FreestyleFootball R Best position to play tips

FreestyleFootball R Best position to play tips 1 -
FreestyleFootball R Best position to play tips 1 -

Which positions should I play?
Before you decide on a position, remember that the purpose of the game and your playstyle are to have fun.
This is a brief description of the positions and what you should do before you play.
—- Forwards—-
The Centre Forward (CF) is a forward who is responsible for scoring goals. They possess a variety shots, long shots, headers and tapins. They also tend to have a decent dribble which makes them dangerous in the area shot Creation. The Striker (ST) is a similar position, but it relies more on his clinical finishing touch.
(WF Wingers) are well-known for speed and dribbling. They have a lethal attacking belt and are the best position to create shots. They can also finish in the box but mainly serve as a support role to the CF on the wing. This is what Neymar, Vini Jr and Mo Salah are examples of.
Second Striker (, SS) assists the Centre Forward to score goals. He also receives balls from the midfield. He drops into the middle of the field, grabs the ball, and makes a forward run with the CF. Just when everyone thinks he is going to shoot, he passes it to the CF and scores a goal. He is sometimes called 'Dummy Runners or 'False 9.' Be aware that SS may sometimes be deployed as the only forward but it's not up to its full capabilities.
—– Midfielders—
AMF, also known by the traditional no.10 is a player who plays in the middle of the field between the deep-midfield and the final third. He will occasionally drop into deep-midfield to intercept or snatch a ball from the opposition's middlefilder. He can also run to opposing box with good dribbling skills, strength, and make a pass either to the CF, wingers, or CF. Sometimes, he can even score goals if he is well-equipped with shooting stats.
SS rarely goes beyond the midfield line during possession, while AMF may play to deep midfield, but (almost never to the defensive.
CMF's can play almost anywhere on the pitch. They can be at defensive or attacking line – anywhere. We can say they are masters of all trades. But they are master of none. (They aren't very good at attacking and defending). But they get the job done almost every time. Their greatest trait is their ability for passing. A good CMF will always be the basis of a strong counter attack. They can hold the ball and keep possession.
Side midfielders (SMF) can be described as your typical left and right midfielder. They are quick and are known for their lob-crossing and dribbling abilities. This is your best position if you have creativity.
DMF's focus is primarily on the defensive aspect of the game, as their name suggests. They are strong and durable passers. They will move to the defensive line when they are faced with a threat or assistance in attacking for the AMF or CMF. We can be certain that our blackline will remain safe, even if there is a terrible mistake, with a good DMF.
—– My opinion about Midfielders ——
If you are a MF and find yourself going box-to-box a lot, chances are that you are more suited to CM or SMF. If you tend to be more behind the striker than me, then you may be better suited for AMF. Remember that whatever you choose, there will be benefits and also disadvantages.
— Defenders —
CBs are your key defender. They can fight area doubles with forwards and are skilled at tackles and ball winning. A good CB will know when to attack and when to keep his distance.
Sweeper (SW) are usually in football the defender located closest to the keeper. They are able to advance the ball and have good passing skills. A smart sweeper can be a game-changer if they know when to send long balls.
Let's conclude that there is no right or incorrect answer. You should play the position that suits you best.
I hope you found this guide helpful.


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