Fallout 76 How to Use Photomode for Emote Guide

Fallout 76 How to Use Photomode for Emote Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout 76 How to Use Photomode for Emote Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide will teach you how to use photomode on your emote.

I got a couple tips I wanna write out here for photomode that have been nagging at my mind, so here we go; hopefully these are some things you might not have known you could do!

– 1) You can Use Emotes During Photo Mode

BOOM! Bet you didn’t know that one eh?! If ya did, then you’re a certified SMART-A*S and congrats on ya for figuring this out!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to have your emotes running while you go into photomode [effectively creating a new pose to use], it’s all about the slight of fingers when pressing the buttons to do this. Now:

  • Press ESC [or whatever you bring up the pause menu with!] , and your emote will continue playing because of this fast motion
  • Go ahead and whip that YUMMY photo mode out, and Viola!
  • You can do emotes and whatnot for your silly photo moments or whatever you feel! That’s all!

Note ~ This all basically relies on hitting ESC fast enough to get the emote to keep going. It’s simple stuff, but it’s nice to have in your back pocket when you feel the urge to get KOOKY with your photo funs.

– 2) You can ALSO emote during the Daily Ops end screen!

OK, this one is probably even less thought of and useless haha. BUT, for anyone curious and want to show off their EMOTE KNOWLEDGE or anything like that dumb stuff, then here ya go! :

* You need to be in 3rd Person

  • Do your emote, and, once again, Press ESC at the Ops report screen right after emoting. This will allow your emote to play while you look at rewards! Super useful huh?! YEAH, I THOUGHT SO TOO!!!!

– 3) You can emote while Running [In 3rd Person]

More Emote BS! This one though is kinda fun I think though haha. You essentially just use your emotes while in 3rd person really. Nothing to really detail here, just maybe a bit difficult to run and emote at the same time. Well, maybe actually :

  • * You can run, then press sprint, and hold run the run button [SHIFT for me] to keep at a steady sprint. THEN, you can emote if you so desire; you’ll just use the hand salute gesture though, but keep the good times rolling none-the-less!


Alrighty! That’s all that came to mind just now for the moment. I actually want to post some quick gifs of me doing this, once I learn how to actually do some gifs that is haha. Simple little things you can do to add a little fun to your game in my eyes. Writing this all out got the idea outta my head, and let me flex my typing muscles again after some time!

Cheers friends and fruit-loop foes, enjoy your game(s), and stay safe and well out there!!!



Fallout 76 How to Use Photomode for Emote Guide - DO THE EMOTES THING!

Written by Beeps!

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