Fighting Fantasy Classics Temple Of Terror Walkthru & Achievements Guide

Fighting Fantasy Classics Temple Of Terror Walkthru & Achievements Guide 1 -
Fighting Fantasy Classics Temple Of Terror Walkthru & Achievements Guide 1 -
A walkthru of Tin Man Games “FF Classics” game “Temple Of Terror”.



Greetings adventurers! It’s a classic sword & sorcery mission in the continent of Allansia this time. 
A snotty-nosed young upstart named Malbordus has been perfecting the powers of the dark arts and now only needs to gather five ancient dragon artefacts to complete his power and conquer the world of Titan. 
To prevent this somebody must travel across the Desert Of Skulls to the lost city of Vatos, find all five artefacts and destroy them before he can complete his rituals. 
This sounds like just the mission for the Analand Sorceress…. 


As you would expect from an Ian Livingstone title, the game is very combat-heavy. Strangely however, few of the opponents are actually very strong. Even the final encounter is not particularly daunting. 
In Adventurer Mode it is not too difficult, providing your starting stats are reasonable. 
In Hardcore Hero Mode, if you have maximum Skill (10) plus good Stamina & Luck, you should still succeed. 
The real challenge is finding the optimum route (which is very specific) to achieve success. 
If you stray from this optimum route, not only will you miss out on the dragon artefacts and other items/info required for success, you will often be subjected to brutal penalties to your stats…. 


The visible constellations in Allansia are somewhat different to those in the Old World, so some new magic will be required here. The kindly wizard Yaztromo has time to teach you four spells (chosen from a selection of ten) before you depart. 
These spells can be cast repeatedly, but some incur a stamina drain each time you use them. However, the stamina drain is often better than the penalty which you might otherwise suffer. 
Your selection of spells is not absolutely critical, but some are far more useful than others. 

Steam Achievements

There are seven Steam achievements for this title. 
Three are self-explanatory: Free-read win, Adventurer win & Hardcore Hero win. Simply follow this guide to complete the quest in each mode. 
Two of the other achievements Golden Ticket and Thunder, Thunderbolt Ho! can also be completed during this winning walkthru. They are indicated in the walkthru where they occur. 
The other two achievements can be unlocked as described below: 
Gnome Sweet Gnome
Follow the walkthru until you climb up the ladder and encounter the gnome. Instead of talking to him, attack him to unlock the achievement. 
Stop Harping On
(This one requires you to take a different route right from the start.) 
Leave Yaztromo’s tower, but instead of going by river, cross the bridge. 
Continue south. 
Roll 1d6: 1: fight cave troll Sk 8 St 9; 2-5: +2 sta 
You then encounter a harpy to unlock the achievement. 

Yaztromo’s Tower To Port Blacksand & The Ocean

First you must travel to Yaztromo’s tower and decide which four spells to learn. It is not a make-or-break choice, but inevitably some are more useful than others. 
Learn these four spells: Create Water; Fire; Open Door; Jump 
Buy your passage on the barge to Port Blacksand. 
Haggle. -3 g.p. 
Pay and follow the old man. -1 g.p. 
Fight two robbers: Sk 8 St 7 & Sk 7 St 7 
+ small brass telescope, + 3 silver buttons 
-2 g.p. 
-10 g.p. 
Tell him not to be so clumsy. -1 sta 
Fight pirate: Sk 9 St 8 
+ large pearl, +2 g.p. 
Skill test: Pass: ok, Fail: DEATH 
Swim towards the man-of-war. 
At this point use as many provisions as needed to fully restore your stamina, as your quota will be restored back to 10 on the next page, irrespective of how many/few you have used. 
His name is Gillibran. 
Provisions restored to 10 meals. 

The Desert Of Skulls

Walk east inland. 
Fight 3 needle flies: Sk 5 St 6, Sk 6 St 7, Sk 7 St 6 
Stop to look inside the leather pouch. + small golden key 
Lie low and wait until the rider has passed. 
Luck test: Pass: + brass handbell, Fail: -1 skill 
(This is a very important luck test, as the brass handbell will enable you to avoid a serious battle much later. Fail this and you miss the brass handbell and lose 1 skill point as well…. 
Cast a Water spell. 
Make contact with the nomad. +4 sta 
Purchase these items: 
Onyx egg -3 g.p. 
Bracelet of mermaid scales -3 g.p. 
Crystal key -3 g.p. 
Fight giant sandworm: Sk 10 St 20 
+ sandworm tooth 
Cast a Fire spell. -1 sta 
Walk over to the trees. 
Continue south without drinking. 
Inspect the rocks. -4 sta 
Untie the sack. 
Release the sprite. +1 luck, + headscarf 
Cast a Water spell. 
You are wearing a headscarf. 

