Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate How To Win A Game Of Fall Guys!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate How To Win A Game Of Fall Guys! 1 - steamsplay.com
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate How To Win A Game Of Fall Guys! 1 - steamsplay.com
I will tell you helpful and amazing tips on how to win Fall Guys very easily. After you have read this guide, you will be a Fall Guys king/queen and rule over all the other beans! 👑


Round 1 👑

There can be lots of different rounds for round one in Fall Guys. 
đŸšĒ Guide for Door Dash: at the start, hang back a bit before running towards the doors and never go through a door yourself. Always let other people go through the doors before you. 
✔ī¸ Guide for See-Saw: run as fast as you can across all the see-saws to get to the finish and qualify. To do this, you’ll need to stay in the middle of all the see-saws. I’d recommend the white line in the middle of the see-saws as a nice, safe place to run where it won’t tip you off. 
đŸ’Ĩ Guide for Hit Parade: weave in and out in-between the yellow triangles and the fans at the right/left at the start. At the end, go along the edge at the part with the swinging balls. 
âšŊ Guide for Dizzy Heights: there’s not much to talk about on the revolving spinners at the start but for the balls section, dive at the very edge of the ball when it’s about to hit you. Not much to talk about for the rest of the stage. 
⛩ī¸ Guide for Gate Crash: also, not much for this level but the only tip you need to know is that you 
should always go for the closed gate, because by the time you get there, it will be open! 
⚔ī¸ Guide for Knight Fever: if there is a Big Yeetus at the start, it will be in-between the two purple platforms on which the spinning axes spin and try to get you off. Always go for the Yeetus. 
✨ Guide for Roll On: if you are about to fall into a gap, jump and it will have passed by the time you land you’re jump. You can also walk underneath the stage which is a glitch but is very useful. 

Round 2 👑

â˜ĸī¸ Guide for Big Fans: not much of a guide for this one, just stay on the fan at all times. 
đŸŽŋ Guide for Ski Fall: stick to the edges then at the end, jump to the five points (gold) at the end. Don’t go through any of the hoops on the two rings. 
🔴 Guide for The Whirlygig: get hit by the first three pink sticks and let them fling you. Walk up the first conveyor then jump + dive and land at the top. At the end, with the big fan, go to the very edge of the conveyor the dive at the last second and you should squeeze through. 
🐧 Guide for Tundra Run: at the start, dodge the snowballs then drop down to where the punching gloves are. After that, stick to the edge at the part with the fan & flippers. At the end go to the edge of the flippers and jump + dive. This should take you to the second set of flippers where you go on them and qualify. 
đŸŸĻ Guide for Perfect Match: If there’s a spinner in the middle, stay to the edge of the course and wait. If the fruit isn’t at the edge, run to where it is and just jump over the spinner. 
🌸 Guide for Jinxed: avoid getting a pink cloud around you by keeping on walking around the turntable. If there are too many jinxed people from the other team, move to the turntable at the other side of the stage. 
🎊 Guide for Roll Out: not much for this, just avoid any gaps because griefers will like to grief you off into the slime if you’re near the edge. 

Round 3 👑

đŸĨŠ Guide for Freezy Peak: it doesn’t matter what you do at the start, but the end does matter. You can jump + dive over the flippers at the end but it’s safer to go with the boxing glove path. 
🍓 Guide for Fruit Chute: avoid the massive fruit hurtling towards you. If there is a Big Yeetus, remember to go for it. Also, if there isn’t a Big Yeetus, stick towards the pink triangles and point your camera up so you can see all the fruit coming. 
🏁 Guide for Short Circuit: at the start, don’t grab and jump across the blocks, weave in and out of the blocks you can grab. Also, at the end, see which flipper is flinging people backwards so you know which one to dodge. 
🟧 Guide for Tip-Toe: let everybody else find the path and follow them instead of going for it yourself. On this one, the Big Yeetus hardly ever works but very, very rarely does. 
👍đŸģ Guide for Wall Guys: they patched out jump + dive + grabbing in the season 4 update so that kinda sucks but don’t worry, there will be an alternative path you can take. Always follow the crowd. 
đŸĒ Guide for Big Shots: point your camera up so you can see all the flying objects. This is an easy level which is quite easy and doesn’t really need much explaining. 
🍹 Guide for Block Party: again, it’s an easy level where you just jump over blocks & other stuff. Jump + dive for more speed. If you’re getting pushed back, then walk backwards and jump. 

Round 4 👑

🔋 Guide for Power Trip: grab the other teams’ batteries, not yours. Think about it, you going after the other teams’ batteries makes more people who have batteries on your team and less on the other. 
❄ī¸ Guide for Snowball Survival: if you see a ball coming for you, move out the way. Always stick to the edge if the arena, not the ice though. 
đŸ”ĩ Guide for Rock N Roll: push your teams’ ball to the end, then push the other teams’ ball backwards, sort of griefing without grabbing anyone, just pushing their ball. 
âŦœ Guide for Snowy Scrap: roll your teams’ snowball through as much snow as you can but you can decide what you do on this one. You can either push your snowball or push other teams’ snowballs away from the snow. 
☑ī¸ Guide for Slime Climb: people who do shortcuts always win. There are good guides & shortcuts on YouTube for you if you need to know shortcuts. 
👋 Guide for Hoverboard Heroes: ride on the hoverboard while dodging the objects, lasers and swinging beams. 
💍 Guide for Hoopsie Legends/Daisy: go for as many hoops as you can. Go for the golds. The gold hoops will normally spawn in the middle. 
đŸĨš Guide for Egg Scramble/Siege: try to get all the eggs in your teams’ baskets. Also, you can throw eggs out of other teams’ baskets. 
âšŊ Guide for Fall Ball: always be a goalie and dive into a ball to make it go really fast and far. Also, if you want to go out of goal to score in the other teams’ goal once, that’s alright. 
⭐ Guide for Tail Tag: grab tails from other people. Walk around the edge of the map and go in the other direction if somebody is targeting you. 

Final Round 👑

đŸĨ‡ Guide for Fall Mountain: run up the mountain while dodging all the balls coming hurtling towards you. Get boosted by the hammers at the end, on the slope. Don’t dive for the crown, just jump then grab. 
🌟 Guide for Jump Showdown: jump over the bar coming towards you and go under the big pole coming over you. The small pole that you jump over will get faster as you stay in longer. If you time out with somebody else, you both get a crown. You have to stay in for 5 minutes to time out so it’s quite rare. 
🏅 Guide for Royal Fumble: hide behind something until the person with the tail comes and then jump out and grab the tail! Also, the conveyor belt at the end of the stage works if the guy with the tail is walking underneath. 
đŸĩī¸ Guide for Roll Off: be careful of griefers. They will usually grief around 30 seconds in, when the rolling platforms start speeding up a little bit. It’s very hard to get a time out on this stage but you might do it if you’re a pro. 
🧊 Guide for Thin Ice: jump after you’ve done one crack in the ice to make it disappear slower. Maybe you should cut a line down the middle depending on how the other people are playing. If they’re griefers, you might get grabbed off if you’re trying to cut a line down the middle. 
🎋 Guide for Hex-a-gone: a great tactic that you can use, which most people use, is called slow jumping. If you jump from one hexagon to another, you can destroy the stage slower. Also, you can go down to the bottom layer and make a big hole for others to fall through. 

Written by Jack_Gamer49

Here we come to an end for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate How To Win A Game Of Fall Guys! hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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