hla_combine (1/0)

Add HLA Combine to default combine models? [REQUIRE MAP RESTART!]

ph_allow_armor (1/0)

Allow use of Armor? May require round restart.

ph_allow_pickup_object (Default: 3) (0/1/2/3)

Allow pickup objects? 0=No, 1=Hunters Only, 2=Props Only, 3=Everyone

ph_allow_respawn_from_spectator (1/0)

Allow Spectators join to any team and respawns during blind time?

ph_allow_respawnonblind (1/0)

Allow fast respawn during blind time?

ph_allow_respawnonblind_team_only (Default: 0) (0/1/2)

If specified, what team should be allowed to respawn? 0 = ALL TEAMS, 1 = HUNTERS, 2 = PROPS

ph_allow_respawnonblind_teamchange (1/0)

Allowing respawn during blind time FROM team changes is not advised (from props to hunters, vice versa). I don’t advise turning this feature on since players might be able to take advantage of it by consistently sitting on the Prop team. ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING enable this!

ph_enable_teambalance (1/0)

Enable Team Balance during round restart?

ph_max_teamchange_limit (Default: 8)

Define how many times player can change team to another. Default is 5. -1 means disabled.

ph_forcejoinbalancedteams (1/0)

Force players to even out teams upon joining? Setting 0 means do not force to join in balanced teams.

ph_blindtime_respawn_percent (Default: 0.75) (0.10/1.00)

How much time percentage to allow player Respawn during Blind time? Default is 0.75 (75%)

ph_check_for_rooms (1/0)

Check for rooms before replicating? This will prevent you to get stuck with other objects (such as prop, wall, etc)

ph_decoy_health (Default: 10)

How much health points for your decoy. Default is 10.

ph_enable_decoy_reward (1/0)

Enable a decoy reward? Reward will be given if any prop player is alive on every round ends.

ph_enable_devil_balls (1/0)

Spawn Devil balls when hunter dies?

ph_enable_lucky_balls (1/0)

Spawn Lucky balls on breakable props?

ph_enable_hunter_player_color (1/0)

Enable Player Color for team Hunters

ph_enable_prop_player_color (1/0)

Enable Player Color for team Props

ph_game_time (Default: 30, in minutes)

(Require Map Restart) Maximum Time Left (in minutes) – Default is 30 minutes.

ph_give_grenade_near_roundend (1/0)

Should grenades will be given near round end? If Yes, see ‘ph_give_grenade_roundend_before_time’ also.

ph_give_grenade_roundend_before_time (Default: 15, in seconds)

Time in seconds to give grenades before Round Ends. This is typically between 10 to 30 seconds.

ph_hunter_blindlock_time (Default: 30, in seconds)

How long hunters are blinded (in seconds)

ph_hunter_fire_penalty (Default: 5)

Health points removed from hunters when they shoot.

ph_hunter_kill_bonus (Default: 100 or 50)

How much health to give back to the Hunter after killing a prop.

ph_prop_camera_collisions (1/0)

Attempts to stop props from viewing inside walls.

ph_prop_collision (1/0)

Should Team Props interact with one another?

ph_prop_jumppower (Default: 1.5)

Multipliers for Prop Jump Power (Do not confused with Gravity!). Default is 1.4. Min. 1.

ph_hunter_jumppower (Default: 1)

Multipliers for Hunter Jump Power (Do not confused with Gravity!). Default is 1. Min. 1.

ph_props_disable_footstep (1/0)

Toggle Mute player footstep for Prop players.

ph_round_time (Default: 300, in seconds)

(Require Map Restart) Time (in seconds) for each rounds.

ph_rounds_per_map (Default: 10)

(Require Map Restart) Numbers of rounds played on a single map (Default: 10)

ph_smggrenadecounts (1/0)

How many grenades for SMG1 served on spawn?

ph_usable_prop_type (Default: 1) (1/2/3/4)

Usable Prop Types. 1 = Physics only, 2 = Dynamics, Ragdolls & Physics, 3 = Almost Anything, 4 = Custom

ph_usable_prop_type_notice (1/0)

Notify about certain entities cannot be replicated by pressing ‘E’. This only works if ‘ph_usable_prop_type’ is set to ‘3’ or ‘4’.

ph_use_custom_plmodel (1/0)

Should use a custom player model available for Hunters? Please note that you must have to activate ‘ph_use_custom_plmodel_for_prop’ too!

ph_use_custom_plmodel_for_prop (1/0)

Should use a custom Player’s Model for Props when the round begins?

ph_use_playermodeltype (1/0) – Default is 0.

