Faefever Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide

Faefever Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Faefever Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Useful gameplay tips and walkthrough guide for new players



Not all tasks have to be done in this order (although some tasks can only be done after certain actions.)

You begin in the room you rented out.

Getting in the house

Talk to the mayor – Go to the middle of town, clicking on ‘City Square’ sign and then City Hall.

“Who are you?”

  • A journalist.

    The questions change.

  • A friend of Isobel’s.

    The questions change.

If chosen ‘A journalist’.


  • Anyone who might know more?

    Will give you the name of the owner of the ice cream shop.

  • I got this strange note.

    The mayor kicks you out of the office.

  • On second thought, nevermind.

    Nothing happens. (Can go back.)

If chosen ‘A friend of Isobel’s.’


  • Where’s their childhood home?

    Will give you the address.

  • Anyone who might know more?

    Will give you the name of the owner of the ice cream shop.

  • Actually, nevermind…

    Nothing happens. (Can go back.)

[not required]

Visit the ice cream shop.

-If mayor told you his name, you can ask him questions and he will give you the address + ice cream coupon.

[not required]

Go to the forest and meet with crazy old man. He will tell you what he thinks.

-Click on the mailbox.

-Then click on the ice cream coupon in the magazine.

When you arrive at the house number given, you:

  • Using the rock on him.

    -the pot in front of the house will break, revealing the keys.


  • Or giving him ice cream coupon.

    -use the rock on the backdoor.

Walk into the house.

Inside the house

Go to the right until at a room with computer.

The password is: McSnuggles

Click on the code to get it written down in the journal.

After clicking everything on computer, go to the hallway.

The painting will be different.

The doors will be shut.

Go to left and check the backdoors.

Attic stairs will be unlocked. Go up.

Do the chest puzzle. (Hint: you can move the singular block in the blank space.)

-Open the journal.

-Take the drawing.

Use the pin to get one of the two doors open.

(Do it in the order of lower line to highest line.)

Getting to the tree

Go to the forest to meet the Crazy Man.

After talking with him, go back to town to call Joe.

Go back to the Crazy Man.

(Don’t go into the forest without coming back to Crazy Man’s house. You’ll get lost and won’t get to do anything.)

Go inside the house.

  • Roll the red carpet and go down the hole.

Touch the safe box.

Code to the safe box: 3511

You can take Crazy Man’s slippers from the ground and wear them for the rest of the game.

Go back to the forest and go to the right, up the path.

Click and drag the lantern over the paths and go up the path that the lantern lights up on.


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