ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons 1 - steamsplay.com
ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons 1 - steamsplay.com

The answer to every question in the form of “What would be the best weapon for an X build?” is in here, check it out!

Introduction / Methodology

I painstakingly hand recorded over 2700 lines of data – each and every weapon’s (and shield’s) stats AND the stats of each and every different infusion of each of those weapons (and shields) which COULD be infused! (I do not recommend repeating the feat) All of them at max upgrade level so as to facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons, while sitting at the hard cap of 99 in every stat (other than Endurance)

I finished the game with minimal cheating (mostly restoring lost runes) and farmed up all the dropped weapons and armor I could, then I went offline and cheated in all the ones I couldn’t get due to bugs, limited number of Rememberances, mutually exclusive items, or simple user error (Dung Eater violated me)

Once I made sure I had EVERY item legitimately obtainable in the game, I cheated again to make them all max level AND max out the character attributes (the absolute max rune level is 713 btw) I only left Endurance at 40 for “weapon swings till 0 stamina” testing

However, this save is for testing purposes ONLY, I do not use it online and I’ll restore my clean(er) save if I ever do go online again. Only hack games for the good, m’kay?! 😛

Why did I pick these values? Well 40 Endurance is right about the level of stamina most people would have, or so I figured. 99 isn’t that much different than the last soft cap of 80, and people who call 80 the “hard cap” annoy me so I set all my other attributes to the real hard cap out of spite 😛

Why should you trust what I say over anyone else?

Because I always offer you access to the raw data for you to see for yourself.

Which is available here – [dropbox.com]  (This data was recorded with v1.03.2 of Elden Ring)

Since this information was hand recorded, there is always the possibility my finger slipped and eg entered a 45 instead of a 54 and I never noticed or something else like that. I do not believe I made any mistakes, but I am only human so if you find any errors just let me know and I’ll re-check the weapon.

That said there are errors in this data on Fromsoft’s side and not mine which I try to point out below. I’m sure Fromsoft will get around to fixing them… eventually…

And of course any patch always has the chance of changing something NOT MENTIONED in the patch notes >.>

DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons

DPH = Damage per Hit

DPS = Damage per Second

DPSb = Damage per Stamina Bar

DPH is easy; our attack power is a direct measure of this value, but DPS is not so easy. DPS requires careful measurement of the time variable – small measurement errors would result in widely varying results. Thus, I have to approximate DPS with DPSb – count the number of swings each weapon takes to fully deplete the stamina bar, then multiply that number of swings by the attack power of one swing. In this way we can control the variables for consistent results; I only used light attack spam (L1?) without any pauses for stamina to regen and from a consistent amount of stamina (40 Endurance worth) without any talismans or other status effects.

Still, there are benefits to one over the other; DPH vs DPS, and I want to make sure you understand the tradeoff in picking one to favor over the other.

DPH Pros:

  • Bypasses Damage Negation: Each hit receives a flat damage reduction and then a percentage damage reduction based off the opponent’s defenses; the percentage damage reduction will be the same regardless of how many hits you deliver your damage in… but that flat damage reduction? That sees multiple small hits lossing more of their damage than a single large hit would, this also penalizes split damage type weapons eg ones that do Fire AND Physical damage since then the damage negation is applied twice
  • Weapon Arts and Criticals: Big single hits mean that bigger single hits are bigger too – higher DPH buffs things like weapon skills and parries

DPH Cons:

  • Higher Stamina Consumption: A single swing will eat up more of your stamina bar meaning you can’t swing as often and doing so could leave you wanting when you need to dodge or block
  • Slower Status Effect Buildup: Slow swinging weapons often get more buildup per swing, but even so they will not buildup effects as quickly as faster swinging weapons will

Reverse these for high DPSb weapons; they have much lower stamina consumption rates allowing for more swings which in turn cause faster effect buildup, but they suffer from a higher damage negation penalty and lower weapon skill and critical numbers.

So… which is better to focus on?

A: It depends. I think DPSb is generally a better measure of a weapon’s worth, but it is really up to personal preference. If you are parrying a lot or really like weapon skills, then maybe you should focus on DPH more. I keep spreadsheets for both in the raw data link, if you don’t like the sorting I used for a given section in this guide – go check em out.

Weapon Highlights

Blood Venomous Fang – The base weapon keeps topping lists because it has the lowest stamina cost per swing resulting in a whooping 20 swings till 0 stamina at 40 Endurance. Only Raptor Talons can match it for efficiency, unfortunately for them this one is just flat out better. With a multiplier like that, at least by the numbers, this is the single largest bleed buildup per stamina you can get, plus you get poison at no extra cost!

Blood Fingerprint Stone Shield – Bleed and madness buildup… who even needs a weapon?! Yes, this is a tad bit ridiculous, but people have done this before – wielded nothing but a giant shield and just smashed people into red goo with it. If it works like in previous games, you get constant blocking protection even while “attacking” with it and the only limiting factor is how long your stamina can hold out, you are going to need a LOT of Endurance…

Rapier + Antspur Rapier – The Rapier gives you 130% critical damage while the Antspur builds rot and w/e else you feel like infusing it with (just not Cold, that combo is bugged, but lets be honest it’s blood for both these weapons isn’t it?) Not for scrubs like me who never learned how to parry, if you are going to powerstance something this seems like a good combo to me

Great Stars – Heals you (or your mimic) on every hit, innate bleed buildup, and you can choose to either Cold infuse it OR keep it buffable to give it eg Bloodflame with Heavy/Keen/Quality. This gives you a bleed option which wouldn’t benefit from Arcane investments

Godslayer’s Greatsword – Surprisingly good stamina efficiency for a colossal weapon, it also swings like a weapon a size-class smaller than it is. This allows it to get really good damage numbers both in DPH and DPSb and since it is a colossal weapon most of its 2-hand attacks *ought* to be unparryable. Only downside is it will suffer a split damage penalty as each swing is reduced once by the target’s physical defense and then a 2nd time by its fire resistance

