Fallout 4 How to Fix Stuck in Terrain or Menu + List of Commands

Fallout 4 How to Fix Stuck in Terrain or Menu + List of Commands 1 - steamsplay.com
Fallout 4 How to Fix Stuck in Terrain or Menu + List of Commands 1 - steamsplay.com



A BAT file I wrote to get me unstuck from menu glitches or terrain bugs. All it does is give instructions on what to type. Can be used to teleport to any settlement as well for cheesing travel ( looking at you survival mode). All tested and working.
Copy and Paste the text into a .txt file in your main install location and name it what you want.
I named mine Stuck type bat Stuck or bat <InsertYourNameOfFile> to get a list of commands to type. ignore the ; symbol those are there to prevent command triggers
Example: player.moveto player
Example: coc Graygardenext

The BAT File and list of Commands *copy it all to a text file*

;type one of the commands below according to your issue
;player.moveto player menu stuck
;OR teleport to a world CELL location, note some locations need quests to unlock, dlc and many others
;all the settlements listed below are in Alphabetical Order then DLC order
;coc AbernathyFarmExt Abernathy farm
;coc BostonAirportExt Boston Airport
;coc BunkerHillExt Bunker Hill
;coc TheCastleExt The Castle
;coc POIMCamp01 Coastal Cottage
;coc CountyCrossing County Crossing
;coc CovenantExt Covenant
;coc CroupManorExt Croup manor
;coc EgretToursMarinaExt Egret Tours Marina
;coc FinchFarmExt Finch farm
;coc GraygardenExt Graygarden
;coc GreentopNurseryExt Greentop Nursery
;coc FensRaiderCampExt Hangman's Alley
;coc DmndPlayerHouse01 Home Plate
;coc JamaicaPlainExt Jamaica Plain
;coc KingsportLighthouseExt Kingsport Lighthouse
;coc POIBryanB01 Murkwater Construction site
;coc NordhagenBeach Nordhagen Beach
;coc OberlandStation Oberland Station
;coc RelayOutpostZimonja Outpost Zimonja
;coc RedRocketExt Red Rocket truck stop
;coc SanctuaryExt Sanctuary hills
;coc Farm05Ext Somerville Place
;coc SpectacleIslandExt Spectacle Island
;coc StarlightDriveInExt Starlight Drive In
;coc SunshineTidingsExt Sunshine Tidings co-op
;coc TaffingtonBoatHouseExt Taffington Boathouse
;coc TenPinesBluff Tenpines Bluff
;coc WarwickHomesteadExt Warwick Homestead
;coc DLC01Lair01 The Mechanists lair (Automaton DLC)
;coc LongfellowsCabinExt Longfellow's cabin (Far Harbor DLC)
;coc DLC03DaltonFarmExt Dalton Farm (Far Harbor DLC)
;coc NationalParkVisitorsCenterExt National Park visitor's center (Far Harbor DLC)
;coc EchoLakeLumberExt Echo Lake Lumber (Far Harbor DLC)
;coc QuincyQuarriesExt Vault 88 (Vault-Tec Workshop DLC)*vault 88 has no direct cell, it's in the quincy quarry)
;coc DLC04NukaWorldWorkshop Nuka-World Red Rocket (Nuka World DLC) 


This is all for Fallout 4 How to Fix Stuck in Terrain or Menu + List of Commands hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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