Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques – Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques – Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI 1 - steamsplay.com
Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques – Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI 1 - steamsplay.com
All You Need For Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams And AI


– Intro – Why I Made This Guide

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI - - Intro - Why I Made This Guide


This guide is actually a community effort; Composed by myself, – inspired and spurred
on by those mentioned in the credits, including many unmentioned and without their
foreknowledge. ->(Surprise!)

– Without their combined influence this composition may not have come into existence
by these hands, or if it had – it wouldn’t have been nearly as accurate or complete.

-> Those named are free to edit this; To add, delete and update as they see fit.
It is their guide as much as it is mine, and they deserve at least half the credit,
– and – I most humbly accept all the blame ; )

My friends who’ve been reading my posts have heard most of this already in different
posts. (( you guys can skip right to the credits if you like but you might be interested
in my ‘Mission Priorities‘ for the entire game, and ‘Extending the Game‘ listed below.))


I decided to compose this guide because I’ve seen that some first time players were
echoing the same complaints. – when I first tried it myself I was sorely disappointed.at
the start. – Frustrated by the limited space that I could wander for an “Open World”
game, – not knowing that the limitations were just temporary.

– Played the training mission, wandered a short distance away and decided to go back
in for some reason, strolled into the area like I owned the place and was of course
immediately taken down by the respawns. – Outraged, I quit the game and didn’t try
it again for nearly a year.

– When I rediscovered it and began to explore I was determined to take the experience
seriously and since then have spent many games experimenting with different ideas
that might give me advantages in survival. Just attempting the difficult can teach how
to overcome it.

– I hope that what I’ve learned will help you to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that make
the game harder, take advantage of the unusual opportunities that are presented at the
start of each map, and get as much enjoyment from playing as possible.

Any comments are wholly welcome. – TIA –

– Required to Launch The Game –

– ★To Assure that you don’t end up with GAME ENDING BUGS ★ –

Imagine working through 40 hours or more only to loose it all at 84% complete.
I’ve been through it twice, and I’d hate to see anyone suffer the pain when this
simple fix is available :

Always launch the game using FoxAheads’ Multi-Fixer. – Well tested and
has added options to set FOV – and more –

Note the setup for how to launch in steam



– Respawns –

If this is your first time through it would be a shame if you quit because of certain
things that are discouraging.

Addressing the three major complaints first:

Respawns Malaria and Weapons Degradation


All those damned check points. – Yes, its a repetitive pain that gets old quickly.
I love driving but in this game whether you’re on land or water there are constant
check points. – What saves time ammo health and hassle in the long run is traveling
on foot. You quickly learn the entire landscape and you can easily stealth passed
most conflicts.

A vehicle can plow through many choke points without taking much damage, but
a vehicle instantly alerts ai in the area, you’re recognized by the enemy at a much
greater distance. You will always waste ammo, health and your time trying to protect
it. – It’s a very visible and unnecessary liability – especially when you realize that you
could have walked right passed that rats nest.

My feelings about driving have evolved over the years. – Once you’ve identified
enough checkpoints you can avoid nearly all of them by going off road, and even
the big war wagon can go almost any where that you can walk.

For the majority of the map the roads are the most dangerous and easily avoided.

– However, there are some stretches of road and large areas of desert that are sparsely
patrolled, and a rainy night is the perfect time for travel, especially on water..

Planning your routes and modes of conveyance is a big part of the game and will
spare you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

– Malaria –

First – Always take your meds the moment you get an attack. Your attacks over
time will reduce in severity and frequency. The longest I’ve been attack free was
4. minutes about half way through the southern map. Ignore them and pay the
price – in increased frequency and severity, and reducing stamina which lowers
your sprint distance.

There are points in the factions missions when you will have an infinite supply
of meds as long as you don’t start another faction mission.

There are also points in the game when you simply have no attacks.

Your first break from attacks is during the very first mission. – The ‘Training Mission’

Once you’ve completed the assignment and have gone to the weapons shop and
talked to everyone at the bar you’ll be better armed and can now go anywhere on
the map; – And you won’t have another attack until you visit the church.

This is an opportunity to explore, scout, clear safe houses and hunt for diamonds
without having to deal with any attacks at all.

– I always spend a few days getting everything I can from at least half the map
and collect enough to buy the new weapons as soon as they become available
in the shop.