Zamor Curved Sword – Has a unique moveset which allows you to regen stamina WHILE attacking, and gives you access to frost buildup without needing to worry about a split damage penalty nor INT investment. Takes some getting used to since it is unique, but might also catch others off guard in pvp, unfortunately powerstancing it makes it lose the unique moveset – poop

Frost Weapon + Rivers of Blood – The weapon skill of the Rivers of Blood katana is going to get nerfed, but even so this combo allows you to build frost with the main hand and then reset it with the fire damage from the off hand giving you two sources of damage bloom – Frost AND Blood

Cipher Pata OR Coded Sword – The only weapons currently which do pure non-physical damage, they also get shield bypassing attacks

Lion Greatbow – Rivaling the Jar Cannon when used with Radahn’s Spear Greatarrows, this “hidden” launcher – ammo interaction could be the hardest hitting ranged non-magical option in game. Only thing the Jar Cannon has over this combo is that its hitting like a truck the moment you can equip it but has ZERO attribute scaling

Best Damage-per-Hit & Buffable

Weapon[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Quality Giant-Crusher+259985988
Troll’s Hammer+259626734
Prelate’s Quality Inferno Crozier+259605760
Bloodhound’s Fang+109448496
Quality Duelist Greataxe+259336531
Golem’s Quality Halberd+259276489
Quality Greatsword+259156405
Watchdog’s Quality Greatsword+259116377
Heavy Giant-Crusher+259115466
Keen Giant-Crusher+259115466
Troll’s Golden Quality Sword+258977176
Quality Rotten Greataxe+258926244
Keen Duelist Greataxe+258876209
Prelate’s Heavy Inferno Crozier+258845304
Quality Greataxe+258747866
Prelate’s Keen Inferno Crozier+258745244
Quality Crescent Moon Axe+258657785
Quality Longhaft Axe+258657785
Beastman’s Quality Cleaver+258607740
Keen Greatsword+258596013
Quality Zweihander+258546832
Golem’s Keen Halberd+258535971
Quality Great Omenkiller Cleaver+258507650
Keen Rotten Greataxe+258495943
Prelate’s Inferno Crozier+258475082
Watchdog’s Keen Greatsword+258465922
Duelist Greataxe+258455915
Golem’s Heavy Halberd+258455915
Quality Omen Cleaver+258448440
Heavy Greatsword+258435901
Golem’s Halberd+258415887
Quality Brick Hammer+258377533
Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword+258315817
Banished Knight’s Quality Greatsword+258298290
Quality Dismounter+258298290
Quality Rusted Anchor+258298290
Quality Curved Great Club+258287452
Heavy Duelist Greataxe+258275789
Executioner’s Quality Greataxe+258257425
Gargoyle’s Quality Halberd+258227398
Quality Greathorn Hammer+258207380
Quality Nightrider Glaive+258187362
Quality Battle Hammer+258177353
Troll’s Golden Keen Sword+258176536
Guardian’s Keen Swordspear+258138943
Monk’s Quality Flameblade+258138943
Knight’s Quality Greatsword+258137317
Troll’s Golden Sword+258136504
Gargoyle’s Quality Greatsword+258108100
Quality Glaive+258107290
Quality Great Mace+258107290
Quality Iron Greatsword+258087272
Quality Great Stars+258077263
Quality Claymore+258058050
Rotten Greataxe+258055635
Celebrant’s Quality Skull+257967960
Keen Zweihander+257966368
Quality Grave Scythe+257947940
Beastman’s Heavy Cleaver+257947146
Lordsworn’s Quality Greatsword+257937930
Gargoyle’s Quality Great Axe+257918701
Quality Butchering Knife+257918701
Heavy Rotten Greataxe+257915537
Quality Pickaxe+257907110
Crescent Moon Axe+257877083
Longhaft Axe+257877083
Beastman’s Keen Cleaver+257857065
Troll’s Golden Heavy Sword+257856280
Watchdog’s Greatsword+257855495
Banished Knight’s Quality Halberd+257817810
Quality Vulgar Militia Saw+257817810
Omen Cleaver+257807800
Gargoyle’s Keen Greatsword+257797790
Keen Greataxe+257797011
Keen Crescent Moon Axe+257787002
Guardian’s Quality Swordspear+257768536
Quality Bastard Sword+257767760
Quality Flamberge+257767760
Quality Rotten Battle Hammer+257766984
Quality Lance+257766208
Heavy Greataxe+257736957
Quality Halberd+257727720
Quality Vulgar Militia Shotel+257717710
Keen Brick Hammer+257716939
Executioner’s Heavy Greataxe+257706930
Great Omenkiller Cleaver+257706930
Heavy Rusted Anchor+257697690
Quality Large Club+257696921
Rusted Anchor+257677670
Keen Iron Greatsword+257666894
Heavy Longhaft Axe+257646876
Executioner’s Keen Greataxe+257636867
Curved Great Club+257616849
Heavy Brick Hammer+257616849
Keen Longhaft Axe+257616849
Keen Rusted Anchor+257607600
Quality Warped Axe+257587580
Pest’s Quality Glaive+257567560
Iron Greatsword+257566804
Heavy Crescent Moon Axe+257556795
Keen Battle Hammer+257546786
Keen Omen Cleaver+257537530
Keen Butchering Knife+257528272
Keen Dismounter+257527520
Gargoyle’s Heavy Halberd+257526768
Quality Godskin Stitcher+257517510
Greathorn Hammer+257506750
Great Club+257495243
Gargoyle’s Keen Great Axe+257488228
Heavy Iron Greatsword+257486732
Gargoyle’s Heavy Greatsword+257477470


Strength (S&A Rank)

S Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Gargoyle’s Heavy Great Axe+257227942
Heavy Warped Axe+256916910
Heavy Brick Hammer+257616849
Gargoyle’s Heavy Halberd+257526768
Heavy Nightrider Glaive+257466714
*Ruins Greatsword+109466622
Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword+258315817
Heavy Giant-Crusher+259115466

