Founders’ Fortune Villager Expectations

Founders’ Fortune Villager Expectations 1 -
Founders’ Fortune Villager Expectations 1 -
A list of villager expectations that need to be met in order to advance. Mostly useful for town planning with homes. Hopefully this helps new players.



Extremely minimal guide. Hopefully it helps new players to plan. 



  • Raw Food 
  • Food cooked from Campfire 
  • Food cooked from Kitchen 
  • Kitchen food OR Baked goods 
  • Variety of Kitchen food AND Baked goods




  • Owns a Sleeping Spot 
  • Sleeps inside 
  • Owns a proper bed 
  • Owns a bedroom 
  • Owns a house 
  • Owns a house with 3 big rooms 
  • Owns a house with 5 big rooms

I was not keeping track of how many villagers prompted each level, but I do know that: 
At 12 villagers: 
Villagers 1-3 require a house with 5 big rooms (this dinged for all three of them upon the arrival of the 12th villager. Previously they all only required 3 big rooms, so you do not need to worry about this until very late-game) 
Villagers 4-7 require a house with 3 big rooms 
Villagers 8-11 require a house 
Villager 12 is a child and is unknown 
At 13 villagers: 
Villagers 1-5 require a house with 5 big rooms 
Villagers 6-10 require a house with 3 big rooms 
Villagers 11-12 require a house 
Villagers 12-13 are children and is unknown 

  • A “big room” must have least 16 tiles. 
  • Lovers can share a house with each other without penalty (lovers can be same-s*x, but only male-female couples may reproduce) 
  • Children (still growing) can share a house with their parents without penalty (I assume) 
  • Adult children cannot share with their parents, and must have their own house 
  • A house must be completely isolated to be considered a house i.e. no wall must connect to another building in any way



A Life Satisfaction level is gained each time the wish bar reaches full. The current Satisfaction level is shown in the blue bubble to the right of the experience bar. It is NOT the amount of reward points the character has available, but is instead the accumulation of all the reward points the character has earned so far. 
I haven’t really been paying attention to this, because I/they tend to accomplish it naturally – it never has really been a big deal. 
All I can offer you, is 
At 12 villagers: 

  • Villagers 1-5 require 8 Life Satisfaction

All my other villagers surpass their requirements so I cannot say for certain what they need. Wishes aren’t that complicated to achieve. As their level rises and your village is at a point where they have their generic wishes already met, a lot of their wishes will be to advance a skill point, worth 100 points. They should already be set to work to what you want, and so will achieve this naturally. 


Social measures the amount of good relationships a villager has. The only time this is an issue for me is when a new villager joins late in game, and you have to *gasp* manually make them interact with other villagers. They tend to generically interact with each other and form relationships over time, so you will rarely need to intervene. 
This really hasn’t been an issue for me, so I haven’t been keeping track. 


Skill level refers to their highest level in their main profession, and is not an accumulation of all skill points earned throughout. The only time this is an issue is when you bring in a new colonist that is unskilled, in which case they only need to achieve one level in anything to make the bar green. 
Again, this has never been enough of an issue for me to pay attention to, as the requirements tend to naturally align with generic gameplay. 



  • 0 coins per day 
  • 2 coins per day 
  • 5 coins per day 
  • 10 coins per day 
  • 20 coins per day 
  • 50 coins per day

I assume this reaches 100 coins per day in higher levels 
*50 coins per day dinged for Villagers 1-3 upon the arrival of a 12th Villager 

Written by Spyrie

This is all for Founders’ Fortune Villager Expectations hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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