Remember your vacation from malaria attacks ends when you go to the church.
You’ll get another break later in the game, but I’m not positive of exactly when
it happens. – If you haven’t had any attacks in a very long time – you probably
have a pass until you start your next faction mission.

Normally in the beginning you will have an attack every 20 minutes. Always wait
until just after a malaria attack to engage in any conflict – I go to the mission site
and scope things out while I’m waiting for the next attack to pass.

– Weapons Jams –

Weapons Jams & Surviving on found weapons

I played through the game using ONLY found weapons. It required near constant
scavenging but I learned a lot about how to deal with degrading weapons.

First keep in mind three important factors –

1 – When you buy reliability for weapons those improvements affect all weapons of
that type, even found weapons. -> Thanks to Hunter for confirming this.

2 – Weapons start to degrade from the moment you pick them up, so when you’ve
cleared a hot zone and are searching for equipment only pick up that choice weapon
at the last when you’ve finished your search. The few extra minutes of reliability that
buys you will save you in future conflicts.

3 – Found weapons will often jam on the first or second firing, so when you pick up
a found weapon always fire 2 or 3 shots to get that first jam out of the way so it will
be less likely to happen at the wrong time. Note that any time a weapon jams twice
in a row it’s time to swap for a fresh find.

Some weapons degrade much faster than others. – You can experiment to see which
lasts longer.- In my experience the weapons with simpler mechanisms like the flame
thrower and GL last the longest while the more complex high fire rate weapons like
the Uzi degrade quickly.

When you swap for new found examine the find carefully and pick the cleanest one
before moving on.

I was surprised to discover that if you keep swapping out with found weapons at nearly
every opportunity you will rarely experience jams.

No Malaria and AR 15 Right from the start


– The good stuff and how to get it –

Once you’re done with your malaria free run and have been to the church do the weapons
shop missions first so that you can acquire the proper equipment as quickly as possible.
As you go clear out any safe houses that are on the way there and back.

More money

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Between weapons shop missions ( or on the way back) the Signal Tower
missions are quick and pay well. I think 15-30 diamonds per mission.

Keep a steady eye on your diamond detector when in vehicles, – on foot use your
map and GPS (has the blinking diamond detector) regularly.

– As soon as you’re outfitted and before you do any factions missions do all of
the Buddy Missions first. The upgrades you earn in reputation will make you more
valuable, and you’ll get better starting pay from the Factions Missions.

Buddy Missions


– Mission Priorities –

This is the way I’ve prioritized missions to get the most hassle free (malaria) and successful
start to earn the most in the long run by earning the highest reputation as early as possible.

1 – Before going to the church –
Free all captured buddies and the Plane Crash buddy,. Scout every checkpoint, clear
every safe house and collect every diamond in my path along the way.

2 – After the church –
All weapons shop missions

3 – All buddy ‘Favors’ – Sometimes a buddy will disappear from Mikes Bar and not return.
To prevent that from happening I do one mission for each in the order in which I freed them,
then repeat in the same order. Once I was saving Paul for last but I’d neglected him too long,
and he disappeared.

I tested this by reloading an earlier save and including each buddy in the same order, and Paul

4 – All Faction missions.

5 – Before leaving the northern map I do at least 4 Signal Tower missions. – Saved them
for last because my rep is much more valuable by then. – For now I have no evidence that
they pay more – it just makes sense to me.

6 – Routine for the southern map is the required first two faction missions

7 – Do at least 3 weapons shop missions to acquire the AR and the SAW, scouting clearing
and collecting along the way,

8 – Free all buddies – scouting clearing etc.

9 – Perform all buddy ‘Favors’ (same system as above)

1. – All factions missions

1. – If you have no plans of returning after games end do all the remaining Signal
Tower missions.

1. – Meet your new partner at the prison.

I like to come back after games end so leave the Signal Tower missions, keep a
hard save at the entrance to the prison and reload after finishing the game to come
back well outfitted and play my own missions at my leisure.


– Weapons Selections – Comparisons –

The most fundamental weapon in the game is the machete.

– It’s not just for busting through boards. – when your’re desperate and close enough
it’s not only your last line of defense – it’s your first line of offense.

When timed right against unsuspecting enemies a checkpoint can be cleared in a few
seconds with little to no damage.