Heavy REMOVES DEX scaling

A Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Heavy Venomous Fang+254879740
Heavy Iron Ball+255149252
Heavy Spiked Caestus+254938874
Heavy Raptor Talons+254428840
Heavy Caestus+254888784
Rogier’s Heavy Rapier+254888784
*Ordovis’s Greatsword+109378433
Heavy Star Fist+255258400
*Gargoyle’s Blood/Poison Great Axe+257418151
Heavy Iron Cleaver+256678004
Beastman’s Heavy Curved Sword+256027826
Heavy Rusted Anchor+257697690
*Staff of the Avatar+1010897623
*Cold Brick Hammer+258457605
Heavy Falchion+255777501
Heavy Curved Club+256257500
*Cold Warped Axe+257487480
Gargoyle’s Heavy Greatsword+257477470
Serpent-God’s Heavy Curved Sword+255737449
Heavy Club+255687384
Heavy Spiked Club+256117332
Heavy Mace+256107320
Heavy Uchigatana+256107320
Heavy Stone Club+256597249
Heavy Bastard Sword+257207200
Heavy Bloodstained Dagger+254507200
Gargoyle’s Heavy Twinblade+256517161
Heavy Jawbone Axe+256507150
Heavy Lucerne+256507150
Beastman’s Heavy Cleaver+257947146
Heavy Broadsword+255947128
Executioner’s Heavy Greataxe+257706930
Heavy Halberd+256886880
Clayman’s Heavy Harpoon+256856850
Banished Knight’s Heavy Halberd+256816810
Heavy Vulgar Militia Saw+256816810
*Blood/Poison Warped Axe+256756750
Heavy Iron Greatsword+257486732
Heavy Great Mace+257476723
Heavy Vulgar Militia Shotel+256726720
*Blood/Poison Brick Hammer+257446696
Heavy Parrying Dagger+254176672
Heavy Great Knife+254136608
Heavy Erdsteel Dagger+254126592
Heavy Dagger+254116576
Heavy Battle Hammer+257296561
Heavy Pickaxe+257296561
Heavy Great Epee+256526520
Heavy Greathorn Hammer+257246516
Pest’s Heavy Glaive+256456450
Heavy Hammer+256446440
Heavy Rotten Battle Hammer+257146426
Heavy Great Stars+257136417
Noble’s Heavy Slender Sword+255266312
Heavy Large Club+257016309
Brick Hammer+257006300
Heavy Glaive+256996291
*Cold Giant-Crusher+259905940
Golem’s Heavy Halberd+258455915
Heavy Greatsword+258435901
*Blood/Poison Giant-Crusher+259175502
Heavy Chainlink Flail+256085472
Heavy Urumi+255325320
Prelate’s Heavy Inferno Crozier+258845304
Heavy Lance+256625296

* = NOT buffable; everything else IS

Dexterity (S&A Rank)

S Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Keen Great Knife+254637408
Keen Dagger+254557280
Keen Parrying Dagger+254557280
Keen Urumi+256456450


A Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Rogier’s Keen Rapier+255519918
Keen Raptor Talons+254899780
Keen Rapier+255279486
Guardian’s Keen Swordspear+258138943
Keen Hookclaws+254968928
Keen Butchering Knife+257528272
Keen Scimitar+255898246
Flowing Keen Curved Sword+256007800
Keen Lucerne+257077777
Keen Uchigatana+256397668
Keen Cane Sword+255107650
Keen Shotel+255097635
Celebrant’s Keen Sickle+254697504
*Blood/Poison Vulgar Militia Shotel+257367360
Warhawk’s Keen Talon+255647332
Keen Vulgar Militia Shotel+257327320
Keen Flamberge+257287280
Keen Club+255577241
Keen Short Sword+255547202
Keen Scythe+257167160
Monk’s Keen Flamemace+256457095
*Blood/Poison Great Knife+254427072
Keen Forked Hatchet+255447072
Pest’s Keen Glaive+257017010
Keen Erdsteel Dagger+254376992
Keen Nagakiba+256356985
Keen Brick Hammer+257716939
Noble’s Keen Slender Sword+255646768
Keen Nightrider Glaive+257476723
Gargoyle’s Keen Halberd+257436687
Keen Nightrider Flail+256006000
Celebrant’s Keen Rib-Rake+255815810
Keen Cross-Naginata+256855480
Keen Giant-Crusher+259115466
Keen Thorned Whip+255605040

* = NOT buffable; everything else IS

Quality (B/B Rank)

