FOREWARNED Lore Pages or Artifacts Farming Tips

FOREWARNED Lore Pages or Artifacts Farming Tips 1 -
FOREWARNED Lore Pages or Artifacts Farming Tips 1 -

If you’ve got friends and want to farm lore pages or artefacts, then this side game mode is for you.
Works best with 4 players but works with any amount from 2 – 4.


Me and a couple friends came up with this game while we were trying to farm artefacts and turned forewarned into a competitive scramble for loot. It’s a very different experience to vanilla (or at least we think so.)
We haven’t really thought of a proper name for this thing so for now I suppose we’ll be direct and call it “Lore Hunters” or something idk.

How do play funny gamemode?

  • Wait outside the tomb, check how many lore pages exist. Ensure there is a minimum of 2 (this is to guarantee at least 1 lore page is outside of the mejai’s tomb).
  • All players enter at the same time and search for lore pages.
  • Once a player collects a lore page, that player may exit the tomb.
    (You may stay for longer to get more pages to screw others out of safety)
  • Once all but 1 lore page has been collected (so the mejai’s room is the only one remaining) all safe players leave the tomb and the non-safe players must pick a mejai at random based on what they know (they are not allowed to gather more evidence.)
  • All the non-safe players have to survive as normal. Safe players can assist using the radar if they choose to.

it’s a fun way to farm lore pages with friends.

Ending notes / thoughts

I’m adding this here because I’ll probably come back and edit the guide a bit if people have any questions, writing this at 1:00 am just so the ideas out there and I don’t forget to publish it.
If you’ve got any questions drop a message under the guide and I’ll get around to answering it if I have time.
Thanks to the forewarned devs for the great game and the laughs.
Hope y’all have fun playing this jank mode.

Here we come to an end for FOREWARNED Lore Pages or Artifacts Farming Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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