Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout How to win more efficiently

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout How to win more efficiently 1 - steamsplay.com
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout How to win more efficiently 1 - steamsplay.com
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How do you win every round in Fall Guys ? What are some strategies for each Fall Guys minigame? To win those crowns in Fall Guys, you’ll need to know how to succeed in every round type. There are lots of rounds to play, and some are easier than others. With this Fall Guys guide, we’ll tell you about every round type in Fall Guys, as well as offer some tips and tricks that will give you an edge over the competition. Qualifying in more rounds earns you more Fame. 
Fall Guys: Every Round and How to Win Each One 
Dizzy Heights 
Door Dash 
Fruit Chute 
Gate Crash 
Hit Parade 
See Saw 
Slime Climb 
The Whirlygig 
Tip Toe 
Block Party 
Jump Club 
Roll Out 
Tail Tag 
Perfect Match 
Egg Scramble 
Fall Ball 
Hoopsie Daisy 
Rock ‘N’ Roll 
Team Tail Tag 
Fall Mountain 
Jump Showdown 
Royal Fumble 
Fall Guys: Every Round and How to Win Each One 
There is no secret, guaranteed way to win every match of Fall Guys, but we can at least provide you with some pointers. Below is a list of every round in the game, along with some tips and tricks on how to make sure you qualify. 
Dizzy Heights 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line! 
Dizzy Heights is a fairly straightforward obstacle course that features lots of spinning platforms. The best advice we can give is to follow the direction a platform is rotating, because that will always be faster than to try and run the opposite way around. Then you have some balls rolling towards you. Use the paths between the blocks to avoid the balls, as they’ll knock you over. When the path splits two ways in the middle of the course, both are fine but the right-hand side is ever so slightly faster given how the platforms are spinning. 
If you fall off, don’t count yourself out! You’ll be on a lower part of the stage but can easily keep going and get back on the main path. 
You’ll reach a part where you climb a slope and will see three giant spinning platforms. Make sure you jump here, as there’s a gap you need to clear. There will be large balls that will knock you down if they hit you, so stick to the sides as you climb the rotating platforms. 
Door Dash
Round Category: Race 
Description: Break through doors and race to the finish line — some are real, some are fake! 
Door Dash is a very simple round in Fall Guys. All you need to do is reach the finish line by busting down the right doors. However, there’s no telling which ones will break and which ones won’t. The best way to play Door Dash is actually to hang back slightly and let others do most of the leg work. 
However, you don’t want to get too far behind, as you can easily get caught up in a stampede of players all trying to squeeze through one threshold. If you start out in the first row, you may as well go for it and try a door or two. Most of the doors in the first few sets will break. Just keep an eye on your competitors as they may forge a path you can follow. 
Fruit Chute 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Dodge the flying fruit and race up the conveyor belt to reach the finish line! 
Some have trouble with Fruit Chute, but it’s not that difficult with a bit of practice. Jump and dive down onto the conveyor and stick to either the left or right side. This allows you to use the pink pyramids as a sort-of cover from the incoming fruit. It won’t protect you completely, so you’ll still need to watch out for fruit coming in at an odd angle. For us, sticking to the side and keeping the camera low so you can see the fruit coming has worked a treat. Also, there’s almost no point in jumping when you’re on the conveyor — just run. 
Gate Crash 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Avoid the moving doors and race to the finish line! 
Gate Crash is all about barriers that move up and down. It’s pretty easy going, and there’s not much strategy to how you get through. It’s largely down to timing and observation, watching which doors come down when. They all follow a consistent pattern, so it’s pretty easy to judge. 
The tricky part comes right at the end, with a big, slime-covered slope and a jump to the finish line blocked by more moving doors. Again, it comes down to good timing. Don’t forget to turn around and run back up the hill a bit if you misjudge the doors. Lots of people slip up here, but it’s not too hard to clear the gap with practice. 
Hit Parade 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line! 
Hit Parade is another obstacle course that’s less complex than it looks. You start off presented with some balance beams. These are easy to fall from, but don’t worry if you do — in fact, it can be quicker if you just jump down to the lower level here. Either way, make your way to the rotating paddles. You should follow the crowd here. There’s no sense pushing the opposite side of a paddle, you’ll get nowhere. It’s important to remember that the barrier opens and closes at the left and right as well as the middle, so don’t rush to the centre if it’s easier to go via a side opening. 
Once you’re past this section, you’re onto a set of swinging pendulums. These are pretty easy to avoid; you can watch the shadows on the ground to tell where the pendulums are in their arcs. Next is an uphill climb that’s covered in pink slime. There are lots of obstacles to dodge, but the important thing to remember is to not jump, as this will slow you right down. 
See Saw 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Run and balance across rows of see-saws to reach the finish line! 
See Saw can be tough if you get too far behind, but it’s not as hard as you think. The first set of see-saws is pretty easy to get across, but the problems come when the see-saws start to be offset from each other. It means lots of players all pile onto one side and tip the balance. When this happens, it can be tricky to get onto the see-saw at all; you could jump on and just slide right off. We would suggest diving onto these see-saws instead of just jumping. Your fall guy will usually get back on his feet much faster, and so will have a higher chance of staying on the tilted see-saw. 
This round is partly about anticipation, too. You can see the entire map ahead of you, thus you can judge what will be an easier path forward. For example, it’s best to hop across see-saws that are less populated so you don’t get stuck among the pack. One final word of advice: if you fall down, don’t give up — everyone is bound to fall off the see-saws, and this round is generally an early one so there will be plenty of time to qualify. 
Slime Climb 
Round Category: Race 
Description: Outrun the rising slime and survive through obstacles to reach the finish line! 
Slime Climb is one of the hardest rounds in the whole game, mostly because of the pressure brought by the rising slime. You’re eliminated as soon as you touch the slime, so you need to reach the finish in good time. Early on, there’s a shortcut where you can jump on one of the triangular yellow trampolines and skip a chunk of the main path. This is tempting, but with everyone trying to do it, it’s often best to just follow the regular path. The pushers are easy to avoid. 
More to follow soon! 