ALL of these are buffable

B/B Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Quality Venomous Fang+2557211440
Rogier’s Quality Rapier+2557810404
Quality Antspur Rapier+2557610368
Quality Raptor Talons+2551310260
Quality Spiked Caestus+2556610188
Quality Caestus+2555910062
Quality Iron Ball+2555910062
Quality Bloodhound Claws+2555810044
Quality Katar+2555610008
Quality Rapier+255439774
Cleanrot Knight’s Quality Sword+256079712
Quality Hookclaws+255219378
Quality Estoc+255809280
Noble’s Quality Estoc+255779232
Quality Shamshir+256559170
Quality Star Fist+255699104
Monk’s Quality Flameblade+258138943
Celebrant’s Quality Cleaver+256738749
Quality Butchering Knife+257918701
Gargoyle’s Quality Great Axe+257918701
Quality Scimitar+256198666
Quality Iron Cleaver+257228664
Quality Falchion+256618593
Guardian’s Quality Swordspear+257768536
Beastman’s Quality Curved Sword+256548502
Quality Uchigatana+257078484
Quality Omen Cleaver+258448440
Quality Warpick+256018414
Quality Spiked Club+257018412
Quality Mace+256918292
Banished Knight’s Quality Greatsword+258298290
Quality Dismounter+258298290
Quality Rusted Anchor+258298290
Quality Morning Star+256848208
Quality Lucerne+257458195
Flowing Quality Curved Sword+256308190
Quality Grossmesser+256828184
Quality Club+256298177
Quality Shotel+255438145
Gargoyle’s Quality Greatsword+258108100
Serpent-God’s Quality Curved Sword+256228086
Quality Stone Club+257348074
Quality Mantis Blade+256728064
Quality Claymore+258058050
Quality Curved Club+256688016
Celebrant’s Quality Skull+257967960
Quality Grave Scythe+257947940
Quality Cane Sword+255297935
Lordsworn’s Quality Greatsword+257937930
Quality Greataxe+258747866
Quality Parrying Dagger+254897824
Quality Longsword+256527824
Quality Jawbone Axe+257117821
Banished Knight’s Quality Halberd+257817810
Quality Vulgar Militia Saw+257817810
Quality Bloodstained Dagger+254887808
Quality Twinned Knight Swords+257087788
Quality Crescent Moon Axe+258657785
Quality Longhaft Axe+258657785
Quality Bastard Sword+257767760
Quality Flamberge+257767760
Gargoyle’s Quality Twinblade+257057755
Quality Erdsteel Dagger+254847744
Quality Broadsword+256457740
Beastman’s Quality Cleaver+258607740
Warhawk’s Quality Talon+255957735
Quality Sacrificial Axe+257037733
Quality Short Sword+255947722
Quality Halberd+257727720
Quality Wakizashi+255517714
Quality Vulgar Militia Shotel+257717710
Quality Hand Axe+256387656
Quality Great Omenkiller Cleaver+258507650
Quality Great Knife+254787648
Quality Dagger+254777632
Bandit’s Quality Curved Sword+256937623
Weathered Quality Straight Sword+255867618
Monk’s Quality Flamemace+256927612
Lordsworn’s Quality Straight Sword+256337596
Quality Warped Axe+257587580
Quality Battle Axe+256887568
Quality Highland Axe+256887568
Pest’s Quality Glaive+257567560
Quality Forked Hatchet+255817553
Quality Godskin Peeler+256857535
Quality Brick Hammer+258377533
Celebrant’s Quality Sickle+254707520
Quality Godskin Stitcher+257517510
Quality Nagakiba+256827502
Quality Curved Great Club+258287452
Quality Forked Greatsword+257457450
Quality Scythe+257457450
Gargoyle’s Quality Halberd+258227398
Quality Great Epee+257387380
Quality Greathorn Hammer+258207380
Quality Nightrider Glaive+258187362
Quality Battle Hammer+258177353
Clayman’s Quality Harpoon+257357350
Knight’s Quality Greatsword+258137317
Scavenger’s Quality Curved Sword+255617293
Quality Great Mace+258107290
Quality Glaive+258107290
Quality Iron Greatsword+258087272
Noble’s Quality Slender Sword+256027224
Troll’s Golden Quality Sword+258977176
Quality Pickaxe+257907110
Quality Rotten Battle Hammer+257766984
Quality Hammer+256946940
Quality Large Club+257696921
Quality Twinblade+256906900
Quality Zweihander+258546832
Quality Duelist Greataxe+259336531
Quality Iron Spear+256526520
Golem’s Quality Halberd+259276489


Quality (B/C Rank)

B/C Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Zamor Curved Sword+1077910906
Death’s Poker+108599449
Cold Uchigatana+257729264
Monk’s Blood/Poison Flameblade+258088888
*Bloodhound’s Fang+109448496
Blood/Poison Spiked Club+257008400
Cold Halberd+258338330
Pest’s Cold Glaive+258208200
Blood/Poison Uchigatana+256818172
Banished Knight’s Blood/Poison Halberd+257727720
Blood/Poison Halberd+257727720
Blood/Poison Vulgar Militia Saw+257677670
Blood/Poison Dagger+254757600
Pest’s Blood/Poison Glaive+257537530
Blood/Poison Greathorn Hammer+258197371
Dragon Halberd+108187362

* = buffable

Intelligence (B Rank)

B Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Magic Venomous Fang+2559011800
Cold Spiked Caestus+2562411232
Rogier’s Magic Rapier+2562111178
Cold Caestus+2561611088
Magic Antspur Rapier+2561511070
Magic Raptor Talons+2553210640
Magic Rapier+2557910422
Magic Spiked Caestus+2557910422
Magic Caestus+2557310314
Magic Bloodhound Claws+2555710026
Sword of Night and Flame+1083510020
Crystal Knife+2562610016
Magic Hookclaws+255429756
Wing of Astel+106899646
Cold Falchion+257349542
Onyx Lord’s Greatsword+109399390
Magic Shamshir+256699366
Scavenger’s Cold Curved Sword+257179321
Monk’s Magic Flameblade+258369196
Magic Iron Cleaver+257519012
Magic Butchering Knife+258128932
Magic Falchion+256838879
Gargoyle’s Magic Great Axe+258018811
Magic Omen Cleaver+258798790
Cold Dagger+255488768
Beastman’s Magic Curved Sword+256748762
Magic Spiked Club+257248688
Magic Scimitar+256208680
Banished Knight’s Cold Halberd+258678670
Scavenger’s Magic Curved Sword+256578541
Magic Warpick+256088512
Magic Dismounter+258478470
Magic Uchigatana+257038436
Gargoyle’s Magic Greatsword+258438430
Magic Bloodstained Dagger+255268416
Magic Stone Club+257618371
Magic Club+256418333
Magic Curved Club+256888256
Flowing Magic Curved Sword+256348242
Dark Moon Greatsword+109148226
Warhawk’s Magic Talon+256318203
Helphen’s Steeple+109078163
Magic Great Knife+255098144
Magic Morning Star+256778124
Magic Dagger+255078112
Magic Grossmesser+256768112
Magic Mace+256758100
Magic Parrying Dagger+255068096
Magic Lucerne+257308030
Beastman’s Magic Cleaver+258908010
Celebrant’s Magic Sickle+254997984
Magic Vulgar Militia Shotel+257977970
Magic Forked Hatchet+256137969
Magic Mantis Blade+256627944
Magic Flamberge+257937930
Magic Short Sword+256107930
Bandit’s Magic Curved Sword+257177887
Magic Wakizashi+255607840
Magic Vulgar Militia Saw+257837830
Magic Brick Hammer+258617749
Banished Knight’s Magic Halberd+257727720
Magic Scythe+257707700
Magic Longsword+256417692
Magic Godskin Stitcher+257617610
Cold Brick Hammer+258457605
Magic Warped Axe+257607600
Magic Halberd+257587580
Magic Erdsteel Dagger+254737568
Magic Nagakiba+256887568
Noble’s Magic Slender Sword+256297548
Magic Forked Greatsword+257547540
Magic Greathorn Hammer+258377533
Magic Great Epee+257537530
Magic Battle Hammer+258297461
Pest’s Magic Glaive+257457450
Cold Erdsteel Dagger+254627392
Magic Great Mace+258217389
Magic Great Stars+258167344
Magic Nightrider Glaive+258157335
Gargoyle’s Magic Halberd+258127308
Bastard’s Stars+107307300
Magic Rotten Battle Hammer+258107290
Magic Glaive+257957155
Clayman’s Magic Harpoon+257087080
Magic Nightrider Flail+256796790
Magic Zweihander+258486784
Cold Lance+258446752
Watchdog’s Magic Greatsword+259546678
Magic Flail+256596590
Magic Chainlink Flail+256946246
Magic Urumi+256236230
Magic Giant-Crusher+2510196114
Magic Lance+257546032
Prelate’s Magic Inferno Crozier+2510026012
Magic Cross-Naginata+257295832
Magic Pike+256634641