Which model list that should deliver from? 0 = All Playermodels availale, 1 = Use Legacy method: list.Get(‘PlayerOptionsModel’) (Recommended if you want to custom your model list)

ph_spect_inform_join_team (1/0)

Inform Unassigned/Spectators with static text advice to join the game.

ph_falldamage (1/0)

Enable or Disable Fall Damage.

ph_falldamage_real (1/0)

Enable Fall Damage, but Realistically.

ph_enable_unstuck (1/0)

Enable Built-in Unstuck Features. If you have other version from Addon, Disable this.

ph_unstuckrange (Default: 250)

Allowed range for the unstuck process (default = 250, should be a multiple of 5)

ph_disabletpunstuckinround (1/0)

Disable last-resort unstuck teleportations to spawnpoints outside of the hiding phase

ph_unstuck_waittime (Default: 5)

How much in seconds must pass between each unstuck attempt

ph_originalteambalance (1/0) – Default: 0

Use default PH:X original auto-balancing (disables the subsequent team-related choices)

ph_rotateteams (1/0) – Default: 0

Turn off shuffle and instead rotate the players.

ph_huntercount (Default: 0)

Teams that rotate will utilize the hunter count. For automated, enter 0.

ph_preventconsecutivehunting (1/0)

Prevent players from being a Hunter twice in a row (shuffle mode only)

ph_forcespectatorstoplay (1/0)

Include spectators while balancing teams to make them play.

Server Side: Taunt Settings

ph_custom_taunt_mode (Default: 2) (0/1/2)

Enable custom taunts for prop teams by pressing C? (Default 2) 0: Random Only, 1: Custom Taunt Mode, 2: Both. You must have a list of custom taunts to enable this.

ph_customtaunts_delay (Default: 6)

How many in seconds delay for props to play custom taunt again? (Default is 6)

ph_autotaunt_enabled (1/0)

(Only Applies after New Round has started) Should auto taunting be enabled

ph_autotaunt_delay (Default: 45)

Delay in seconds for auto taunt feature

ph_normal_taunt_delay (Default: 2, in seconds)

How many delays in seconds for props to play normal [F3] taunt again? (Default is 2)

ph_taunt_pitch_enable (1/0)

Turn on or off taunt pitch

ph_taunt_pitch_range_max (Default: 200.0)

Maximum threshold/acceptable pitch range for taunt

ph_taunt_pitch_range_min (Default: 50.0)

Minimum threshold/acceptable pitch range for taunt

ph_randtaunt_map_prop_enable (1/0)

Allow fake taunts to be played on random props in the maps. Can be accessed only through Custom Taunt menu.

ph_randtaunt_map_prop_max (Default: 6)

Maximum usage for fake taunts to be used. -1 is unlimited (Be warned though,I don’t recommend to set this as unlimited!)

ph_enable_taunt_scanner (1/0)

[REQUIRE MAP RESTART!] Enable Taunt Scanner?

Server Side: Developer & Experimental

ph_print_verbose (1/0)

Developer Verbose. Some printed messages will only appear if this is enabled.

ph_exp_rot_pitch (1/0)

(Experimental!) Allow use of pitch rotation on props.

ph_freezecam (1/0)

Enable Freeze Camera Feature for Props.

ph_freezecam_hunter (1/0)

Enable Freeze Camera Feature for Hunters.

ph_fc_use_single_sound (1/0)

Use single Freezecam sound instead of sound list?

ph_fc_cue_path (Default: “misc/freeze_cam.wav” )

Path for single Freezecam sound.

ph_sv_enable_obb_modifier (1/0)

Developer: Enable OBB Model Data Override/Modifier

ph_reload_obb_setting_everyround (1/0)

Developer: Reload OBB Model Data Override/Modifier Every round Restarts

Server Side: MapVotes

ph_use_custom_mapvote (1/0)

Use custom external Map votes system? Type help ‘ph_custom_mv_func’ for more info.

ph_custom_mv_func (Default: “MapVote.Start()”)

This convar is hidden so you have to set it in server side console.

If ‘ph_use_custom_mapvote’ is specified, what’s the map vote function to call in LUA? NOTE: Case Sensitive! Local variable will not passed to the given code.

mv_allowcurmap (1/0)

Allow current map to be listed or not

mv_cooldown (1/0)

Enable map cooldown

mv_mapbeforerevote (Default: 2)

Number of each map should be cooldown and reapear again

mv_maplimit (Default: 30)

How many maps that should be listed in mapvotes

mv_rtvcount (Default: 3)

Minimum players to allow Rock the Vote

mv_timelimit (Default: 30)

Time in seconds for voting

mv_use_ulx_votemaps (1/0)

Use map listing from ULX Map Votemap List? This convar will grab any whitelisted maps from your ULX Map Votemap List.

