Fighting Fantasy Classics Caverns Of The Snow Witch Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

Fighting Fantasy Classics Caverns Of The Snow Witch Walkthrough & Achievements Guide 1 -
Fighting Fantasy Classics Caverns Of The Snow Witch Walkthrough & Achievements Guide 1 -
A walkthru of Tin Man Games “FF Classics” game “Caverns Of The Snow Witch”,



Greetings adventurers! It’s a long trek to the forbidding Icefinger Mountains in the far north of Allansia this time. There will be no assistance from the constellations in this part of Titan, so there will only be swordplay here. (and plenty of it) 
The evil snow witch Shareella is plotting to unleash a new ice-age upon the continent to further her ambitions of supreme rule. Somebody must find her lair in the Crystal Caverns and defeat her, before it is too late. Another great quest for the Analand Sorceress! 

Changes From The Original Game.

The original version of this quest was a very tough FF mission. 
In this “FF Classics” release Tin Man Games have made several (four, as far as i can tell) changes from their original “Standalone” release of the game to lower the difficulty slightly. These changes provide subtle, but significant assistance: 
1. The mammoth in Icefinger Mountains has been reduced from Sk 10 St 11 to Sk 8 St 9, making it easier to take this route, thus avoiding the risky crevasse and two snow wolves. 
2. The yeti has been reduced from Sk 11 St 12 to Sk 8 St 8, making it only a moderate opponent. In Hardcore Hero mode in the original version, this battle could end your quest when it had barely begun. 
3. After you have passed the door with the dagger embedded in it, you no longer automatically deduct up to two provisions. (If you had any left.) You now simply lose two stamina. 
4. The silver flute is now recognised as a silver item which can be given to the pegasus. This avoids a minor battle and a death-or-glory luck test right at the end, if you won the elven boots of silence. 
I have also provided a walkthru for the original “Standalone” version of this game on the respective page for those who are interested. 


Even by Ian Livingstone’s standards this quest is extremely combat-heavy. There are relatively few branches in the path, meaning that the quest is longer than usual, and even on the optimum route there is an almost relentless succession of opponents, many with high stats. 
In Adventurer mode this quest will be tricky unless your initial stats are high. 
In Hardcore Hero mode, even with the best possible initial stats, this quest is brutally difficult and your three provisions will be gone in no time. 
If you choose the potion of strength to counteract the dearth of provisions, your luck will run down quickly, leaving you highly likely to fail critical luck tests later on. 
If you take the potion of fortune to restore your luck when you really need it, your stamina will surely fail during the succession of tough battles. 

Steam Achievements.

There are seven Steam achievements for this title. 
Three are self-explanatory: Free-read win, Adventurer win & Hardcore Hero win. Simply follow this guide to complete the quest in each mode. 
Three of the other achievements Speed Reader, With Friends Like These and Horsefly can also be completed during this winning walkthru. They are indicated in the walkthru where they occur. 
The remaining achievement is unlocked as follows: 
Follow the walkthru until you reach the dwarf stranded in a pit, but refuse to help him. 

Icefinger Mountains.

Walk around the crevasse. 
Fight mammoth: Sk 8 St 9 
Dig a shelter. -2 provisions (but no stamina gain) 
Enter the hut. 
Warm up the stew. +3 sta 
Leave the weapons. 
-1 stamina 
Fight yeti: Sk 8 St 8 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: Skill test. Pass: ok, Fail: Luck test. Pass: -1 skill, Fail: DEATH 

The Crystal Caverns.

Go right. 
Drink some of the liquid. +3 sta, + restore any skill points lost to frostbite. (but not injuries) 
Tell him you have come to join her followers. 
Change your story. + cloak 
Enter the kitchen. 
Attack them. 
Fight neanderthal: Sk 7 St 8 
Search the cupboards. 
Read the runes. + rune stick 
Blow the flute. + silver flute 
Smell the rose. +3 sta (If your stamina is near max. do this after you have read the book.) 
Read the book. – 4sta. 
Open the book. 
Put the chain around your neck. + amulet of courage, +2 skill 
You are wearing a cloak. 
Luck test. Pass: go to ** 
Fail: Tell them you are here to play the flute. 
Luck test. Pass: go to ** 
Fail: Skill test. Pass:fight ice demon: Sk 9 St 11 +1 luck then continue at ** below 
Fail: fight ice demon: Sk 9 St 11 (with -2 a.s.) +1 luck then continue at ** below 
** Go left. 
Help the dwarf. + sling, + 3 iron balls 
Attack him. 
Strike the man to your right. 
Try to smash his prism. + invisible genie wish 
Enter the tunnel with the skull mouth. 
Attack him. 
You have the sling & balls. 
Skill test. Pass: ok, Fail: Luck test. Pass: fight giant: Sk 10 St 10 
Fail: -2sta, then fight giant: Sk 10 St 10 (with -2 a.s.) 
Try on rings. 
Gold ring. +1 luck 
Copper ring. +1 luck 
You don’t have war-hammer. 
You rescued a genie. Call him now. 
Go right. 
Knock on the door. 
Attack him. Zombie: Sk 6 St 6 
Take +Ground Minotaur Horn, +Garlic, +4 Dragon Eggs

Defeating The Snow Witch…. Not Once, But Twice….