Faith (A&B Rank)

A Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Cipher Pata+105079126
Coded Sword+105647332


B Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Flame Art/Sacred Antspur Rapier+2561711106
Rogier’s Flame Art/Sacred Rapier+2560110818
Flame Art/Sacred Spiked Caestus+2558810584
Flame Art/Sacred Caestus+2558110458
Flame Art/Sacred Rapier+2557210296
Sword of Night and Flame+1083510020
Blade of Calling+106089728
Inseparable Sword+109619610
Flame Art/Sacred Erdsteel Dagger+255949504
Flame Art/Sacred Shamshir+256759450
Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword+1010469414
Monk’s Flame Art/Sacred Flameblade+258289108
Golden Order Greatsword+108968960
Flame Art/Sacred Spiked Club+257468952
Flame Art/Sacred Falchion+256828866
Scavenger’s Flame Art/Sacred Curved Sword+256818853
Gargoyle’s Flame Art/Sacred Great Axe+258048844
Flame Art/Sacred Omen Cleaver+258708700
Flame Art/Sacred Uchigatana+257258700
Envoy’s Long Horn+109648676
Gargoyle’s Flame Art/Sacred Greatsword+258458450
Flame Art/Sacred Bloodstained Dagger+255278432
Flame Art/Sacred Mace+257028424
Flame Art/Sacred Morning Star+257028424
Flame Art/Sacred Club+256438359
Flame Art/Sacred Dismounter+258328320
Flame Art/Sacred Dagger+255198304
Warhawk’s Flame Art/Sacred Talon+256338229
Flame Art/Sacred Lucerne+257448184
Flame Art/Sacred Short Sword+256298177
Flame Art/Sacred Great Knife+255118176
Flame Art/Sacred Vulgar Militia Shotel+258138130
Blasphemous Blade+1010148112
Flame Art/Sacred Vulgar Militia Saw+258098090
Flame Art/Sacred Parrying Dagger+255038048
Celebrant’s Flame Art/Sacred Sickle+255008000
Flame Ar/Sacredt Longsword+256617932
Banished Knight’s Flame Art/Sacred Halberd+257927920
Bandit’s Flame Art/Sacred Curved Sword+257127832
Flame Art/Sacred Nagakiba+257077777
Cranial Vessel Candlestand+109727776
Flame Art/Sacred Brick Hammer+258627758
Flame Art/Sacred Halberd+257727720
Flame Art/Sacred Greathorn Hammer+258567704
Inquisitor’s Girandole+108557695
Staff of the Avatar+1010897623
Flame Art/Sacred Godskin Stitcher+257617610
Clayman’s Flame Art/Sacred Harpoon+257597590
Pest’s Flame Art/Sacred Glaive+257597590
Noble’s Flame Art/Sacred Slender Sword+256267512
Flame Art/Sacred Great Epee+257517510
Flame Art/Sacred Battle Hammer+258317479
Flame Art/Sacred Nightrider Glaive+258317479
Maliketh’s Black Blade+1010657455
Gargoyle’s Flame Art/Sacred Halberd+258287452
Flame Art/Sacred Glaive+258157335
Flame Art/Sacred Rotten Battle Hammer+258087272
Giant’s Red Braid+107217210
Flame Art/Sacred Nightrider Flail+256696690
Flame Art/Sacred Flail+256596590
Flame Art/Sacred Chainlink Flail+256986282
Flame Art/Sacred Lance+257746192
Flame Art/Sacred Giant-Crusher+2510186108
Flame Art/Sacred Cross-Naginata+257375896

Honorable Mention:

Blasphemous Blade restores 6.5% HP upon defeating an enemy

Arcane (S&A Rank)

S Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
*Ripple Crescent Halberd+256986980
*Ripple Blade+256216831

* = buffable

A Rank (in-game)[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Occult Spiked Club+256998388
Occult Brick Hammer+259108190
Occult Dagger+254837728
Banished Knight’s Occult Halberd+257707700
Occult Halberd+257707700
Pest’s Occult Glaive+257507500
Occult Great Knife+254687488
Occult Parrying Dagger+254627392
Occult Rotten Battle Hammer+257837047
Occult Erdsteel Dagger+252423872

Occult buffs innate bleed and poison buildup

Infusion Gains

Some weapons gain more AP from infusion than others.

