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Flotsam Basic Hints and Gameplay Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

Part 2

Useful construction of walkways

– Ideally, you should always build walkways between workshops, drying racks etc. so that the drifters have shorter routes to walk and don’t have to take long detours. This way, you also have much more space and possibilities to build other things. When you have clicked on the walkway icon in the build menu (it’s always good to leave it visible so that you can quickly see what you need next or how much resources are still needed), you then simply click in the water at the desired place or where it turns bluish and then drag it until it doesn’t go any further (click again) or simply shorten it if necessary. So don’t click and drag while holding the mouse button but first click, then release and then simply drag without pressing anything.


– Some buildings/workshops need electricity, recognisable by the blue part at the top of the building. Then you have to build the energy pole near it, click on the blue end there and connect the line that is now hanging on the mouse pointer to the blue part of the building and also to the blue part of the town heart. Possibly only between the building and the town heart without the energy pole or only between the building and the energy pole but I’m not sure if that’s enough to make it work. Then, by right-clicking somewhere, the line disappears from the mouse pointer again. Since the line is not very long, you sometimes have to build another energy pole in between so that it reaches the blue end of the building or town heart or another building or energy pole. Important is a correct connection so that electricity can flow.

Moving the town heart, fuel consumption and boats

– Click on the map symbol at the bottom to select the next location (hold left mouse button and watch the ship moving) and park as close to it as possible so that the drifters don’t have too long a swim because at the beginning, they don’t have any boats yet. Pay attention to fuel consumption at the top right of the new location. From about the remaining half of amount of fuel, a drifter goes to the crank of the town heart to recharge the fuel. However, since collecting and salvaging is very time-consuming with swimming, salvage boats and fishing boats can then be researched and then be built with the corresponding resources. Swimmers can transport 5 parts, boats 10 and of course they save a lot of time. But don’t forget the buoy because nobody does anything without it. If you click on the placed buoy, you can then also increase the number of drifters that should go there (though they don’t always stick to it). When everything has been collected within the mark, the buoy disappears automatically.

– To choose the perfect location for the ship, it is best to click on the map icon and then hold left mouse button and watch the ship moving. Alternatively, you can scroll down on the sea or in your own town to have a close-up view which also allows you to see into the distance and then continue searching by holding the mouse pointer at the edge of the screen. But since this is a bit more tedious, I still prefer the map. Sometimes you don’t have as much fuel as you really need to get to a new location. But then you can simply continue a bit further on the map later as soon as the drifter has charged more fuel at the crank. But watch out for boats that may still be on the way so that they are not too far away from the ship or too close to it because otherwise it can happen (as happened to me once) that the drifter and the boat were back at the mooring point of my town and the drifter didn’t move any more (only as usual when they are waiting for tasks or when you make room in a storage or build a new one). Finished salvages get a green flag on the map so that you can see where you have already been to. However, I have also found that there was no flag on the map but when I looked from the sea or a ship, everything had already been salvaged and when I went to the map again, there was suddenly a flag there. If I’ve used up a lot of fuel for a trip and I don’t end up at the next destination as planned, I go to the main menu without saving and reload this game state. Therefore, as a precaution, you should always save the game before changing your position on the map. Another possibility is to travel until fuel is very little, leave the game running and wait until there is more fuel in the bar again, then travel a little further etc until you reach the wanted destination.

Skills and research station

– Every drifter has skills that he/she can level up over time. Each time a drifter levels up, you can learn a part of the previously selected research via the research station (one bar is researched per new level point. You find the research window at the bottom by clicking on the icon). At the beginning and with each new drifter, the levelling up goes faster but after a while, it slows down. Therefore, you have to think carefully about what you want to research next or what would be more important first. If you build 2 research stations, then usually 2 drifters will also learn from them so that it goes faster (unfortunately, you can’t research 2 different things).

– You can see the skills in the info window by clicking on a drifter or on his/her icon on the right edge of the screen or by clicking on the drifter icon in the general info window on the bottom right. There you can also increase activities with a left click or decrease them again with a right click.


– Drifters get sick from time to time which means that they are not available for a whole ingame day. This is a real problem when you only have 3 drifters and then 2 or even all of them get sick at the same time. By clicking on the drifter or the icon on the right hand side, you can also observe the course of the illness. When the bar is completely white again, they are healthy again. There is also a small pencil icon where you can rename drifters.

Contaminated fish

– Fish can be contaminated and deteriorate the health of the drifters. For this, there is the unbottler and the fishwasher to research where a drifter then removes plastic or oil from the fish in question and at the fishwasher, you can also prepare food with the right fish. You can research different devices to make fish dishes with them but they also require certain resources, e.g. raw algae. Therefore, you should also build at least one such seaweed grower so that they can then be processed for cooking. Otherwise, there is also the Chop Shop, Fish Kebap (and Fish Kabob after upgrading which then needs electricity) and the Food Truck for cooking.


You have to research the buildings or devices needed for this and then build them in the usual way.

Descriptions of gameplay


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