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Exo One Walkthrough and Basic Strategies 1 - steamsplay.com
Exo One Walkthrough and Basic Strategies 1 - steamsplay.com

Welcome. This Exo One Walkthrough and Basic Strategies Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

This manual guide is intended for a player who has completed at least two game playthroughs and is trying a speedrun. You can achieve a competitive time by using these simple methods without mastering complex strategies.


[These are my notes in preparation for a tutorial video. Watch some runs, and you’ll see the land features. They ignore advanced strategies like boom strats and ground effect.]

General tips

Disk mode accounts to more than 90% of the speedruns.

Technique for recharging your battery: glide, gravity, bounce off the ground. Double-jump, repeat every two second or so

When you’re supersonic and smokey, don’t touch the ground.


As a ball, dive down until you reach the top.

Dive into the clouds without landing on the ground and get to the powerup

Go to the right, and you will see the mountain.

Find the crater.

Fly through clouds to find the tall peak

Go up, glide, look down, and dive as a ball

Fly straight up to the goal, and bounce when boom goes.

Watch out for monoliths.


Roll down the slope and glide by the gates

Do not touch the ground. Check the amount of smoke from the craft to see how fast you are going.

Take the wind and glide towards the powerup

Dive into the canyon until the canyon floor is visible.

Tap the canyon floor for climbing

Fly to the left wind

Through the gates

Roll down and keep as a ball. Roll up again, glide for heights, dive into the cloud, and repeat.

Hit the right booster for a shallow dive to the clouds and you will be able to enter the gate


For visibility, glide up and along the ridge left to the right.

You can take a dive down the slope towards the valley for a boom

Never touch anything

Roll up to the booster for an upwards ramp

To grab it, slow down until you are above the power-up.

Hold on to the boom and dive deep into the clouds

Fly through the lava flow to the first geyser, which is a bit to your left.

You can find the lava hotspot that goes through two clouds. Next, dive.

Find the volcano geyser. Next, throw the ball into the bowl.


Hop technique on the water.

Avoid going underwater

Near the end of the level, locate the booster

Hold the glider and glide through booster

To aim for the power up, take little steps

More water-hopping to light beam

The goal has a horizontal line.

You should be in the zone between 5:30 and 15 minutes for the level timer.

Nautica 2:

Jump to powerup rock

Tap jump, and you can ramp up your rock. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to go straight to the power up

Dive onto the water, jump over the rock, then hop to the blue orb.

Follow the cliff to reach the booster, then the second blue obb.

Slide for a while and then glide down the hill. When you get to the bottom, glide down and hang left

To find the last orb, continue following the cliff on the left

Go to the goal


Roll down the treehill and hop to it

To glide up the left, glide toward the bump at one end of your pond

Roll up the hill.

Left and dive down. Keep an ear on the canyon atop you

Do not drop too low, otherwise you will be flipping!

Tractor beam will lift you up to a map near the goal

Bonus points if you glide to the second Log

Hop to the end of the log by rolling it up


Glide around the valley

Optional after gaining speed glide through belt

Find the direction of the next asteroid, double-jump and keep gliding

You should not touch any asteroids. However you can hold gravity fast if you are sucked inside for a little speed booster

If you touch something, bounce off it and do a double-jump.

You can bounce the cigar-asteroid along

Sojo: Double jump while it’s loading

To reach the bowl of twin peaks, bounce with your wind!

Wind will guide you straight. To help steer, use a little slope

Roll down underwater and leap up the slope

pray for lightning

As a disk, find water and dive into the water.

You can climb to the top and then dive into deepest clouds

Stroll in the Clouds

Find the next source of water and go again

Look for the tallest peaks. Then, ramp down the rears for height.

If possible hover in the sky or bounce on to the ground


You can bounce on the water to the initial booster

You will reach the clouds by gliding through the first booster

Dive into the water and then use the second booster

Lift through the hole, and the wind

Navigate to the power-up

You can glide under the ledge and dive under it to gain a boom.

glide up to final ramp cube. Then roll down, glide for a short boom

Find the first cube and go up the hill.

You can either ramp up the second steeple or roll up to the wind on the straight ramp.

Fly through the wind

Take a booster as needed, but then continue to the left and dive in the clouds

The clouds are your guide.

Simply glide when you reach your last cube. So the updraft takes you up the windy cube.

Navigate through the right breeze to the boosters

Try to glide through boosters

You should ignore booster 3 because it’s to your left


Roll down the hill to glide

Keep your head low when it is windy

You should stay on the ground if you can, as bouncing around on water can slow your progress.

Look for the orb beam. Stay left in canyons.

Slide up the hill to reach the orb, then turn around and glide down the other side

Get on the booster and let it take over (remember not to hold the glide)

Wait for wind and climb down the last valleys

Find the two long hills. You can glide up one hill and then slide down the other.

If you’re really lucky, there might be a boom

You can glide and not bounce, until it slows down or gets windy. After that, you can begin hopping

Roll towards the gate until things get slow. Wind can also slow your progress

When you slow down, stop. If you’re successful, it won’t allow you to continue moving forward.


During the cutscene, don’t press anything

Glide up through clouds and dive down through crevices

Find the big clearing. Go through the cloud. Hang right (top firework optional).

You can dive down to your lower one, then charge it to maximum. Then you can release the boost to go straight ahead

Then, hit the next firework in purple and continue to do so.

When the sky is clear, glide straight toward an updraft

The end time is indicated in the text at the bottom of the page. When submitting your run you should use this IGT Time.

This guide will help you improve your speed, which is closer to 32 minutes for beginners.

Thank you for reading the Exo One Walkthrough and Basic Strategies, and we sincerely hope that you found them to be of use. We encourage you to report any mistakes or ideas for enhancements in the section below, and we will fix them as quickly as possible. Today, I send you my very best wishes. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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