Fallout: New Vegas Unlimited Caps Glitch

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Fallout: New Vegas 1 - steamsplay.com

Gets you a lot of caps promise.

#1: First Steps

There is a requirement for this glitch. You gotta have around 35000 caps already. You may be clicking off this guide already but, I know a some good techniques to get some caps in like 30-45 minutes.

#2: Taking Those First Steps

There are 2 options to get 35000 caps in a somewhat short amount of time.
Option 1: Go to the Gun Runner’s factory and break into the compound. (you need an average pick-locking skill). Infiltrate the facility and dispose of the guards that surround the place. Take their armor and their weapons and go inside. Murder these individuals as well and take their weapons and armor. (you need the combat armor the most). Sell these items to the vendor robot and go to someplace that isn’t the gun runner’s base and wait for 3 in-game days. Go back to the gun runner’s place and repeat the above until you have 35000 or more caps.
Option 2: gamble. Go get rich at all of the casinos. (high luck helps with this a lot) During one of my playthroughs, I was able to get well over 35000 caps by getting banned from the casinos. In order to get banned you must have a certain amount of earning from that casino plus if you haven’t already you can get an achievement by getting banned from all of the s*rip casinos. (don’t worry you can still go into that casino and redeem your chips and buy but you can no longer gamble there)
Gambling limits:
Atomic Wrangler: Around 6000-7000 (I don’t remember)
Gommorah: 9000
Tops: 11000
Ultra-Luxe: 15000
Vikki & Vance: Is an option but takes more time for them to open, limit: ????? Haven’t gambled there lol.
Get 35000 caps from either options and continue

Caps Time B)

Now once you got those 35000 caps you gotta go to any casino on the s*rip. Go up to the cashier and save your game just in case the game crashes or the glitch fails. Spend all of your caps on chips for that casino (bye, bye caps 🙁 ) Now go into your pip-boy and find the tab misc in your inventory and drop the casino chips. The chips should now be glitched having a negative or dash in front of the number. Pick these up and go back to the lovely cashier and exchange the chips and continue this process until you are happy with the amount of caps you got. this process can be done an infinite amount of times
That should be it. I know for a fact these glitches work on Xbox and PC and I would bet it works on play station. If your chips didn’t glitch then just reload the save from before buying the chips with your caps or redeem the chips you’ve bought.

Too long didn’t read

i’m disappointed you didn’t read it. (or maybe you did) i included life tips and game-changing tips.
Get 35000 caps by some means
Go to a s*rip casino
Give all your caps to the cashier
Drop the casino chips
Pick up the chips which should be negative or have a dash in front of the number
Infinite caps by selling back unlimited amount of time

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