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ENDLESS™ Space 2 Pacifist Nakalim 1 - steamsplay.com
ENDLESS™ Space 2 Pacifist Nakalim 1 - steamsplay.com
Concise tips for playing Nakalim, many specific to a more pacifistic playstyle.



Extra Engines-Only Explorers 
The Nakalim have a much more vested interest in the shape of the galaxy and placement of major factions than other empires. Double-engine aspirants can pick up far-off relics before they end up in someone’s borders. Note that as the Naka start with Baryonic Shielding, better curiosities are available immediately, so we don’t exactly want to lax on probe explorers either. The Nakalim are a exploration faction, and their starting hero is great for it. 
Settle Forward 
With warden ships and T3 guns from the start there’s not much anyone can do about you colonizing nearby, plopping up temples, and influence converting their first few settled systems. Cuck your closest neighbor so they’re never a threat down the line. 
Spread Out Colonies 
We want a galactic presence to spread influence (thus diplomatic pressure) over multiple if not all major factions. Build tall and be very picky (more exploration = better picks) about your colonies; high-pop systems (4-5 planets) surrounded by other systems are ideal. Exclaim in delight whenever an outpost crops up nearby, as someone else is spending resources to grow your tithes. The Nakalim are unique in that they can set up a polka-dot empire with colonies surrounded by tributaries. 
Make Temples from Cold Planets 
Those cold bodies aren’t giving you any science and little to no food: make them produce influence. 
Sell and Gift Colonies 
If outposts aren’t sprouting up around your systems, colonize adjacent systems yourself and then sell them for peace. Colonize those 1 and 2 body systems, give them away, then convert them. If there’s a major faction to far away to spread influence over, bring the faction to you! The Naka can colonize less-choice systems for short-term gain and later control their approval by selling them then influence-flipping them. 


Pacifist > Religious 
Peace highly benefits the Nakalim: 

  • Science agreements with everyone paid for by insane Naka influence income. 
  • Diplomatic demand for economic tribute (dust+science) minus risk of war. 
  • Easier open borders, and they can’t destroy explorers extracting relics from their systems. 
  • Can’t convert systems to tithes during war.

For these reasons, securing pacifist politics (even via Dictatorship, highly recommend picking up Xeno Anthropology as the first researched technology) to force peace on people will do us better than attacking in cold war, souring relations to an actual war. The +Approval per peace law will offset disenfranchising our religious pops. The Naka have solid secondary bonuses in dust production, which synergize with pacifist politics. 
Galactic Peace + One War 
Peace with everyone, especially if we manage to spread out throughout the galaxy. Distanced, polka-dot colonies won’t do great in a multi-front war. When ready to expand though, or once full of bitter hatred, only bother conquering 1-2 systems, including the enemies conversion-immune home system. We want systems in the smack in the middle of the enemy to serve as conversion temples. We don’t want to burn every enemy system we pass, our enemy needs those systems to build ships we can loot for science and the better their infrastructure the more resources they’ll provide once tithed. Sue for peace once you nab a colony or need rest. In victory we can get a science tribute and possibly another central system to build temples on. 
Cut-off the Unfallen 
Forward settle these guys and stop their vines if possible. Not only are they immune to conversion, but their systems are extra hard to conquer, especially for ship designs that prefer science-looting support modules to titanium sluggers. These make better friends than enemies, as they give us an influence boost. If war happens, instead of making fleet compositions capable of actually threatening their systems, consider just matching them in space battles and looting the debris. 
Species Stability Act? 
+5 Dust per Naka pop, or +10 if still in the starting Republic, is a very strong bonus. Additionally, the final faction questline reward is a per-Naka-pop bonus, incentivizing maximizing Naka pop count. However, other available pop types may offer sweet deals like pacifist ethics, innate science bonuses, or powerful collection bonuses. Although unlikely to run this law start-to-finish of the game, it can still be worthwhile to enact, especially early on. Having Religious in leading political parties is good for approval anyway. 


Pursue Faction Questline 
Relics will be responsible for the majority of early-game science production as the Naka. Thankfully, the questline provides something like 14-18 relics on its own, so the sooner its completed the better off science production will be. Choose objectives that are easy to complete. Once other science sources are up and running relics are better off on heroes & empire. 
Exact Advanced Diplomatic Tribute Before Converting 
Advanced diplomatic tribute yields significant science per turn. It’s worthwhile for the new-things-challenged Naka to hold back on converting a system if it means losing +10 diplomatic pressure per turn. Regular tributes are generally the better choice than another tithed system, unless its a weak faction or the last system needed for a conquest victory. 
Core Ship: Debris Analyzers on Wardens 
The ability to loot science from space battles means a whole lot more to the Naka than anyone else. Instead of using support modules that help us conquer systems, since it’s only necessary to take 1-2 (and maybe another in surrender), use Debris Analyzers for the science boost. The Naka can build them from game start and apply them against pirates. 
Science Sources 

  • Technology Cost Reduction (Sophons, ITER, Science Behemoths) 
  • Science Agreements (Avoid other agreements, as the other faction may run short of influence). 
  • Diplomatic Tribute 
  • War-Surrender Tribute 
  • Converted System Tithe 
  • Relics 
  • Loot from Space Battles (Debris Analyzers, Battle Tactics) 
  • Flat Bonuses (improvements, hero skills, bluecap mushrooms, etc). 
  • Innate Per-Pop Bonus (like Sophons or Pulsos, but not like from hero skills). 
  • Percent Bonuses


Written by RawrWolfie

This is all for ENDLESS™ Space 2 Pacifist Nakalim hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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