Here are the top performers as compared to the same weapon without infusion.

aka these are the weapons that REALLY do not want to be left as standard

If you want to see more, check the spreadsheet


  • Heavy

    +76 – Heavy Giant-Crusher+25

    +63 – Beastman’s Heavy Cleaver+25

    +61 – Heavy Brick Hammer+25

    +59 – Heavy Warped Axe+25

    +58 – Heavy Great Mace+25

    +56 – Heavy Club+25

    +55 – Heavy Large Club+25

    +50 – Heavy Nightrider Glaive+25

    +47 – Gargoyle’s Heavy Halberd+25

    +46 – Gargoyle’s Heavy Great Axe+25

    +46 – Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword+25

  • Fire

    +160 – Fire Giant-Crusher+25

    +154 – Beastman’s Fire Cleaver+25

    +135 – Watchdog’s Fire Greatsword+25

    +131 – Fire Brick Hammer+25

    +126 – Fire Great Mace+25

    +126 – Gargoyle’s Fire Greatsword+25

    +120 – Fire Large Club+25

    +110 – Prelate’s Fire Inferno Crozier+25

    +109 – Fire Nightrider Glaive+25

    +106 – Guardian’s Fire Swordspear+25


  • Keen

    +137 – Guardian’s Keen Swordspear+25

    +97 – Keen Urumi+25

    +77 – Gargoyle’s Keen Greatsword+25

    +76 – Keen Giant-Crusher+25

    +72 – Gargoyle’s Keen Great Axe+25

    +71 – Keen Brick Hammer+25

    +65 – Keen Warped Axe+25

    +61 – Watchdog’s Keen Greatsword+25

    +57 – Keen Great Knife+25

    +55 – Gargoyle’s Keen Twinblade+25

    +55 – Keen Vulgar Militia Shotel+25

  • Lightning

    +160 – Lightning Giant-Crusher+25

    +154 – Beastman’s Lightning Cleaver+25

    +135 – Watchdog’s Lightning Greatsword+25

    +132 – Lightning Warped Axe+25

    +126 – Gargoyle’s Lightning Greatsword+25

    +126 – Lightning Great Mace+25

    +125 – Prelate’s Lightning Inferno Crozier+25

    +123 – Lightning Brick Hammer+25

    +120 – Lightning Large Club+25

    +109 – Lightning Nightrider Glaive+25


  • Magic

    +184 – Magic Giant-Crusher+25

    +169 – Watchdog’s Magic Greatsword+25

    +161 – Magic Brick Hammer+25

    +159 – Beastman’s Magic Cleaver+25

    +155 – Prelate’s Magic Inferno Crozier+25

    +141 – Gargoyle’s Magic Greatsword+25

    +133 – Magic Large Club+25

    +132 – Magic Great Mace+25

    +129 – Magic Club+25

    +128 – Magic Warped Axe+25

  • Cold

    +158 – Banished Knight’s Cold Halberd+25

    +155 – Cold Giant-Crusher+25

    +155 – Cold Lance+25

    +148 – Cold Greataxe+25

    +145 – Cold Brick Hammer+25

    +143 – Monk’s Cold Flameblade+25

    +142 – Troll’s Golden Cold Sword+25

    +140 – Cold Curved Great Club+25

    +139 – Prelate’s Cold Inferno Crozier+25

    +138 – Cold Glaive+25

    +138 – Cold Mace+25

    +138 – Watchdog’s Cold Greatsword+25


  • Sacred / Flame Art

    +205 – Sacred/Flame Art Erdsteel Dagger+25

    +183 – Sacred/Flame Art Giant-Crusher+25

    +162 – Sacred/Flame Art Brick Hammer+25

    +162 – Watchdog’s Sacred/Flame Art Greatsword+25

    +155 – Beastman’s Sacred/Flame Art Cleaver+25

    +143 – Gargoyle’s Sacred/Flame Art Greatsword+25

    +142 – Prelate’s Sacred/Flame Art Inferno Crozier+25

    +136 – Sacred/Flame Art Vulgar Militia Shotel+25

    +135 – Sacred/Flame Art Nightrider Glaive+25

    +131 – Sacred/Flame Art Club+25

    +131 – Sacred/Flame Art Great Mace+25

Strength & Dexterity

  • Quality

    +163 – Quality Giant-Crusher+25

    +137 – Quality Brick Hammer+25

    +129 – Beastman’s Quality Cleaver+25

    +126 – Quality Warped Axe+25

    +126 – Watchdog’s Quality Greatsword+25

    +123 – Quality Large Club+25

    +122 – Quality Nightrider Glaive+25

    +121 – Quality Great Mace+25

    +117 – Gargoyle’s Quality Halberd+25

    +117 – Quality Club+25

  • Blood / Poison

    +88 – Blood/Poison Duelist Greataxe+25

    +88 – Blood/Poison Rotten Greataxe+25

    +82 – Blood/Poison Giant-Crusher+25

    +82 – Golem’s Blood/Poison Halberd+25

    +82 – Prelate’s Blood/Poison Inferno Crozier+25

    +81 – Troll’s Golden Blood/Poison Sword+25

    +79 – Executioner’s Blood/Poison Greataxe+25

    +78 – Blood/Poison Greataxe+25

    +74 – Blood/Poison Battle Hammer+25

    +74 – Blood/Poison Curved Great Club+25

    +74 – Blood/Poison Iron Greatsword+25


  • Occult

    +237 – Occult Giant-Crusher+25

    +210 – Occult Brick Hammer+25

    +203 – Prelate’s Occult Inferno Crozier+25

    +178 – Occult Great Mace+25

    +174 – Occult Warped Axe+25

    +162 – Occult Large Club+25

    +145 – Occult Club+25

    +108 – Gargoyle’s Occult Greatsword+25

    +84 – Occult Raptor Talons+25

    +73 – Watchdog’s Occult Greatsword+25



Weapon[email protected]Critical Multiplier
*Executioner’s Greataxe+25740115
Sacred Relic Sword+10947110
Morgott’s Cursed Sword+10824110
Death Ritual Spear+10798110
*Lordsworn’s Greatsword+25714110
*Highland Axe+25620110
Blade of Calling+10608110
Black Knife+10600110
*Lordsworn’s Straight Sword+25571110
Ornamental Straight Sword+10565110
Glintstone Kris+10555110
*Noble’s Slender Sword+25537110
Scorpion’s Stinger+10525110
*Rogier’s Rapier+25523110
*Bloodhound Claws+25487110
*Bloodstained Dagger+25453110
*Raptor Talons+25441110
*Parrying Dagger+25424110
*Great Knife+25406110
*Erdsteel Dagger+25389110

