Fistful of Frags Tips For Single Player Challenges Guide

Fistful of Frags Tips For Single Player Challenges Guide 1 -
Fistful of Frags Tips For Single Player Challenges Guide 1 -
Tips for completing some of the single-player challenges.


Melee Harassment

There will be two kinds of enemies: ones with knives and ones without ’em. The ones with knives will throw them at you; move right to dodge them (that is to say, their left). Shoot an enemy once at close enough range and you’ll take a little over half their health. Two kicks should finish them off. Reload whenever the enemies give you a chance, but not more than a few shells at a time. Kill ten enemies with kicks without dying to finish the round.

[Beginner/Intermediate] One-Eye

1. Grab the two sticks of dynamite and the machete from the floor, and the Henry Rifle from the chest. I wouldn’t take the axes; while they don’t add to your encumberance, they’re not as strong as the machete and they just add an extra weapon type to cycle through.
2. Run to the dynamite barrel and move it near the corner of the white block cover.
3. Hold the dynamite as your current weapon.
4. Push the payload by staying close and parallel to its right side. NEVER push it by going in front of it or on top of it, otherwise you’ll get stuck and unable to move. The game’s broken like that.
5. As the cart approaches the dynamite you repositioned earlier, look down upon the ground by it and throw a dynamite stick directly downward right next to it.
6. Quickly move to the other side of the cart and equip the rifle. The enemies are coming.
7. Your allies and the dynamite should take care of most of the first wave, but there will be two to the left near the well you’ll want to dispatch quickly with your rifle.
8. Push the cart, stop pushing the cart to fight enemies with your rifle and machete, and repeat until you get to the first supply area.
9. Refill your health bar with booze. Don’t bother reloading your Henry, just press the Drop Active Weapon key (v by default) and grab a new one.
10. Return to the cart. You’ll see a gap in the fence just above it; stop and shoot the two bandits as they jump down from it. More bandits will pour in from just ahead of the cart; kill them too.
11. Another set of enemies will pour in from far around the corner; run ahead and start shooting them. You might have to switch to the machete and run back to the first supply area if they start to overwhelm you or deplete your HP.
12. The second supply area will be sighted. When there are no enemies about, chuck the second Henry with v and go there. Grab a Smith Carbine rifle and refill your HP with booze.
13. When you push the cart a little further, bandits will pour out from the cave entrances. Shoot them with your carbine. You’ll have to get to cover and reload it periodically.
14. Once you enter the cave, you will be consistently ambushed by two different warring sets of bandits. One of them around the corner will have a bow and arrows poised to take you or one of your buddies out; carefully swing around the bend and take him out with the carbine as fast as you can.
15. Near the end of the payload destination, a large group of black bandits will all spawn just behind a box at the far end of the cave away from the tracks. Shoot them while they’re together like that and you’ll hit multiple enemies with each shot.
16. Try not to push the payload to the end until you’ve dispatched all the other bandits and reloaded your weapon(s).
17. (Optional) In a side-area to the left just after the main entrance, there will be a table filled with one-handed guns. You may chuck your Smith and replace it with two pistols if you prefer them.
18. Right after you push the payload to the end, One-Eye and his two minions will rush out to attack you. Now may be a good time to use that last dynamite stick, but for the most part, just shoot them with the Carbine when they’re far away and hit them with the machete when they’re close-up.
19. Once you’ve killed all remaining enemies, follow the marker to the exit point before time runs out and you win.

Bow Training

Before the start of the match, enable console in advanced options, activate it by pressing the `/~ key, type:
sv_cheats 1; noclip
Fly around and scope out the targets; some of them are behind tree leaves and almost impossible to see from the viewpoint you’re given, so identifying them beforehand will help. You’re not cheating, because you’ll soon start with a fresh round of the challenge devoid of these console commands.
When you’re done, type:
noclip; sv_cheats 0
Then disconnect from the map and reconnect to it.
Complete the map as fast as you can. The trick to firing with the bow is shooting just above your targets heads. How high above their heads you must fire at differs with distance and height.
I got the Bronze award on my best run so far.

Written by Nick Bluetooth

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