– You can thank the Jackal for the gift! –

This is the price list that I have available (note my loadout) Descriptions follow.

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

A few Important Examples

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Fortunes Edition Players

Double Barrel – A devastating blast close range, occasionally enemies will
be unaffected by the first shot if aim isn’t dead on target. Wastes ammo.
Constant reloads in a cluster of enemies is deadly. Not versatile or practical.

Silenced Shotgun – Accurate and reliable, great handling, not as ‘silent’ as we’d like.
Not a silent kill in close proximity to other ai.

Crossbow – Light, scoped, accurate explosive delivery system. Great handling.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Shotguns – I prefer the SPAS 12 but the Homeland is fine starting out,
and it’s cheaper.

Dart Rifle – Extremely accurate and silenced making it more versatile than
other snipers.

Silenced Makarov 6 P9 pistol – Coupled with the use of any scoped weapon can be
used as a sniper. – An oddity in the games mechanics allows you remain perfectly
motionless even while changing weapons, so you can aim for a head shot with a
scoped weapon, then while remaining scoped and without moving – quickly switch
to the silenced Makarov and fire. With patience and timing many bases can be
stealthily cleared with the Makarov alone.

– Drawbacks
Secondary weapons slot.
Can’t carry any pistol and also have access to IEDs or the town clearing M-79 GL.

Some weapons that become available about 4% into the game :

Ineffective machine gun and pistols:

– MP5 silenced – Great handling, not very accurate at range and under-powered.
– MAC10 and Uzi spray like crazy which is devastating at very close range but
number of bullet hits decreases dramatically with distance. – Not efficient.

Incidentally, the MAC 10 and the PKM cost the same, but the PKM is deadly accurate
at range, packs a heavy punch and with upgrades carries 100 in the magazine + 900
with extended ammo pouch. (Easy Mode)

IEDs – Extremely valuable for certain missions where enemies instantly spawn into
your location from out of nowhere. The Prince’s gold is in an underground well.
As soon as you descend and plant explosives a host of enemies appear above all
around the site. – Plant IEDs first before descending at a range of roughly 10 to 20
paces from the well. – When you set the charge in the well immediately switch to
your IEDs and hit the trigger.- Many times I’ve ascended into silence and a bunch
of very dead enemies.

Later Weapons Availability :

Assault Rifles – AR 16 is scoped, powerful with a good ammo capacity and fire rate.
(and it’s cheap) Unfortunately it’s not available in the shop until the southern map.

– SAW Much like the PKM, 400 ammo but with better handling. Also becomes available
later in the southern map.

You can get these last two early if you’re willing to scavenge them. That info is here:


M-79 GL – The one shot wonder can saturate a large area very quickly with a 3.5
econd reload time. Excellent handling and pin point accuracy at any range.
– Best on the fly launcher in the arsenal.

MGL 140 – This 8 in the mag hog takes some getting used to. Great at extreme range,
accurate aiming decreases at short range. Handling is poor, reloads take much longer.
It also occupies your primary weapons slot, so no shotguns or other primaries can be
carried with it.

Rocket launcher – Fun in the first shot – a pain for the rest. Usually alerts all ai in
the area to your exact location. – Painfully slow reloads.

Mortar – Covers a wide area, aiming is tricky, set up is slow; could do the job more
quickly and precisely with the M79 GL which is also much more versatile.

After playing for years I’ve ended up with what I believe is the ideal loadout:

Map 1

Found AR the only full auto to have near pinpoint accuracy at range. – Substitutes
for sniper. Great handling. Low recoil.

GL79 – Once you understand the arc and velocity you can drop a hot surprise party
just about any where, even at great distance on moving targets. 3 1/2 second load
time is the best of the launchers. (swap out with IEDs only when needed)

PKM – For its superior penetrating power and ammo capacity. The ideal mid to
close range stopper. Helps to conserve ammo for the longer range AR.

Map 2

Only difference is I get the AR and SAW as soon as possible to replace my
found AR and PKM.

– Maintaining Your Backup Armory –

Visit the weapons shop regularly to restock your weapons crates with fresh equipment
so that you’ll always have it at the ready when you need it.

When a primary weapon fails in the field – in 90% of the map It’s usually easier to get
to the nearest safe house than travel to the shop.