Season 4 maps + Hexagone

Use short jumps on each tile to let the tiles vanish one by one. 
Avoid other participants running on each level since they can vanish all the tiles quickly. 
Avoid running on this stage, because running will vanish a lot of tiles. Also, avoid running into another opponent since they also have the same goal as you, which is to vanish the remaining tiles of a certain level and let you fall. 
Conserve tiles by doing a single jump on each tile to make it slower before dropping onto the lower levels.Another strategy on winning this map is to go directly at the bottom of the map, then run and vanish the tiles at the center part of the stage. 
After doing that, always do a single jump on each of the tiles and survive longer than your enemies. 
New maps- 
Similar to Fall Ball, but slightly less punishing, this mini-game tasks you with being the best bean basketballer around. Pitting two teams against one another, users will battle over three basketballs in the center. Once you grab a basketball, run it to your enemy’s side and throw it into one of three baskets in the gravity field. You can either just toss the ball or jump into the gravity field for a slam dunk. Keep your eye out for the golden balls, as these are worth three points instead of one! You can dunk the ball with your character to re-spawn in the middle and collect the newly re-spawning balls. Either play as a defender where you grab the opposing team’s players and throw the balls to your attackers who should aim to pick up loose balls and try to score. 
Roll On 
A gauntlet show, players will need to race across a series of rotating platforms to the end. If you’ve played the Roll Off mini-game then you will be familiar with how to navigate through this obstacle course. The trick is to be patient and try to stay away from a massive crowd. It’s very easy to get knocked off into the slime below, so don’t try to jump for platforms rotating near the edge. Try to stay near the middle of each rotating platform and try not to jump too much on the edge of a platform. Look out for platforms with barriers that can save you from an imminent sliming. 
Short Circuit 
Fall Guys’ first ever race. Short Circuit tasks you with running through a race track full of obstacles and completing two laps before a certain number of people qualify. This is easier said than done, as the various traps include mazes, gravity fields, lasers, flingers, and moving platforms. 
Power Trip 
Ever play Splatoon? Power Trip has two teams grabbing batteries at the start of the game and then running across tiles to turn them to their color. With two floors, this a frantic game mode that’s all about territory control and ensuring your team has more color tiles than the enemy. It’s a tricky balance to achieve, as you’ll need to both ensure that your playing defensive enough to cover your side, while also coating the enemy’s turf in your color. I recommend prioritizing the bottom floor at the beginning and then moving to the floating platform above when the round is about to end. Securing that area can mean the difference between victory and defeat. If you don’t have a battery, try to find one of the ground or steal one from an enemy. Furthermore, when running go between 2 tiles in a line so that you will cover twice as much distance. 
Big Shots 
You’re on a small tilting platform while being pelted with cannons. All you have to do is not get knocked into the Slime to succeed. Trust me, it’s way harder than it sounds — especially when you have 20+ players scrambling to dodge oncoming projectiles. Take your time whilst dodging the obstacles and stay near the front so there is more leeway if you get hit back. 
Hoverboard Heroes 
A survival mode, players start on a large hoverboard that slowly moves towards the finish line. Your task is to ride the hoverboard all the way to the end, while dodging lasers, conveyor belts, platforms, and other obstacles. This is a pretty tricky mode since you need to balance not being knocked off the map and keeping up with the moving hoverboard. Just remember, you only have to make it to the end and your placement across the finish line doesn’t matter. 
Skyline Stumble 
My new personal favorite gauntlet mode, Skyline Stumble has you jumping through gravity fields to climb higher and higher. Where things get fun, is there are several buttons you can press to launch projectiles at other players or mess with their path in a large maze. There’s a fun mix of interactivity and raw skilled involved with this mode, as you’ll need to perfectly time your gravity jumps if you hope to get ahead. Just make sure to ignore the flipper wall at the end, it’s much faster to take the “long” route on either side. 

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