1 = Use from ULX Votemap list (which you can whitelist them), 0 = scan to default maps/*.bsp directory.

mv_mapprefix (Default: “phx_,ph_” )

Map Prefixes to start with. For example: ph_ stands for Prop Hunt, de_ stands for CSS, etc…

Server Side: Miscellaneous

ph_spect_inform_join_team (1/0)

Inform Unassigned/Spectators with static text advice to join the game.

ph_mkbren_use_new_mdl (1/0)

Use new model for Bren MK II Bonus Weapon (Require Map Restart!!)

ph_use_new_chat (1/0)

[REQUIRE MAP RESTART!] Use new (temporary) chat box? This will replace default chatbox and prevent new HUD overlap.

ph_notify_player_join_leave (1/0)

Notify Player Join and Leave in the Chat?

ph_notice_prop_rotation (1/0)

Notify Prop Rotation every time Prop Team Respawns.

ph_new_chat_pos_sub (Default: 50, in pixels)

Move (in pixels) by substracting chat position Y pixels high. Negative (-) means to move it lower.

ph_show_splash_screen (1/0)

Show Splash Screen upon joining.

ph_enable_plnames (1/0)

Serverside control for if a clients see client’s team player names through walls.

ph_enable_thirdperson (1/0)

Enable thirdperson mode for hunters.

ph_sv_thirdperson_desired (1/0)

Allow thirdperson mode to use Server’s Desired Camera position (Disallow player custom position)

ph_sv_thirdperson_ddist (Default: 64)

Thirdperson: Desired Camera Distance.

ph_sv_thirdperson_dright (Default: 16)

Thirdperson: Desired Camera Right Position.

ph_sv_thirdperson_dup (Default: 4)

Thirdperson: Desired Camera Up Position.

ph_waitforplayers (1/0)

Should we wait for players for proper round? — Keep this to always enabled.

ph_min_waitforplayers (1/0)

Numbers of mininum players that we should wait for round start. Value must not contain less than 1.

ph_swap_teams_every_round (1/0)

Should teams swapped on every round? — Keep this to always enabled.

Server Plugins: Prop Menu (Prop Chooser)

pcr_enable (1/0)

Enable Prop Menu Feature?

pcr_allow_custom (1/0)

[REQUIRE MAP CHANGE/RESTART!] Allow custom prop to be added in the lists?

pcr_bbox_max_height (Default: 96)

BBOX CollissionBound Maximum Height Limit. Default is 96 (normally 72 is a standard hull size Kleiner models.

pcr_bbox_max_width (Default: 72)

BBOX CollissionBound Maximum Width Limit. Either: 72, 56, 48, 36, 32, …

pcr_delay_use (Default: 2.00)

Delay, in seconds before player able to use Prop Menu in next N seconds. (default is 2) – This prevent spamming issues.

pcr_enable_bbox_limit (1/0)

Add BBox Limit (Hull Size) before adding to the Prop Menu Lists (if any/configured)?

pcr_enable_prop_ban (1/0)

Allow prop banning before adding to the Prop Menu Lists?

pcr_kick_invalid (1/0) — Keep this remain set to “1” for Staff-Less Public Server

Kick any user attempt to access invalid model that does not exists in current map/custom list with threshold 4x max attempts.

pcr_limit_enable (1/0)

Enable limit of Maximum Prop addition count (see ‘pcr_max_prop_list’ for how many models you can limit.)

pcr_max_prop_list (Default: 100)

Maximum list of added prop into Prop Menu. (Default is 100)

pcr_max_use (Default: 3)

Maximum usage limit. -1 means unlimited.

pcr_notify_messages (1/0)

Notify client about how to use Prop Menu?

pcr_only_allow_certain_groups (1/0)

Should Prop Menu can only accessed by certain groups? (e.g: Donator, RespectedMembers, etc…)

pcr_use_room_check (1/0)

Use Room check before a player use other (larger) object to prevent to get stucked? Disable this if you’re facing with ‘there is no room to change’ messages.

pcr_use_ulx_menu (1/0)

Should Prop Menu can be accessed by Console command (0) or ULX command (1)?