* = buffable

Honorable Mention:

Highland Axe enhances roars by 7.5%

Bleed Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
Blood Venomous Fang+25110402340
Blood Raptor Talons+2595202340
Blood Antspur Rapier+25104762106
Rogier’s Blood Rapier+25102242106
Blood Iron Ball+25100982106
Blood Rapier+2599182106
Blood Spiked Caestus+2597022106
Blood Katar+2596302106
Blood Caestus+2595762106
Blood Bloodhound Claws+2595222106
Blood Hookclaws+2592342106
Occult Raptor Talons+25105002000
*Varre’s Bouquet+1044101890

These are just the top performers. for more results check the spreadsheet

* = buffable

Blood on an innate bleed weapon does not give more buildup than Blood on any other weapon

Blood on an innate poison weapon DOES buff the poison buildup

Honorable Mentions:

Grave Scythe gives +35 Vitality

Great Stars restores 1% HP on landing attacks

Sword of Milos restores 5 FP upon defeating an enemy

Frost Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
Cold Venomous Fang+25124002100
Cold Raptor Talons+25107002100
Cold Spiked Caestus+25112321890
Rogier’s Cold Rapier+25112321890
Cold Caestus+25110881890
Cold Iron Ball+25109081890
Cold Rapier+25107821890
Cold Katar+25106201890
Cold Bloodhound Claws+25104941890
Cold Hookclaws+2599901890

These are just the top performers. for more results check the spreadsheet

Cold usually REDUCES innate blood and poison buildup… just not on daggers

And then there is the bug afflicted Cold Greathorn Hammer

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Frost Buildup - 49CA4C5

Madness Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
Blood Fingerprint Stone Shield+254571700
Poison Fingerprint Stone Shield+254571700
Vyke’s War Spear+107000520

Blood and Poison actually buff the Fingerprint Stone Shield‘s Madness buildup… but not Occult

Poison Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
Occult Venomous Fang+25109603060
Poison Venomous Fang+25110402720
Poison Raptor Talons+2595202720
Poison Antspur Rapier+25104762448
Rogier’s Poison Rapier+25102242448
Poison Iron Ball+25100982448
Poison Rapier+2599182448
Poison Spiked Caestus+2597022448
Poison Katar+2596302448
Poison Caestus+2595762448
Poison Bloodhound Claws+2595222448
Poison Hookclaws+2592342448

These are just the top performers. for more results check the spreadsheet

Poison on an innate bleed weapon DOES buff the blood buildup… but still might not be worth it

And then there is the bug afflicted Poison Scythe

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Poison Buildup - 797B258

Scarlet Rot Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
*Antspur Rapier+259630990
Scorpion’s Stinger+108400800
Rotten Crystal Sword+109072600
*Rotten Battle Hammer+256426585
Rotten Crystal Spear+106710550
Rotten Staff+106230525
*Rotten Greataxe+255635455

* = buffable

Blood, Poison, and Occult REDUCE rot buildup on the Antspur Rapier… but not the others… other than the bug afflicted Blood Rotten Greataxe

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Scarlet Rot Buildup - CDDD1D2

Likewise; Cold does not reduce rot buildup unlike its behavior with blood… except for the bug afflicted Cold Antspur Rapier

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Scarlet Rot Buildup - 18D0DEB

Sleep Buildup

WeaponAP per Stamina BarStatus Buildup per Stamina Bar
St Trina’s Torch+10109981296
Sword of St. Trina+108762858


Ranged Weapons

Weapon[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Jar Cannon+108323328
Golem Greatbow+108096472
Hand Ballista+257603040
Lion Greatbow+106935544
Pulley Crossbow+105885292
Erdtree Greatbow+105834664
Pulley Bow+104204620
Horn Bow+254034433
Full Moon Crossbow+10400
Albinauric Bow+253954345
Erdtree Bow+103764136
Serpent Bow+103764136
Black Bow+103533883
Heavy Crossbow+25338
Misbegotten Shortbow+253153465
Light Crossbow+25310
Composite Bow+253073377
Red Branch Shortbow+252993289
Soldier’s Crossbow+25290
Crepus’s Black-key Crossbow+10288
Harp Bow+102712981

Sorted by Damage per Hit since ammo isn’t unlimited

Ammo damage IS included in the listed attack power

∞ Damage per Stamina Bar = you can never run out of stamina from shooting alone

Honorable Mentions:

Lion Greatbow Radahn’s Spears grant this weapon ~200 bonus damage (NOT included in the table)

Serpent Bow gives bonus Poison build-up to arrows


ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Catalysts - 8895926

The highlighter was intended to draw attention to where an equal number of levelups were allocated between single-stat catalysts and dual-stat catalysts eg spending 20 points on one attribute could boost it to 30 while spending the same amount on two would leave them both at 20. This is exact for a Wretch, but only approximate for any other class.

However, the orange highlighter just happens to be the last soft cap for most of these catalysts.

