Frogun How to Skip Red Gate Foundry

Frogun How to Skip Red Gate Foundry 1 -
Frogun How to Skip Red Gate Foundry 1 -

A guide to help you finish 6-4, the Foundry in under 30 seconds. Expert time medal.


The Foundry, level 4, is the final level in the main game. It's a hub with doors in each direction. You must complete the level in 30 seconds to earn the expert time medal. The author believes that this time requirement is more severe than any other in game. This is the guide I wish was there when I attempted to do this myself.

The red gate is not the only way out

The best route is to avoid opening the red gates and get straight to the goal. There is no time for anything else. This section will show you how to get past the gate.
If you don't want to read the entire guide, here is a hint:
There's nothing you're doing wrong. It's possible that you didn’t expect the game would be so demanding in execution.
Full explanation:
Place your feet on either side the red gate. The red gate is at 45 degrees. You will be tongue-grabbing the wall at the back corner. Jump towards the wall. At the top of the jump shoot the wall as far as you can.
This jump is extremely tight. Shooting from a high height is important. You want to aim at the back of the wall so that the crosshair is only half the distance away.
After you grab the gun, move diagonally to clear it. Next, move diagonally towards the ground behind red gate. Fire your gun at zero to reset your falling speed. All of this is very tight. If you are successful, you'll be safely behind a red gate.
This can also work if your gun is fired at the back of a wall. However, I found it harder to do correctly.
Another option is to bounce on top of the pot rather than standing on the chest. The video below shows this. It seems like they both achieve the same height.

A short video showing how it looks when done correctly. – []

After the red door

This is the place to be if you want an expert time-medal.
The only other shortcut that you might want to use is just after the mushroom spring, and before the turquoise ob. Jump and shoot the wall as soon as the orb is at the top of its motion. Then hold on. You should place it on top the wall in front. This trick is more flexible than the one you used for red gate.
I hope you find this useful in helping you to win the most difficult medal of the game.


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