You have some ground minotaur horn. 
You have some garlic. 
You have a carved rune stick. 
If your Skill is 11+ you skewer her. 
If your Skill is <11: Skill test. Pass: you skewer her. Fail: DEATH! 
You have defeated the snow witch. Yay! 
Fight sentinel: Sk 9 St 9 
You can take up to 600 g.p. but must leave one item for each 150 g.p. you take. Keep these items: Silver Flute, Sling, One Iron Ball, One Dragon Egg 
Go left. 
Pick up the orb. 
Keep hold of it. +3 sta, +1 luck 
Roll 1d6. 1-2: -1 skill, -4 sta, -1 luck 
3-4: nothing. 
5-6: Roll 1d6 again: 1-4: nothing, 5-6: +1 luck, + elf boots of silence 
Fight caveman: Sk 8 St 8 + star metal disc 
(You can escape after two attack rounds for -2 sta if necessary, as you don’t need this disc.) 
You are wearing an amulet of courage. 
Fight brain slayer: Sk 10 St 10 
Look in the red pot. + square metal disc 
Look in the grey pot. 
Break the seal and read the scroll. 
Skill test. Pass: Learn spell “gul sang abi daar” + 1 luck, Fail: -1 luck 
Steam Achievement: Speed Reader if you passed this skill test
Ignore the dagger and open the door. 
-2 sta 
Go left. 
If you learned the spell “gul sang abi daar” take the shield. (Otherwise leave it and continue at ## below) 
You recognise the words “gul sang abi daar”. + shield, +1 skill 
## If you have the shield: ok, Otherwise: -4 sta, -1 luck 
Fire an iron ball from your sling. 
Skill test. Pass: take Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: if sta >10 -1 skill, -4 sta, if sta 10 or less: DEATH 
Fail: -1 luck, then: if sta >10 -1 skill, -4 sta, if sta 10 or less: DEATH 
Fight dwarf zombie: Sk 8 St 9 
Fight elf zombie: Sk 9 St 9 
Steam Achievement: With Friends Like These. 
You have some metal discs. 
Conceal the square disc. 
You have defeated the snow witch. (Again) Yay! 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: -4 sta 

Finding The Healer.

You would rather walk on. (Do not offer him money.) 
Wait for the owner to arrive. 
+2 sta 
Drink the liquid. +1 skill, +4 sta, +1 luck 
+4 stamina 
Pay the man. -2 g.p. + info 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: -2 sta 
Fight bird-man: Sk 12 St 8 (You might be able to utilise luck tests to win more quickly.) 
Resist the temptation to drink. -1 sta 
+1 stamina 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: Fight werewolf Sk 8 St 10 
Fight two hill trolls: Sk 9 St 10 & Sk 9 St 9 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: Fight two more hill trolls: Sk 8 St 9 & Sk 9 St 9 (If you win: +1 skill) 
You drank the potion of health. 
-1 skill, -1 sta 
Continue east following the river. -1 sta 
Ignore the vine and keep on walking up the river valley. 
Walk up the footpath. 
Enter the hut. 
Ask if he is the healer. 
Threaten him. 
Swallow the pills. +4 sta 
Keep on walking up the river valley. 
Ask if he knows where the healer lives. -1 sta 
Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: Take 2nd Luck test. Pass: -1 sta, Fail: DEATH 
-1 sta 
Skill test for Ash. (His skill =9) Pass: ok, Fail: Fight death hawk: Sk 4 St 5 for 2 attack rounds. 
Climb up the ladder to the tree house. 
Fight man-orc: Sk 8 St 6 + tinder-box & candle 
If you have elf boots of silence continue to $$ below. 
If not, fight barbarian: Sk 9 St 8 
+3 silver arrowheads 
Wear the armband. +1 skill 
$$ Enter the cave. 

Removing The Death Spell.

– 1d6 sta 
You possess a candle & tinder-box. 
Skill test. Pass: ok, Fail: DEATH! 
You possess a dragon’s egg. 
You have drunk the dragon’s egg concoction. 
Skill test. Pass: ok, Fail: Take 2nd skill test
Pass: Fight banshee: Sk 12 St 12, Fail: Fight banshee: Sk 12 St 12 (with -2 a.s.) 
You have a silver flute. 
Steam Achievement: Horsefly. 
You believe the bird to be a phoenix. 
You are cured of the death spell and have completed your adventure. Yay! 

This is all for Fighting Fantasy Classics Caverns Of The Snow Witch Walkthrough & Achievements Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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