Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 -
Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 -

Gameplay Basics

  • Always pick Blaster MK2 as your starting bonus. It’s a very versatile weapon. You won’t get opportunity to by those until much later into the game. And it also costs more than a new crew member.
  • After that your goal should be to fill all positions on your ship, so pick “Recruitment”. Science is the most important, since it enables your shields. Then hire Engineer, then Medic.
  • Focus on maxing out your crew skills, unless your ship is badly damaged or one of your crew members is heavily wounded.
  • Once your crew Skill is maxed out, start to max out Armor. This will make your crew more resilient. With maxed out Skill, your Science officer should bump armor pretty quickly.
  • Save around 700 credits before you reach the mid-point.
  • Make sure that you land on that middle point between your starting location and Pluto. That will allow you to beat your first mini-boss, and grant your access to Bomb Outfits. The earlier you get Bomb Outfit – the more value it will allow you to accumulate, and the cheaper it will be.
  • If you didn’t get to fight the mini-boss or didn’t like any of the two outfits, restart your run.

After defeating a boss, you’ll be given an option to continue your run or to end it by detonating a planet:
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No matter how good your think your run is, always pick “Detonate” after you beat a new boss for the first time. That way you’re able to save at least some of your progress, and do the next run with a better ship.
There are no bonuses for detonating on the same planet twice, so you should never do it.
To level up your Pilot at the start of the run you use DNA.
DNA is preserved between runs. If you don’t have enough DNA to max out your pilot skill, do a couple of junk runs until you do.
DNA is awarded for killing people, not for destroying ships. During your junk runs, aim for cockpits, as 8t will maximize your chances.
If you are in the Weapon Shop, always buy all the ammo available, unless you’re short on cash. As you progress your weapons will consume more and more ammo, so unless you have the Ammo Outfit, you’ll be burning through it quickly.
If you’re in the Shipyard, always repair your ship fully. It’s cheap, and you never know what comes next.

Space Hazards

Accretion disk

Line of small particles that tears everything in its way.
Shields can block them.

Antiship Battery

A target will appear on the screen few seconds before the battery makes it shot.

Asteroid Field

Same as Accretion disk?

Deep Space

Neutral zone.

Space Whales Pod

Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners - Space Hazards - 473D469
Space whales will slowly chase you from the back of the screen.
Whales are not aggressive and do not damage your ship.
Damaging parts of a whale brings some cash.

Space Aurora


Drone Carrier

At early stages, friendly drones will fly at you and repair you ship slightly once they touch you.
They repair enemies as well.
At later stages, the drones will steal your money instead.
At final stages, drones will explode.

Hungry Planetoid

Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners - Space Hazards - EE3E716
A huge “pacman” that comes at you from different angles.
Your shield can block it.
Can get quite dangerous if you run low on shields, though.

Space Darkness


Freight Convoy

Containers can be destroyed. Each container contains random bonuses and cash.


There are two types of singularities.
Black ones will suck you towards them.
Red ones will damage your ship. Both are quite bad, since they are very hard to predict and avoid.

Comet Tail


Space Piranhas


Space Rush Hour


Space Cows

Cows will fly at you front the front of the screen. They can be killed by touching them with your shield.
Great way to earn money quickly.

Space Dust Cloud




Fish Mix

As the name suggest, this is a mix of Space Piranhas and


Quite similar to Freight Convoy, but warships will shoot back at you downward and forward if you hit them.

Solar Flare

A horizontal stream of fire telegraphing shortly before it starts.
Extremely dangerous to your ship and crew.
Cannot be blocked by shields.
Focus on avoiding the fire waves, as they will tear through your enemies.

Ion Storm

Like a minefield, but instead of damaging your ship, those balls of electricity will drain its energy and stagger it somewhat. More difficult if your ship is focused around energy weapons.

Ms. Planetoid

Like Hungry Planetoid, but worse: also adds smaller “pacmans” that chew through your ship and crew.

Comet Tail Core

Same as Comet Tail as far as I can tell.

Fleet Massing

Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners - Space Hazards - 27145FE


Weapons in this game are either energy based or ammo based.