The exceptions being:

Frenzied Flame Seal is also 30/45 but since it scales off of 4 attributes it requires quadruple the investment, if you want to use it – probably best to only go for the 30

Prince of Death’s Staff despite being a dual-stat catalyst soft caps at 60/80

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff actually soft caps at 20/40

Honorable Mentions:

Digger’s Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Stonedigger Sorcery by 20%

Azur’s Glintstone Staff – [fextralife.com]  reduces casting time of all sorceries by ~8%, but consumes ~20% additional FP

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff – [fextralife.com]  consumes 50% additional FP

Carian Glintstone Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Carian Sword Sorcery by 15%

Carian Glintblade Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Glintblade Sorcery by 15%

Carian Regal Scepter – [fextralife.com]  boosts Full Moon Sorcery

Staff of Loss – [fextralife.com]  boosts Invisibility Sorcery by 30%

Gelmir Glintstone Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Lava Sorcery 15%

Crystal Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Crystalian Sorcery

Rotten Crystal Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Crystalian Sorcery

Meteorite Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Gravity Sorcery by 30%

Staff of the Guilty – [fextralife.com]  boosts Thorn Sorcery

Prince of Death’s Staff – [fextralife.com]  boosts Death Sorcery

Golden Order Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Fundamentalist Incantations by 10%

Gravel Stone Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Dragon Cult Incantations by 15%

Giant’s Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Giants’ Flame Incantations by 20%

Godslayer’s Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Godslayer Incantations by 10%

Clawmark Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Bestial Incantations by 10%

Frenzied Flame Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Frenzied Flame Incantations by 20%

Dragon Communion Seal – [fextralife.com]  boosts Dragon Communion Incantations by 15%


100% Physical Defense w/ highest Guard for lowest STR Requirement possible

aka everything else offers the same or less Guard but requires MORE Strength

GuardSTR RequirementShield
9048Fingerprint Stone Shield+25
8244Visage Shield+10
7936Haligtree Crest Greatshield+25
7834Golden Greatshield+25
7730Dragon Towershield+25
6916Brass Shield+25
6814Banished Knight’s Shield+25
6512Blue-Gold Kite Shield+25
6310Beast Crest Heater Shield+25
6310Eclipse Crest Heater Shield+25

Magic Resistance w/ Highest Resist for lowest STR Requirement possible

Resist%STR RequirementShield
96.248Magic Fingerprint Stone Shield+25
9032Magic Eclipse Crest Greatshield+25
8912Silver Mirrorshield+10
88.710Carian Knight’s Magic Shield+25
71.29Magic Ice Crest Shield+25
658Marred Magic Wooden Shield+25

Fire Resistance w/ Highest Resist for lowest STR Requirement possible

Resist%STR RequirementShield
10048Fire/Flame Art Fingerprint Stone Shield+25
87.530Fire/Flame Art Redmane Greatshield+25
73.716Fire/Flame Art Brass Shield+25
71.214Banished Knight’s Fire/Flame Art Shield+25
68.710Beatman’s Fire/Flame Art Jar-Shield+25
608Man-Serpent’s Fire/Flame Art Shield+25

Lightning Resistance w/ Highest Resist for lowest STR Requirement possible

Resist%STR RequirementShield
98.748Lightning Fingerprint Stone Shield+25
7628Dragonclaw Shield+10
7510Beatman’s Lightning Jar-Shield+25
62.58Marred Lightning Wooden Shield+25
62.58Lightning Candletree Wooden Shield+25

Holy Resistance w/ Highest Resist for lowest STR Requirement possible

If you can block with it, it is a shield… don’t question it

Resist%STR RequirementShield
98.736Sacred Haligtree Crest Greatshield+25
8534Sacred Golden Greatshield+25
82.530Sacred Crossed-Tree Towershield+25
7226Gargoyle’s Black Halberd+10
708Sacred Sun Realm Shield+25

Honorable Mentions:

Eclipse Crest Greatshield gives +50 Immunity, +50 Robustness & +50 Focus

Icon Shield gives a passive regen of 3 HP/s

Great Turtle Shell boosts stamina recovery speed by 8%

Twinbird Kite Shield boosts attack and defense by 5% while below 20% HP

Spiralhorn Shield gives +50 Immunity, +50 Robustness & +50 Focus

Sentry’s Torch reveals enemies that are normally invisible

Beast-Repellent Torch will keep Beast-type enemies passive

Parry Timings

ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons - Parry Timings - 465D33F

This section is not my own work, it was brought to my attention by 5chneemensch – [steamcommunity.com]  and credited to “Kikbow from Discord.”

2nd source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/tww7nv/frame_data_for_dodging_and_parrying/ – [reddit.com]

The data sets mostly agree with one another, it would just appear that this Reddit source was running at ~2x the frame rate of the 1st source

Unparryable Weapons

Weapon[email protected]AP per Stamina Bar
Godslayer’s Greatsword+10102910290
Starscourge Greatsword+1010158120
Troll Knight’s Sword+1010148112
Dragon Greatclaw+109667728
Staff of the Avatar+1010897623
Royal Greatsword+1010737511
Family Heads+107467460
Maliketh’s Black Blade+1010657455
Bastard’s Stars+107307300
Grafted Blade Greatsword+109057240
Giant’s Red Braid+107217210
Envoy’s Greathorn+1010237161
Magma Whip Candlestick+106846840
*Troll’s Hammer+259626734
Ruins Greatsword+109466622
*Troll’s Golden Sword+258136504
Watchdog’s Staff+109246468
Axe of Godfrey+109176419
Ghiza’s Wheel+109076349
Fallingstar Beast Jaw+1010436258
Rotten Staff+108906230
*Nightrider Flail+255965960
*Duelist Greataxe+258455915
*Golem’s Halberd+258415887
*Rotten Greataxe+258055635
*Watchdog’s Greatsword+257855495
*Chainlink Flail+255995391
*Great Club+257495243
*Prelate’s Inferno Crozier+258475082
*Hoslow’s Petal Whip+255424878
*Thorned Whip+255354815

NOTE: Whips and Flails are FULLY unparryable, but only some of a colossal weapon’s 2H attacks are unparryable

* = buffable

Written by Drake Ravenwolf

This is all for ELDEN RING Weapon Comparison and Analysis + DPH vs DPSb Pros and Cons hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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