Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas

Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas 1 -
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas 1 -

Some features and additions to ETS2 which I would love SCS add over the upcoming years.


Before we begin, I’d just like to mention. These ideas are heavily inspired by videos, mods and real life things I have seen. So, if can give any credit to where they started from; I will post a link.

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Right, on with the list of features (starting from my most-wanted, to somewhat least)

Player freedom

I think we can all agree that it’d be nice to be able to walk outside of your rig and explore it freely. I think the idea of being able to walk around and just look at your truck would be an amazing addition which any ETS2 player would love.
Some other things which could be added to enhance this, could be:

  • The ability to walk outside the truck and refuel it.
  • The option to load the truck using and driving a forklift inside of the warehousing lot.
  • Being able to lock up and open up the curtainsider trailer or other trailers.
  • To explore the vast world and sight-see!
  • Be able to take awesome close-ups of the truck from a players’ POV.
  • Hook up the connectors and airlines between the trailer and truck.
  • Do viewable check-ups on the truck’s condition.
  • Enter and explore the truck and even the trailers!
  • And the list goes on with the possibilities for these!


Different chassis

Now, mod’s of this exist on the workshop however; it’d be nice to have it actually in the game. It would be a great idea for players to start out with a smaller truck but work their way up to something like this:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Different chassis - AE24CF4
The truck chaises could look something like this:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Different chassis - 107994E

Viewable dirt and damage

Visible damage
Now, this is something which I would also love. The idea of seeing a crack or chip in the windscreen is incredibly annoying in real life, however, inside of ETS2 it’d add lot’s more realism to be able to see visible damage and scratches. All you would need to do to fix these bumps and dents would be to simply repair the truck inside of the garage. Now, some of the players (or their computers) might not like these small details (depending on the damage percentage) which is why I think it should be optional and a setting within the game, very much like the truck speed limiter is optional for example.
Dirt on the trucks and trailers
So, imagine you’ve just done driving along a country road and your truck is filthy as anything. How would you clean it? Well, head on over to a nearby service station and access the truck wash!
I think it should cost just under the price of ferries (like £350) which is extortionate in real life, but in the game, it doesn’t seem to scratch the bank account as much…
Now, I know there are lot’s of mods for both of these ideas but they only seem to be paint-jobs and not necessarily as ‘built-in’. So, let me know what you think in the comments…
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Viewable dirt and damage - 8E2DD8E
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Viewable dirt and damage - E476330

Map expansion and realism

So, I know that SCS software has worked incredibly hard to make the game’s map huge and scenic (which I, and many others, are hugely grateful for). However, I just have a few things which I’d like for them to consider:

  • Random hotels out in the deep, depths of the map. For example, a small pit stop in the middle of nowhere would be a good idea since the driver will eventually need a place to sleep.
  • Bigger warehouse lots with their own roads and rules. I think that’d make it seem more expansive and realistic. Like the idea to visit a port and drive around the massive container yard and eventually find your trailer. NPC trucks could even be present..
  • More weathered parts of the map. For example, a tree could block a part of the road or some of the road could be incredibly damaged with potholes in.


NPC Upgrades

You read the title correctly, NPC upgrades. So, basically, by that; I mean adding some more types of NPCs into the game, and upgrading the present ones. Like this:

  • Adding NPC cyclists. Much like real life, these are incredibly annoying however; they’d add some more realism into the game.
  • Adding more types of trailers onto NPC’s cars.
  • Being able to spot worker’s trucks on the road as you drive along too.
  • Military vehicles on the road, cause why not.
  • And maybe even joggers!


Signs on trailers

Small, but immersive. Adding signs onto trailers makes the game, adds more customisation and immersion.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Signs on trailers - 613ABFE

Jerry cans

The addition of Jerry cans to bring more fuel on long road trips would be an interesting addition to ETS2..
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Jerry cans - BC8F631

Suggestions and future ideas..

Thank you for reading my ‘guide’ (more like a list of concepts). I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making this.
Just want to say a thanks to the SCS software company for making ETS2. I could not thank them enough for making such an addicting truck sim and being such an amazing game development team!
If you do want some of your ideas added into this guide, please do leave a comment on this guide or feel free to message me. (I can add your idea and your name within this guide). Let’s hope that someone from the SCS team sees this and takes these ideas into consideration lol.
Please make sure to like and give this guide awards if you felt it deserves them.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas - Suggestions and future ideas.. - 5B4B5F9
– Xeno.

Here we come to an end for Euro Truck Simulator 2 NPC Upgrades & Features Ideas hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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