DPS: 10.8
Shots / Sec: 4
Ammo / Sec: 3.6
“This weapon fires .50 caliber rounds. It is the least potent ammo-based space weapon”

Wave Gun MK1

This weapon is surprisingly effective, as it will penetrate enemy shields and fry the ship’s crew, potentially decreasing its firepower.

Wave Gun MK2

DPS: 19
Shots / sec: 32
Energy / sec: 4.5
“A dish that sends energy waves at medium range. Shields are mostly ineffective at blocking it”
Same stats as Wave Gun MK1, but with increased range.

Short Barrel 88MM

DPS: 27
Shots / Sec: 1
Ammo / Sec: 4.5
“The Short Barrel 88mm Gun fires armor-piercing shells at a slow rate of fire”

Long Barrel 88MM

DPS: 36
Shots / sec: 1.2
Ammo / sec: 8.4
Price: 1,965
“The long Barrel 88mm Gun fires high-velocity armor-piercing shells at a slow rate of fire”

Space Chainsaw

DPS: 36
Ammo / Sec: 3.6
“The chainsaw is a melee weapon that deals fairly high damage. It uses ammo because its fuel is stored in the ammunition bay”
This weapon will become available after you beat your first boss, and it has fantastic DPS for that stage.

Electro Spike

DPS: 27
Shots / sec: 1
Energy / sec: 3.6
“This is a harpoon used to hunt space whales. It thrusts forward to stab its target when its electromagnets are activated”

Volley Blaster MK2

DPS: 51
Shots / Sec: 3
Energy / Sec: 7.8
“This blaster shoots volleys of energy bolts at a slow rate. This improved version shoots more bolts per volley”

30mm Auto Flak

DPS: 50.5
Shots / sec: 3
Ammo / sec: 8.1
This is an automatic 30mm flak cannon. It fires explosive fragmentation shells with a timed fuse”

30mm Auto Flak MK2

DPS: 55
Shots / sec: 4
Ammo / sec: 10.8
“Automatic high velocity 30mm Flak cannon. It fires explosive fragmentation shells with a timed fuse”

Raygun MK1

DPS: 32
Shots / sec: 0.8
Energy / sec: 5.3
“The Raygun fires a ray burst that can go through obstacles and even shields. It has a slow-firing rate, however”

Raygun MK2

DPS: 48
Shots / sec: 1.2
Energy / sec: 9.3
“The Raygun MK2 fires a ray burst that goes through targets, obstacles and even shields”

Auto Howitzer I

DPS: 34.5
Shots / sec: 2.5
Ammo / sec: 6.9
“The Automatic Howitzer fires low-velocity 105mm shells. It uses ammo”

Gatling Gun

DPS: 54.8
Shots / sec: 16.7
Ammo / sec: 13.7
“The Gatling Gun is a multi-barrel .50 machine gun that fires a stream of bullets at an incredible rate”

Particle Gun MK1

DPS: 18
Shots / sec: 20
Energy / sec: 3.6
“This weapon fires a stream of Leopoldotron particles at its target.”

Particle Gun MK2

DPS: 36
Shots / sec: 40
Energy / sec: 8.9
“This weapon fires a stream of Leopoldotron particles at its target. It has a fairly high energy consumption rate”
The stream of particles is quite slow.

Minimissile MK1

DPS: 32
Shots / sec: 7.5
Ammo / sec: 9
“Mini missile launcher that shoots RPGs at a random rate. It is used mostly for battlefield saturation”

Minimissile MK2

DPS: 41.6
Shots / sec: 10
Ammo / sec: 15.6
Price: 2,077
“Mini missile launcher that shoots RPGs at a fast random rate. It is used mostly for battlefield saturation”

Heavy Blaster MK1

DPS: 23
Shots / sec: 2.5
Energy / sec: 4.5
“The Heavy Blaster MK1 fires high damage energy bolts”

Heavy Blaster MK2

DPS: 36
Shots / sec: 4
Energy / sec: 8.1
“The Heavy Blaster MK2 fires high damage energy bolts at a fast rate of fire”

Blaster MK1

DPS: 11.5
Shots / sec: 2.5
Energy / sec: 1.9
“The blaster MK1 is a very basic weapon that shoots energy bolts”

Blaster MK2

DPS: 22.5
Shots / sec: 5
Energy / sec: 6.3
“The blaster MK2 is an improved blaster MK1 as it shoots twice as fast”
Twice as fast is very good. Extremely efficient starting weapon.