Once you use a fresh weapon from a safe house make it routine to set your next
mission to replenish your weapons crates from the shop. – Most weapons last for
three missions before failing; you’ll find yourself on a ‘replenish run’ every three
missions at least.
It’s not a bad ratio – after three consecutive missions I’m usually ready for a break
in the action and head back to the shop, and it gives me time to consider my next

Part 2 – Conflict Strategies – Beating AI

Thanks to Asami for the inspiration and a pot of strong coffee that fueled these answers:

Originally posted by Azami:

I picked up this game because of how raw it actually is, and so far it’s
actually really really fun.
I do have a few questions though.

You’re dead on the money with these questions, – I’m already impressed!

Originally posted by Azami:

Is the camo suit really that good? I tried stealth for a bit, but I really
just couldn’t get into the groove of it,


Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

The camo has been proven to be very effective especially crouched in cover and
deep shadow. – Even alerted ai can walk right past while searching for you.

In some heavily populated / patrolled areas I’ve traveled the majority in a near
constant crouch, only standing for a second to get a better look around.

The camo can save your azz and make all of your engagements more effective.

Originally posted by Azami:

and as a result I just run loud weapons. Am I handicapping myself or
is open firefighting a viable strategy?

It’s certainly viable, but that approach opens you up to taking a lot of unnecessary damage.

You can play it any way you like, but the more seasoned and practical approach
– the one that will save you health and ammo – is to take out at least one or two
before any are alerted to your presence. How you decide to go about that approach
is what the game is all about.

Always Scout

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Note the possible choke-points and bailouts. – More on this below.

If you can – find an elevated spot with cover where you can oversee the the entire
complex, and use your Map-scope to ID resources. The info will show on your map
and can be invaluable later on when you need Health, Ammo, Munitions.

It’s very important to know where the other players are located so that you can
quickly access not only your next targets but your next succession of targets; Their
distances, where they’re facing, – if they’ll have to navigate around obstacles to get
you in line of sight, if they’ll be able to charge right toward you.

Note the combustibles and their proximity to targets. Barrels and round gas canisters
will explode and the tall gas tanks will act like rockets flying all over the place setting
fires, setting off other tanks and ammo piles, and taking out multiple targets in their

Grenades are powerful but when coupled with vehicles create a much larger Lethal

On the perimeter

I go after the roamers first and try to get them when they are well away from others
with either a machete or silenced weapon. Knowing that they’ve been eliminated I
won’t have to be too concerned about them closing in when I’m engaging the others.

Once breached

I go after snipers first if possible, sometimes just by sneaking up the tower and using a
machete. It’s proven successful a number of times especially if you have any cover up
there. Some nearby are usually alerted but if you can stay hidden they eventually
wander back to their routine and that’s when they’re most vulnerable by sniping or by
machete attack from the ground.

When undetected you are initiating conflict with unsurpressed fire always try to
position yourself to get at least two in direct line with your sights to be more
effective and keep firing until those first targets are down or until you are fired
on from another quarter.

When the heat gets hot

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Once alerted take out your closest open unprotected targets first. Range has a lot to
do with damage, closer targets will damage you more and your fire will damage them more.

Those attacking from cover will fire shorter bursts while those in the open will pour it
on to protect themselves.

Locate your nearest cover and the closest secondaries. It’s always more effective to
work from cover and to continually relocate forcing the opposition to adjust to your
new position. Never let them flank you – continually flank them.

It takes a long time to heal when your health get’s into the critical range;
– Always move to another temporarily secure location well before then.

Know when to heal. In this sim half health equals no health.

Listen for “Reloading” to acquire a vulnerable target, “Cover me” to acquire your
next probable threat direction.

Note the possible choke-points and bailouts

There’s several situations where the responders will have to come through a single
doorway to get to you and you have at least one back window you can use if things
get too hot.

Goka Falls is the perfect example, but there are similar areas in the open where the
same tactics can be employed.

In the complex heat of combat recognize opportunities that you can take advantage
of and the moments for decisive action.

Remember that your machete kills instantly. When caught reloading and weapons
fail you can take someone out in less than a second if you’re close enough.

