Fallout Tactics How to create a custom prefab character.

Fallout Tactics How to create a custom prefab character. 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout Tactics How to create a custom prefab character. 1 - steamsplay.com
With this guide you can change the description for your character, their stats, traits, etc… and with your own images. This probably applies to recruits as well.


What You’ll Need

Photoshop or GIMP 
Fallout Tactics 1.27 patch (comes installed with the Steam version by default) 
WinRAR (or similar extractor) 
Needed Paths: 
steamapps\common\Fallout Tactics 
steamapps\common\Fallout Tactics\core 
steamapps\common\Fallout Tactics\core\locale\game 
Your images 

Step 1

You need to make 2 images from your image, one for 
the face that is about 75×100 (the small face) and another one about 
300×300 (the large face for prefab characters). 
Crop both images using GIMP or photoshop or even Windows paint. 
Save your images as a .png. It won’t work as anything else. Save them as big.png and small.png. 
Now open the fallout editor, use the png to zar 
convertor to convert these files named 
small and the other big, the editor works 
even if it doesn’t appears so. 
Once the small.zar and the big.zar are created you’ll need to open the gui_0.bos using WinRAR (or similar software). Select gui, then char. The prefab characters are noted CORE_prefab1.zar through CORE_prefab5.zar. Rename your small and big images as one of the core prefab.zar files (for example, renaming your small image as CORE_prefab1.zar). Copy and paste your newly renamed core prefab image into the gui_0.bos folder. Do the same for the big folder. When you open Fallout Tactics, the images will be replaced. 

Step 2

Open the characters.txt file located in 
steamapps\common\Fallout Tactics\core\locale\game 
Scroll down until you locate the name_CORE_prefab1 
Once here edit the name for you character: 
example {Mick} changes to {whatever name you choose} 
NOTE: if you edit anything out of the brackets the game may not function. 
Now move to desc_CORE_prefab1 and put the description 
of your character: 
example {Mick……} changes to {whatever description you want…..}. 
Now you have a custom character description. Make sure its an interesting backstory! 

Step 3

Open the entities_0.bos located in the same location as the gui_0.bos file 
open the entities folder then open the SPECIAL folder and then open the prefab folder. 
Extract the prefab.ent which correlates with the custom prefab character you’ve been working on this whole time. 
Open the Fallout Tactics editor again and open the entity editor. Open the prefab.ent that you just extracted. From here you can edit any attributes, traits, tag skills and other values. You can even make your character a deathclaw or super mutant!! This is a very powerful editor though and you need to make sure that whatever values you pick will also correlate with derived stats. 
NOTE: The display name should be the one for the file. 
The tag name, custom name and broken must be left in blank. 
The player index must be 0. 
If you don’t do these their respective descriptions don’t show up. 
After you have finished. Make sure you click save! Then close the editor. Copy and paste your custom prefab.ent with the same file and name from the one you extracted out of the entities_0.bos folder. 
Now when you open the game you’ll have your own custom prefab character! 

By =CrimsoN=

Here we come to an end for Fallout Tactics How to create a custom prefab character. hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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