Faefever How to Complete the Game – Walkthrough & Playthrough

Faefever How to Complete the Game – Walkthrough & Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Faefever How to Complete the Game – Walkthrough & Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

Started the same as any game, clicking any that you might find and just strolling through for minutes until I was bored to death… As any gamer, I came back to the game to try something new. Some worked, some did not… This guide is basically the one who worked for me.

Just run through anything you want to.

I would want you to watch MudderChudders gameplay in YT… this is fully due to him. I just want to make things easier for a casual gamer.

The next part is step by step main events to deal with in my gameplay.

Ice cream can be found in the crazy man’s mailbox.

Then Ice cream can be used to lure away the goblin brat.

There is a key hidden underneath the pot of house 27.

The password for the computer is McSnuggles.

The paperclip in the attic’s diary is used to open the door.

The correct way to pick the lock is farthest (fifth), then the middle (third), then the nearest (first), then the second and the fourth spring.

Talk to the Crazy Man, then call Joseph in the city proper.

Proceed to continue the story

Go to the Crazy Man’s house and roll the red carpet.

Go down the rabbit hole and check the safe.

The safe’s password is 3511.

Collect the ghost lamp and go to the new paths in the forest.

Use the ghost lamp to choose the right pathway. The ghost lamp will light up for the correct path.

Proceed to enter the path.


I don’t care if this helped you or not. This is just my first guide so I wanna take it easy… Just tell me where should I improve upon next and/or what should be changed. I’ll gladly listen….

As for the true person who made this guide possible, please drop by Mudder Chudders gameplay on YT. Thanks and good luck, have fun!


Hope you enjoy the post for Faefever How to Complete the Game – Walkthrough & Playthrough, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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