All of the above is noteworthy but always remember this:

No matter how you study and plan things will nearly always go differently than
you’d imagined. This game will often surprise you in completely unexpected ways,
so be aware that you will often have to adapt your tactics to the fluid circumstances.
You will need to be just as fluid in your play style.

Summary – What to expect from FC2 –

If there’s anything lacking in the game it’s a pre-assignment briefing.

Certainly our protagonist would have something more to go in than just “Kill the Jackal”,
and he’d likely get the intel from someone who’d gone before, and undoubtedly filtered
through the State Department.

Tapes are the easiest way to keep notes when you’re on the move and our predecessor
is no different.

Distilled from a tape found in Pala:


.. in summation:

Africa, and especially South Africa is a hard place, The roads are heavily
guarded and patrolled. – It’s always better to avoid them and find back
routes to my targets, often having to switch between vehicle river and
foot travel to get around.

Navigation is somewhat hampered by the broken landscape. I’ve had to
spend plenty of time studying the maps and making careful plans to avoid
unnecessary conflicts.

None of my previous assignments required such rigorous and dangerous
travel; This place is different. Most of the job is just trying to survive
while getting from one place to another.

After a few weeks here I’ve determined that foot travel, travel by night,
and in the rain are the safest. – Once I had the camo suit I realized that
I could stealth right past most checkpoints, and I was able to get closer
to my targets without detection.

I’ve had to do more walking in this place than on any other assignment,
but I’ve gotten used to it, and I’ve learned many back paths now and
don’t feel so lost or disoriented anymore.

Place is growing on me, made some side trips to just explore that payed
off in finding strategic vantage points, good weapons, diamonds and
safe areas that I’ve used for refuge many times. – It pays to know the
landscape as much as possible.

– Without these maps and route planning I wouldn’t have lasted a week
in this place. Navigation is necessary here and it’s worth taking the
time to plan; It’s made this assignment so much easier.

There are so many job offers that I’m often not sure what my next move
should be. It seems that no matter what I chose the other offers remain
open so I can pick and choose without missing any opportunities.

Working for both factions is a change in procedure. Seems they don’t even
care as long as I get the job done.

Met a few ‘Buddies’ here. – I like some of them but I know that their fist
reason for being here is profit, and if I happen to fit into their plans I’m
their “Best Bud”. Yeah, I take that with a grain of salt. – I was sent here
on assignment, these are all free agent mercs who’re working for their
own interests, and that’s where it ends. I can trust them as long as I’m
useful. – I have to admit, I’m using them too. Now that I’m earning a
reputation the factions are paying me more.

Africa is a hard place and I struggled to get used to this job, but I’ve
found that once I was well acquainted with the demands and the solutions
I’ve actually started enjoying the place. Earning the confidence to move
freely has made all the difference for me.

Can’t wait to get home to my family, but despite the horror I’ll have some
tales to tell, and I know a part of me will always miss this place.

I’ve decided to leave these tapes with the priest in Pala. – It’s too risky
carrying them around and there are only two people I can trust. The
journalist is reliable and would get them to the right people if anything
happened to me, but he’s had trouble with the locals who don’t want
any info to reach the outside world. – They’ll be safer with the priest.
After everything I’ve been through I’d hate to lose them.

Just finished a stint in Goka Falls, and now headed for the Lumber Yard.
Hope the fresh assignment will be a bit easier..

Granted, It’s not a lot to go on – so I’m including some of my own notes: 

Prefer a more ‘Linear’ game ?

FC2 on PC is a game worth extensive exploration and continually taking independent
actions apart from the games’ directives.

Most games demand nothing from the player except to follow directions.- There’s&nnbsp;
too often no thought required besides what weapon to use, and even those decisions
are sometimes denied. – Ammo and health handed to you before and after a mission
with check-point auto saves determining your progress with no going back.

Often – you’re just a robot following instructions, – all you have to do is survive
and the game plays out exactly the same for everyone.

It does make it easier if there’s only one way to go and you’re told what to do every
step of the way. – But it’s not ‘your’ game – you’re not doing things in your own way in
your own time so there’s little sense of accomplishment – you just did what you were
told and survived.

FC2 is the ONLY game I’ve found that gives you complete freedom to do whatever
you want without any guidance whatsoever. – You can even do most of the missions
any time – even repeatedly – if you chose – without having them assigned to you first.