Server Plugins: Last Prop Standing

lps_ammocount_airboat (Default: 500)

Ammo for Airboat Gun given by Last Standing Prop. -1 = Unlimited

lps_ammocount_revolver (Default: 120)

Ammo for Revolver gun given by Last Standing prop. -1 = Unlimited.

lps_ammocount_rocket (Default: 30)

Ammo for RPG given by Last Standing Prop. -1 = Unlimited

lps_ammocount_shotgun (Default: 150)

Ammo for Shotgun given by Last Standing Prop. -1 = Unlimited

lps_ammocount_smg (Default: 300)

Ammo for SMG gun given by Last Standing prop. -1 = Unlimited.

lps_enable (1/0

Enable Last Prop Standing?

lps_enable_music (1/0)

Enable background music when LPS begins. Require round restart to take effect.

lps_halo_color (Default: #14FA00)

Halo Effect Color (use “rainbow” or hex code)

lps_halo_enable (1/0)

Draw a halo effect around the last prop?

lps_halo_walls (1/0)

Draw the halo effect through walls?

lps_laser_color (Default: #CC0000)

Laser Beam Color for Laser Gun (use “rainbow” or hex code)

lps_mins_prop_players (Default: 2)

Minimum player counts on prop team. Minimum is 2.

lps_show_weapon (1/0)

Make Last Prop Standing’s weapon visible or not

lps_start_delayed_rounds (1/0)

Should LPS Start on Every X Rounds? If so, see ‘lps_start_every_x_rounds’ ConVar.

lps_start_every_x_rounds (Default: 2, meaning that Increments by 2)

Numbers of increments rounds that should make the LPS event starts. eg: Setting this ‘2’ means that it will trigger on following rounds: 2, 4, 6, 8,…

lps_start_random (1/0)

Should LPS will begin Randomly? This will overrides ‘lps_start_every_x_rounds’ ConVar.

lps_trail_color (Default: #FFFFFF)

Trail Color (use hex code)

lps_trail_enable (1/0)

Draw a trail behind the last prop?

lps_trail_texture (Default: “trails/laser”)

Draw a trail with what texture?

lps_use_armor (1/0)

Should Give LPS Players an Armor? (Default is 100 armor points)

lps_use_normal_health (1/0)

Should LPS Players STARTS with 100 HP? Changing to other props doesn’t keep this.

lps_weapon (Default: “random”)

If set, should the weapon given by ‘random’ or specific. See ‘lps_weapon_list’ for more info.

(Starting from here, you can adjust whatever you like. Values represent their Default values.)

lps_wepdamage_airboat 8

Damage for ‘Airboat Gun’ gun used by Last Standing prop.

lps_wepdamage_blaster 60

Damage for ‘Blaster’ gun used by Last Standing prop.

lps_wepdamage_laser 8

Damage for ‘Laser’ in per Tick Delay (0.1s) used by Last Standing prop.

lps_wepdamage_revolver 40

Damage for ‘Revolver’ gun used by Last Standing prop.

lps_wepdamage_rocket 80

Damage for ‘RPG’ gun used by Last Standing prop.

lps_wepdamage_shotgunpelet 6

Damage per 1 Pellet for ‘Shotgun’ gun used by Last Standing prop. The shotgun will fires 8 pellets.

lps_wepdamage_smg 10

Damage for ‘SMG’ gun used by Last Standing prop.

Console Commands

Console Commands are mostly available for Admins and thus used for certain special things. There is also a Player Commands which mostly used for Opening and Closing a specific window, such as Taunt Menu, Prop Menu, etc.

Below are available commands that can be used in PH:X. Note that commands marked as ( * ) are only available for Admins.


Toggle Thirdperson Mode on Hunters.

phx_test_translate* (Language ID) (Additional Parameters)

phx_test_random_translate* (Language ID) (Additional Parameters)

Language to test. for Example: phx_test_translate “HUD_TEAMWIN”, “Everyone” (Will prins: Everyone wins!)


Opens “Prop Hunt X Advanced Settings Menu”, or simply “Prop Hunt Menu”.


(Toggle) Opens Custom Taunt Menu Window


Force Active Round to be Ended. Round Number will be incremented. Note: Decoy will not rewarded.


Start “Rock the Vote”


Available Weapons for Last Prop Standing to use.


Debug: List Models that currently listed on Prop Menu (Prop Chooser).


Opens Prop Menu Window.


Verify if an administrator is modifying Custom Prop Entries for the Prop Menu right now.


Refresh Existing Taunt List. May be buggy on Lua Refresh so use with caution.


Refresh List of Player Model Prop Ban.


Refresh List of Banned Models that used for Prop Replication.


Check for Updates.


Refresh Current-Map of Custom Prop Entities’ Bounding Boxes (OBB) Configuration.



Start / Stop MapVote.



and we’ll try to fix them together.

This is all for Garry’s Mod Console Variables & Commands for Prop Hunt: X hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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