F1® Manager 2022 Season 3 – Gameplay

F1® Manager 2022 Season 3 – Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com
F1® Manager 2022 Season 3 – Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com

These are the results of the third season I just completed:
1 season: 10th place in the constructors standings
2nd season: 8th
3 season: 4th
This guide will go over all the steps that I have taken.


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After 3 seasons with Williams, this guide is my attempt to explain the mechanics of the game.
This guide is divided in order of "menu", not time. Because almost all of the same things are repeated every single year, I do this.


I will only give a grade in this section from 1 (lower) to 5(higher), which indicates the urgency or importance of the upgrade.
Car development
Factory 5
Design Center 5
Wind tunnel 4
CFD simulator 4
Suspension simulator 4
Component testing center 4
Staff locations
Hub 5
Scouting 1
Race simulator 5
The Operational Structures all have the grade of 3
These values were given to ensure that the car, drivers and staff are developed in a way that is both efficient and effective.
The other structures are smaller.
The only advice I can offer is to get the Race Simulator and Hub to their maximum speed.


Staff are an integral part of the game. Each function impacts certain aspects.
The car's development is influenced by the Chief Technician as well as Aerodynamics.
Race engineer influences the race (mechanics & "understanding" with driver)
If you start with top-performing teams, you are most likely to already have an excellent staff. But if your team is poor, you will need to immediately change one or two staff members.
I recommend you to:
Chief Technical Officer Ti Choung
Head of Aerodynamics : Alessandro Cinelli


This part is very personal.
In my game, I immediately took on a young player and changed a driver. The contracts of both the test driver driver and the other driver expired after the first season. I didn't renew them so I took on 2 young people.
These are the pilots I've hired:
Oscar Piastri
Theo Pourchaire
Jack Doohan

Car development

You can skip to the next section if you start with top cars (Ferrari Red Bull Mercedes).
Part 1
If you are starting with mid-bottom team members, the following things should be understood:
1. Your facilities are poor and must be improved before you can achieve great results.
2. It is futile and inefficient to waste time with the car of the first year. Instead, you should immediately focus on the vehicle of the next season.
You will receive 6 "refills", which you can use for CFD or the wind tunnel, throughout the season. Do not waste them at the start of the season. Wait for the research to unlock. This occurs approximately 30 days after you vote on the changes to the rules of the next season (.
You will now have 6 parts to choose from once the quest has been completed. When you are asked how many engineers will be needed to complete the research, click the top right and you'll see the time it will take). Use the time available for CFDs or the wind tunnel. The maximum number of engineers required to complete the research is (6.
When you receive the time charge (email about it)), research the next piece here, using the most time and engineers possible.
After the first season, it is important to have done thorough research on each piece.
You can also start with Williams or Aston Martin for Season 2.
Part 2
This is the time to have a decent or excellent car.
As stated in point 1, you'll have six refills during the season for CFDs as well as the wind tunnel.
Take each session apart like this:
1st: Create two new projects for the car. Divide the time half-way by project. When they are finished, create them.
2nd: Continue with point 1, but design two different parts.
3rd: The same as 2nd.
4th: Begin the research for the two pieces of the vehicle with 50% of the time per piece.
5th: Find 2 more pieces
6th: The same as 5th.
Always repeat part 2 in the following seasons. The reason is that while you are improving your current car in the first 3 phases, the final 3 phases will allow you to "create" the car for the next season.
The screen will show you the parts of the car. You can choose the importance you give each part (low, medium, or high speed.) Click the E button. On the right, you will see the car's position relative to all others on the grid. Prioritize the aspects that are most scarce. If you rank 2nd in low speeds and 7th in high speeds, it is pointless to boost low speeds too often. Therefore, in research projects and projects, you modify the indicators that give priority to high speed.

Practice, qualifying and racing

We will be updating soon.


Written by Seven84

This is all for F1® Manager 2022 Season 3 – Gameplay hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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