It’s you’re decisions – not the games’ – that makes the adventure a unique experience
to you and you alone. No other player will experience the game in the same way,
and you will not have the same experience of others.

– In essence you are creating the gaming experience as you go. – This makes all of
your decisions and actions much more important than just following the yellow brick
road. – The adventure itself is created and directed by you.

You can just run straight through the missions doing only what you’re assigned in a
few days, and you will have much the same experience as others playing the same
way, but you’ll be missing out on what careful planning and experimentation can
provide in satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving
completely on your own.

FC2 was primarily designed for serious players who take the time to take the game

Your map is the most important tool, planning routes and scouting approaches your
most important actions in defining – even tailoring – the game experience.

– The game itself is designed so that players have to make decisions and
act independently,

– ( When to refresh weapons, how to travel, when is it worth taking out a checkpoint
– or opening a safe house, doing a weapons shop mission, an unpaid and not required
– ‘Buddy’ mission, – make a run for more meds or hunt for diamonds.)

and it’s not just about what you decide to do but much depends on how you go about
doing it.

This is your show, your story, and it’s written by how you approach and handle every
element of the game.

The game is always demanding – “What do you do next?’ – You’re the independent
boots-on- the ground. A free agent .- You don’t even have to follow the story, it’s entirely
up to you.

Those who invest in extensive exploration of the map and the games’ freedom of choices
discover a nearly inexhaustible fountain of new and different often unique experiences;
Many which are unique only to FC2 and not to any other FPS title.

I have to add that Hunters’ REDUX has revitalized the game and made it much more
playable and far more unpredictable and exciting.


Redux With Original Vanilla Maps

FC2 is no overnight game and not a week long game either. It takes more than that to
learn what the environment has to offer.- You won’t experience much if you play straight
through in vanilla without extensive independent exploration.

Best maps that have everything (except 2 missing diamonds in SW of the north map)

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI
– Best of Luck ! –

For FC2 Vets – How To Extend The Game

Well you’ve seen it all and done it all, why bother going back ? – What else is there to do?
To that I can only reply – Did you enjoy the game? – and – Would you like to keep playing?

If your answer to both is yes, why not? – With just a little creativity you can design amazing
missions on your own. You don’t need to be assigned canned missions to have fun in the
game. – Just use the maps included above to plan your paths and challenges.

I’ve created a number of examples to which you can modify and add whatever
stipulations that you might find interesting to make them more or less challenging.

It’s pretty easy to make it rewarding for you, and a solid structure is necessary to
achieve that.

– Consider these to be the ‘Rules of the game’ –

So first pick a place that you’ll use as a ‘Home Base’ where you’ll start and end your
missions. – For convenience it’s better to have it be a favorite safe place at or near a
weapons shop. – To establish it’s validity you’ll be working from there for at least two
missions before moving on.

It’s a good idea to divide the map up into quadrants or smaller and focus on your
most liked areas first. Decide on your home base and start charting your paths to

Focusing on smaller areas and limited range can make for quick hot
sorties with plenty of action, and makes designing missions easier.

Mission assignments.

You need three missions (at least) for each Home Base. Having choices is very important.

Always have a Primary and Secondary objectives in different locations for each mission.

Give each conflict zone a different objective.

– I’m not just going to play Shaswana I have to stealth into a specific place (IE – “The
ammo on the low platform that the patrol boat cruises by”) – Just something specific that
you have to accomplish, a reason for being there beyond just slaughtering everyone
in the place.

– Making it to your objectives and accomplishing the task(s) in the manners specified by
the assignment and returning is mission success.

Add extra challenge Specifics – Pick just one target, get in close unseen with machete
only and get out without firing a shot. – Pick three.

Thew Above are just suggestions, examples of how to think about stipulations.

The objectives are either to:
kill 1 or more,

Steal something (just getting to a specific object or place),

Get in and out undetected, or

Blow something up;

– Or any combination of the above. –

– Making it to your objectives and accomplishing the task(s) AND returning to Home Base
in the manners specified by the assignment is mission success.

Two Successes advances you to the next quadrant of choice and the option of staying to
try other missions first without penalty.

Give yourself consequences, – Make it matter.

Fail any part of the objectives and it’s mission failure.

Die and it’s mission failure.

Make it real – Failure means you can’t just go back and retry the mission, you’ll have to do
another mission first. – You wanna play hardball? – Make it two missions.