The Lost City Of Vatos

Try to open the wooden side door. 
Cast an Open Door spell. -2 sta 
Open the casket. 
Place the helmet on your head. + iron helmet, +1 skill 
You now encounter the messenger of death, who tells you that there are five letters of a DEATH spell hidden ahead. If you find all five, you will be destroyed! Fortunately this walkthru will avoid all of them. 
Pull back the drapes. 
Open the door. 
Fight giant centipede: Sk 9 St 7 
Cut down the bucket from the ceiling. + bone dragon artefact 
Steam Achievement: Golden Ticket 
(If your Skill is not very high it may be better to cast a JUMP spell (-3 sta) to avoid this skill test.) 
Skill test: Pass: ok, Fail: -1 skill, -6 sta 
Look thru your backpack for something to use. 
Use onyx egg. 
Ignore the grate and walk on. 
Go left. 
Fight lizard man: Sk 9 St 8 
+ large iron key 
Go left. 
Climb up the ladder. 
Talk to him. 
You have a brass telescope. + crystal dragon artefact, – brass telescope 
Fight two rat-men: Sk 5 St 4, Sk 5 St 5 
+ monkey tail, +3 g.p. 
Go thru the left arch. 
Go right. 
See who is coming. 
Fight two skeleton warriors: Sk 7 St 10, Sk 6 St 12 
+ shield, +1 initial skill, +1 skill 
You have an iron key. 
+ clay goblet 
Keep on walking. 
Kick his sword away and try to talk to him. + info 
Investigate the moving lights. 
Fight three giant fireflies: Sk 5 St 4, Sk 5 St 5, Sk 4 St 6 
Walk to the right of the idol. 
You are wearing a bracelet of mermaid scales. 
Continue straight on. 
Reach into the alcove. 
Open the box. + silver dragon artefact 
Skill test: Pass: Use an item against it. Use a silver button. +1 luck 
Fail: -4 sta 
Turn right towards the tapestries. 
Walk past the tapestries. 
(If your luck is low, or if your stamina is maximum, ignore the chair, which avoids the luck test below.) 
Sit in the chair. 
Luck test: Pass: +4 sta, Fail: – 1d6 sta 
Bathe your wounds in the herbal liquid. +4 sta 
Reply to his question. 
You like the artist’s work. +info: prize 300 g.p., walk thru golden rain 
Ignore the cries and keep on walking. 
You have a golden key. 
Answer: 300 g.p. +2 skill, +2 luck 
Open the left door. 
Walk thru without making a donation. 
Step slowly in the darkness. -2 sta, -1 luck 
If you have a brass handbell: 
Look thru your backpack. 
Luck test: Pass: ok, Fail: -1 skill, -2 sta 
Use brass handbell. Continue below at** 
If you don’t have a brass handbell: 
Fight night-horror: Sk 10 St 10 (You have -2 a.s. for this fight. Your sword only inflicts 1 sta damage each wound here.) 
**Pick up the silver rod. 
Use your crystal key. 
Take a closer look at the wood-carving. + ebony dragon artefact +1 luck 

The Temple Of Leesha.

Tell them you have a gift for Leesha. 
You are not wearing a medallion. 
Luck test: Pass: ok, give them a monkey tail; Fail: Fight 3 dark disciples: Sk 9 St 5, Sk 8 St 6, Sk 9 St 5 
Fight 4 sword arms: Sk 6 St 4, Sk 6 St 4, Sk 6 St 4, Sk 6 St 4 
Step thru the golden rain. 
(Your magic has been badly affected by the rain. No more spells from here on.) 
Fight slave guard: Sk 8 St 8 
Let yourself fall asleep. +2 sta 
Hide behind the drapes. 
Hack the lock open. 
Open the moon door. 
Lift the lid of the white pot. 
Place the ring on your finger. + copper ring 
Open the door. (Ignore the trapdoor.) 
Take the golden skeleton statue. +1 luck 
Leave the room. 
Go right. 
Eat the grapes. +4 sta 
Attack them. 
Fight 2 skeleton men: Sk 9 St 6, Sk 9 St 8 
Fight servant: Sk 8 St 8 
Use a giant sandworm’s tooth. 
Run thru the doorway after Leesha. 
Stop and inspect the idol. + golden dragon artefact 
Speak to the dwarf. + war-hammer 
You have all five dragon artefacts
Crush the bone dragon artefact first. 
You have a war-hammer. 
You are wearing a copper ring. 
Steam Achievement: Thunder, Thunderbolt Ho! 
Fight malbordus: Sk 10 St 18 
You have saved the world of Titan by defeating the upstart malbordus and destroying all five dragon artefacts. You have also collected some valuables on your journey. YAY! 

By Analand Sorceress

This is all for Fighting Fantasy Classics Temple Of Terror Walkthru & Achievements Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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