Fallout 76 Bugged Quests & Glitched

Fallout 76 Bugged Quests & Glitched 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout 76 Bugged Quests & Glitched 1 - steamsplay.com

Many quests are still bugged and cannot be advanced, often “non-reproducible”. Usually though it entails for example a disappearing or non-responsive character or button or whatnot.
The usual trick found searching the web is to drop a quest and restart. This isn’t always necessary.

Fix via Fast Travel (or dying…)

Perhaps described elsewhere, though I haven’t seen anything per se, therefore a short description here:
If you encounter a glitched quest (part of a chain), most often in a closed area, important characters disappear, or cannot be interacted with.
The usual fix in most discussion regarding such a glitched quest with hindered progress is to drop and restart a quest.
But: I have noticed on multiple occasions that I could fix the progression issue by using Fast Travel.
Fast Travel to the beginning of the dungeon (marker on map) and reenter. This seems to reload assets or whatnot. Another, less fun alternative is to die. One gets teleported to entrance/beginning of an area where a reload seems to happen.
No idea if this works in group play or not, only done this in solo mode.

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