Make it just a little hard. – Go somewhere you usually avoid. Limit yourself to just a pistol or
machete, Stealth only etc.

Give yourself an added optional for ‘credit’ if you succeed to use in the future if you fail a
mission or to negate a past fail. – You can cash it in to turn that failure to a success so that
you can move your home base to the next sector of choice. “Optional’ Successes can’t be
collected only one can be saved at a time, can’t be used to negate fails in the mission in
which you acquired it. – It’s only good for past and future missions.

– There’s NO penalty for failing an optional. – Because their value optional missions should
be a bit harder.

Primary, Secondary are just that, and have to be done in that order.
Optionals can be done any time during the mission.

Game is ‘Won’ by succeeding in all sectors. – I believe quartering the map is ideal.

I hope this is starting to make sense to some of you.

Designing missions is easy and a few little details can make it very interesting,

To do it right you’ll have to mark up a few maps for each sector. It can be done
with any simple paint program or image editor in just a few minutes.

Pathways and objectives can be detailed with simple marks.

K – Kill (##)
S – Steal
G – Ghost (stealth)
B – Blow it up.

Objects – Targets
A – Ammo
F – Fuel
E – Explosives
C – Car
b – Boat
P – Pump
GN – Generator
SN – Sniper
R – Rocket guy

g – hand gun only
M – Machete

‘SC’ would be “Steal Car”, MK would be “Machete Kill”. GBC would be “Ghost Blow up Car”
‘GSb’ -Ghost Steal Boat” – etc.

Modes Of Travel can be specified by the marked pathways.

Red for Vehicle
White for Boats
Blue for Foot travel

So a blue pathway can go to a certain location like a guarded dock and change to white
to specify “Sb”

With a few simple marks mission details can be very specific. You’ll need to be able to
consult your mission map while playing. Load them in any viewer prior to launch and
when in the game use Alt-Enter, then the Win key to view; And maps can be swapped
for more adventures.

I have a number of missions made – I’ll post a few examples,

Here’s one with no specifications except for travel – just pathways to 4 major conflicts,
plus Steal one car and two boats. Working from Mikes’ Bar and about to move my Home
Base to Goka Falls. – If I succeed.

FC Mission NE Shwasana – Private Prop Loop02

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Oh yeah, here’s my Blank for DL. – NE quadrant (Quadrants should overlap so when
you relocate to a new Home Base you can still access adjacent areas.)
Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Does anyone have any interest in this? – with just a few participating there would be
a lot of missions to pass around. – I’ll be posting more missions here in the hopes of
inspiring others to try it out.

I’d be very interested in any feed back. – Thanks for considering.

– Credits –


Thanks !


->To Virago for the encouragement !

Neonetic for his amazing Weapons guide and allowing me to feature it here !

And to Hunter, of Hunters’ Redux FC2 3 4 and 5 ??, WoW! – To Boggalog, (Tom) of
Toms’ Vanilla+, HD Texture packs and “An Almost Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 Modding”
– To EVERGREEN of Evergreens’ Reshade.

For all of their help and support in these last few years of my FC2 experience.

To FoxAhead of FoxAheads’ Multi-Fixer for saving FC2 for all of us.

– and – To all who’ve been kind enough to offer critical feed back and affirmations that
have been very helpful to my works in these forums. – You know who you are ! ;~)

Great Going, Guys – MUCH Appreciated ! 8^D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Best Wishes – and – Best of Luck to All ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques - Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI

Nearly all of the content for this guide (with quite a bit of editing) originated here,
where you’ll find Links to all of the above. – Mods – Tech Help – Mission Walkthroughs,
Vids and much more.

Continually updated since its inception on April 12th 2020 with any useful and at times
entertaining information that I can find. Steam calls it a “Group”, but that’s not wat it was
intended for. – I created it to be your local Information archives with sub-forums for separate
subjects to make it easier to locate what you need.

Membership appreciated but never required – feel free to harvest at your leisure.
– Comments ( + or – ) Welcome! – ( I can take the heat and keep on cookin’ ! ; )


Written by thirdkeeper

Here we come to an end for Far Cry 2 Conflict Strategies & Survival Techniques – Beating Checkpoints Malaria Gun Jams & AI hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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