Fear & Hunger Route + Buckman’s Quest

Fear & Hunger Route + Buckman’s Quest 2 - steamsplay.com
Fear & Hunger Route + Buckman’s Quest 2 - steamsplay.com

This guide contains Buckmans’s quest, including routes.

The Route + Buckman’s Quest

In case you missed it, the [Things In Brackets] are OPTIONAL

@Level 1 Hidden backyard

  • Blockade explosions at the back
  • Enter the tree

@Level * Thicket

^ Level 5

  • [Get Katana] (We never return to this floor again , so we might as well get it now)

    (Killing the Spectre will prevent him from haunting you, but it requires Magic or Cursed Weapons)

    When you are at your best, get away from Spectre

^ Deeper Level 5

  • Cut the Heart of the God of the Depths

@Floor 7

  • [Resurrect Skeleton from the spot you fell]

    (If your goal is to marry, you should cut the Skeleton’s arms as soon as possible.)

  • The second Heart of the God Of The Depths can be cut

    The third one is located in the Golden Temple, which is somewhat later in the game

  • Get Le’garde

@Level 6 Mines > @Thicket > @Floor 7

  • [Enter the mines through your back , and turn left. The Blue Sin is taken out of the stone.

    (Use the Ma’habre Passage immediately[Use the Passage of Ma’habre right away

    When you return, make sure to head towards the top right corner of the area.

    You must ensure that you have all the items from the Assassin’s skeleton.

  • From the 7th floor, take the Prison shortcut

@Prison Cells

( !! )

    • <

I will explain this symbol in the future.

  • [Kill and Revive Ghoul]
  • (Ghoul + Skeleton Arms will suffice for the Sergal Spear).

    If you are a Bride or a Ghoul, you must cut your and the GhoulsArms prior to performing ritual.

  • Unlock chain elevators until Level 5 Mines

    I usually perform my Marriage ritual in the Mine’s ritual circle right about now, then go upstairs, equip a Ring of Still Blood, and put on the Penance Armor.

  • [Go to The Blood Pit to the Inner Hall and steal the Vault Key from Tortur (Requires the Steal Skill). Kill Tortur to save Buckman
  • [[Get Penance Armor[[Get Penance Armor

    To get the Penance Armor you need to light all the torches in the Inner Hall.

@Level 5 Mines

  • Get the Stone Crown / Salmonsnake soul
  • [Obtain the Eclipse Talisman by chatting with the Yellow Mages during combat]
  • Cube of the Depths, preferably with Stone Crown if possible
  • [Kill dwellers attacking D’arce]
  • [Kill The Old Knight/Armored Knight and Spectre Knight – Explosive Vial here if you have lots of it]
  • [Consider Enlightenment saving and Re-rolling Nosramus”a place to store Empty Scrolls]
  • Weaponry that kills Assassin Spectre (The Blue Sin takes 4 Souls)[Curse weaponry to kill Assassin Spectre (The Blue Sin takes 4

Return to the elevator

( !! )

@Prison Cells > Floor 7 > Ma’habre

  • [Retrieve Jeanne[Retrieve Jeanne (She is right and up from the Nameless figurine).
  • [Return to Basement to find out more about Seril[Return to Basement to learn more about Seril
  • [Get Potion of Mind for Seril[Get Potion of Mind for Seril]

    Seymor and Buckman aren’t present. However, you can obtain the potion from Yellow Mages.

@Basement Bed

{ Do this curly brace at any time prior ( !! ). If you aren’t doing the Buckman Quest,

  • Kill Crow Mauler/Get His Soul (Red Vial on his Head to keep him from Peck’s immediate killings)
  • Le’garde } will be rewarded with the cursed sword.

@Basement > Prison > Floor 7 > Ma’habre

  • [Save Seril by using Talk Skill during combat[Save Seril by using Talk Skill while fighting (He is the Gaunt Knight, left behind the Nameless figurine.
  • You can make husks in the Secret Lab. (Fall off the edge, it’s only two wide).
  • Get the Sergal Spear
  • [Might need to cut off someone’s arm if the Skeletons + Ghouls weren’t enough for them.

    If you’ve managed to figure out this text wall, you should be here

    Fear & Hunger Route + Buckman's Quest - The Route + Buckman's Quest - 98EAD8B


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