Rocket Launcher

DPS: 36
Shots / sec: 1.25
Ammo / sec: 6
“The rocket launcher shoots slow-flying hollow charge rockets that do high damage on impact”
A very solid weapon.


Ammo / sec: 4.5
Price: 1,865
“This melee weapon is basically a saw powered by a petrol engine at the end of a long pole”

Nuclear Mortar

DPS: 41.6
Shots / sec: 1
Ammo / sec: 6
Price: 1,760
“This mortar launces a nuclear shell that detonates on impact. The resulting explosion deals massive damage”
Special Weapons Shop will allow you to supercharge one of your weapons.
This will give it an unique and awesome look, and increase its stats, but it’s not clear by how much, since stats of supercharged weapons are not visible.
Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners - Weapons - D16F07E



You can destroy its turrets if you have a Machine Gun or a Wave Gun at your front or back.
Machine Gunis probably your best option against it in general.

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It will shoot a volley of rockets as it appears from the back of the screen, so if you aren’t careful, it may be a very short fight for you.
There is a blind spot at the front-right, and if you have a high-DPS weapon at the top, you should be able to disable its bottom weapons and stay relatively safe.

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Turning on your shield will make the boss visible.

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Like the previous boss, shooting its head off will end the fight quickly. Make sure that you have a high DPS weapon such as Space Chainsaw on your back or top.

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Probably the easiest boss. Just hide behind it, and shoot at the pilot’s antennae. Or let it eventually blow itself up with the homing missiles.

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This boss has three phases.
First one has shields.
Second, after you enter atmosphere, has its shields down, but shoots bolts at you.
Third one is a separate ship with a minigun in front.

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You’ll meet a miniboss if you land exactly in the middle between two planets.
Defeating a miniboss will grant you access to Special Recruitment, Special Weapon Shop, Special Shipyard and Bomb Outfits.
Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners - Minibosses - C031BC3

Pluto – King Vomit

“I banished him after he flooded my lab with vomit”

Neptune – Angel Eyes

This miniboss is akin to Antiship Battery, as it will telegraph where it is going to attack.

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Uranus – Toupee

“He was my glorious giant toupee experiment. I’m surprised to see he fared that well”
Similar to Uranus boss, Toupee will shoot yellow beams that drain your energy quickly.

Saturn – Red Moron

Don’t get in front of it, as its double miniguns are extremely dangerous.
Top and bottom are blind spots.

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Jupiter – ???


Ceres – Exceptional Mind


Mars – Giant Jetpacker?

“I wanted to see what one of those jetpackers would look with gigantism”
This mini-boss doesn’t appear in the achievements, so I have to guess its name.

Earth – Donald




Shield Upgrades

Shields that can be purchased from Special Shipyard don’t have names as far as I can tell.

“The shield will damage other ships”


“The shield will heal crew by burning items”


“The shield will damage enemies’ engines”

Causes explosions around the enemy engine.
There is a few second cooldown for that effect.
This will destroy the enemy vessel after a few explosions.

Bomb Outfits

You’ll know that a special effect of the outfit has been triggered by bomb shaking and stars flying out of it.

Cash Bonus

“You will get paid a bonus after multiple ship explosions”

Repair Bonus

“Celine will repair your ship after multiple ship explosions”

Item Stealing

“Celine will steal items when a big number of them are present”
This works more like an item magnet.

Aim Training

“Celine will improve your crew’s aim after each level”

Time Bonus

“Level time will pass faster after multiple ship explosions”

Healing Bonus

“Celine will heal your crew after multiple ship explosions”


“Celine will convert any debris that you pick into cash”


“A random explosion will occur after blood is spilled”

Energy Bonus

“Your energy will recharge after multiple ship explosions”

Ammo Bonus

“Celine will generate ammo after multiple ship explosions”

Written by Aleosha

Here we come to an end for Fission Superstar X Gameplay Tips for Beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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