FIFA 22 Basic Gameplay Tips + How to Win

FIFA 22 Basic Gameplay Tips + How to Win 1 -
FIFA 22 Basic Gameplay Tips + How to Win 1 -

A Fifa 22 Weekend League Guide on how to automatically win a few more games in the Weekend League, and generally get better at Fifa 22.


The Basics
The first thing you need to do is to prepare for the opponents, which means it is very important to have a good starter team, because the opponents are GOATS (Greatest Of All Time).
In any case, you need defenders with more than 90 pace…
Like Lacroix, St. Juste, Mbabu and Davies. This would be a very good start, because no dirty opponent player can run past your defense, if this is the case. Then it is clear that the opponent hacks…. You also need Manuel Neuer in goal, who keeps the one or other weird shots from 50 meters.


The Gameplay
Now we come to the gameplay… The most important part of the whole GUIDE, because here it depends on whether you are good or bad. To be good you have to play strikers with over 90 pace, like Mbappe. Then you must always send your Mbappe into the run, because he is fast and PSG is EA partner, means he is a dirty Guy anyway.

The most important thing in Fifa 22
The absolute most important thing in this game is this: As soon as you take the lead with a goal, you have to cheer in any case, that the opponent knows you are the king, after that you have to set to “Very Defensive” to secure with a chain of 5 at the back, as soon as you play on “Very Defensive” you have to make time play. Means pa*s the ball back and forth in defense, and generally slow everything down. This is what a real top 200 player does.
So now you are ready for the Weekend League and secure a good ranking.
Have fun


The Conclusion
Now we come to the conclusion, the conclusion is very important for your own person, because you should always believe in yourself, after you have won the game, you should definitely delve into the statistics for 10 minutes, even if the opponent deserved to win much more, you won and that is the only thing that counts. In addition, it is important to look at the goals again, if you have the need, you can also like to get one down on it, because who does not do that?
Then, when you’ve gained the confidence, you can send another snap for the Fifa Snap group, or even your crush. Why not?
That’s it…
If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.
Good luck in the Weekend League

Written by LiXeZzz

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