Galaxy Life Guide to Refinery

Galaxy Life Guide to Refinery 1 -
Galaxy Life Guide to Refinery 1 -


The refinery is a structure that can help you get rid any minerals left over. It has several cubes that can be used to increase the reward. The refinery is 62,000 gold and can also be built from starbase 3.
Once you have built the cube, you can refine it with minerals. The cubes can then be divided into 3 cubes.
– Flawed Present -> Level 1
– Imperfect Present -> Level 2
– Perfect Present -> Level 3
Galaxy Life Guide to Refinery - Process - 03C3337
Each level has a higher reward than the last, but it is more difficult to refine than the one before. The best reward possible in Level 3 (Perfect Gift).
You can earn rewards starting at:
– Collection Items
Help in the fight
– Troops*
– Resources (Do not return minerals to)
* (Unconfirmed, speculation)
The greater the refinery's level, and the higher the rewards, the better. Good luck!


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