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ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com

Tips and tricks to Elden Ring PvP – for the uninitiated, including building, planning, and equipment!


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - Introduction - F7E5FC0

Elden Ring is a different experience than most games in PvP, but it is easy to get used to. Although it can take some time to get into the mindset and mindset of an invader, duelist, or even one host, you will soon master it! Let’s get started with something simpler.


The first thing to know about Souls Like PvP (in Elden Ring), is this:

It is not always about winning but having fun.

While winning is certainly fun, having fun can also be fun. A cosplay builds to showcase your character creation skills and versatility. All of these can provide satisfaction, but not necessarily win. You should not tie your happiness or enjoyment to the bright yellow letters that appear, even though it can be very cathartic. You will find that losing is not so bad if you can separate winning from having fun. (() Trust me, you’ll lose a lot at the beginning, but that’s okay.

But if I only wanted to talk about mindset, this would be much shorter. You can continue to.


Ah, the planning. It seems like the most boring, but it’s also one of my favorite parts of PvP. There’s no losing here. It’s just more winning. However, there are a few questions you should ask.

Do I want my enemies to be attacked from afar or close up?

Do you want to have more spellcasting dps?

If I don’t want to use spells do I want big bursts with heavy damage or speedy attacks on my enemies?

Do you want to use status effects for pressure?

These questions help you choose the right build for you. If you don’t know which one you prefer, you can test them all and decide which one you like best. If your tastes change and you need multiple builds but don’t want to spend the time sorting them all, I’ll have a section for you.

Assuming you are certain that you have found the person you want to become, we can begin to gather materials and equipment. How can I match my answers to these questions with my equipment and build? Since equipment is dependent on your build, let us start with.


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - STATS AND LEVELS - B6A4DF3

Levels and stats are the most important. Your level will determine who you can interact with and who you can invade. It also determines how many stats you can use to improve your attributes. This decision can be affected by even the first choice you make in the game: your character class. For most builds, I recommend starting off with Wretch, Hero, or both. This allows you to choose the best stat setup for your build, other than pure casters, and also gives you an even base from which to build.

Your level can be solved easily. How many stat points are needed for your build to be successful? What level range would you like to be? This calculator can help you figure out who you will be invading.

https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Summon+Range+Calculator – [fextralife.com]

Your stats will determine how much of an attribute your have. I will explain the basics here.

Vigor increases health, resistance to poison and scarlett rot

Mind increases magic points and resists sleep and frenzy

Endurance improves stamina, equipment load, and resistance against bleed and frostbite

Strength increases your strength and allows for the use of heavier weapons

Dexterity allows you to cast faster, increase your casting speed, and use more dextrous weaponry.

Intelligence allows you to use sorceries and increases your intelligence scaling

Faith allows for faith to increase your faith scaling and allow you to use incantations

Arcane Increases status effect buildup, arcane scale, and resistance against death blight

Each build is generally divided between stats of utility stats or stats of damage stats.

Utility: Vigor. Mind. Endurance

Damage: Strength. Dexterity. Intelligence. Faith.

Normaly, you should have at most 60 vigor at levels 100+ and 40 at levels 50+. Endurance is around 20-35, depending upon how much Mind you need to cast spells.

To become a sorcerer, you will need to get the minimum stats for all other items to be able to wield your desired weapon, and then pump all the damage stats to intelligence.

You will need minimum strength and arcane to use your weapons. Once you have the base knowledge, you can pump everything into dexterity.

Hybrid builds are cool but severely underpowered. It is better to stick to one stat for most builds, even if the weapon has equal scaling in two stats.


WEAPON SCALING (& weapons)

Weapons include all melee, ranged and spellcasting weapons available in the elden rings.

Important to note is that you can give most weapons an affinity to match your damage stat. But there are some things to be aware of. Certain weapons may not work as well on one infusion type as they do on another. The Greatsword is a formidable weapon. The zweihander is also a formidable weapon. However, one scales better with strength infusions and one with dexterity.

Infusions can be made using Ashes of War. This is a system of special power movements that a weapon can perform when it is imbued by an ash of war. Some ashes of war, such as Unsheathe or Square Off, can only be placed on certain types. All of these can be infused with any affinity. However some can only be used as their element or physical. The Whetstone must be obtained before any ash of war can use other than its direct element.

Special weapons are weapons with a sh of warfare whose scaling cannot be altered. These include weapons like Moonveil, the Sacred relic sword, bows, crossbows, and spellcasting instruments. You should remember that certain builds are only compatible with certain weapons.

Shields can be used in some exceptional cases as weapons, but they are mostly used for blocking. You can see their ability to block and use less stamina. The higher the numbers, especially the bottom, the more stable they are. This determines how many hits your guard can block before it is broken. All weapons have a guarding section. Shields are generally better at being shields. However, weapon blocking can be useful to interrupt combos or save you some damage. Different affinities grant different blocking capabilities. A magic item can deflect magic damage better than a fire-based item.

These ratings are used to indicate the scale of weapons. These ratings are located at the bottom of the equipment page under a viewed firearm.

S A B D E –

S is the best, and shows best scaling with stat

A is second-best, but still very, very, good

B is third and is good. It is usually seen with other c ratings on other stats.

C is a poor matchup.

D is bad, bad scale for a stat

E stands for Essentially unusable

This is the opposite of scaling.

Weapon scaling increases with weapon rank, as does blocking abilty. However, weapon level can also affect what level range you invade. So make sure to use that calculator as well as other websites and pages on fextralife to determine which areas or level ranges would be best suited to which upgrade level.

Weapons are not the only method of dealing damage.


Spells galore! Flashy spells, silent spells, body spells, weapon spells, ghost spells, holy spells, lightning dragon spells, you name it!

INCANTATIONS spells are controlled mainly by your FAITH status and cast using SEALS. These spells include crucible Incants, heals. buffs. enchantments. Lightning, holy projectiles. Red lightning, flame. red flame. red lightning. Throw gravel (. Different seals scale with different stats. However, this is mostly a FAITH category. Some exceptions are seals that scale according to strength or arcane.

SORCERIES spells that scale with intelligence and are cast using SPELL CATALYSTS. These spells include blue crystals (or dark crystals), moon crystals (or big train crystals), crystal crystals (or tiny crystals), and finally, sword crystals. These spells are mostly intelligence-based and have high DPS. Here are some of the most potent spells, great combo potential and a wide variety of staves. One can even perform a magic spin, which will completely melt other players if it is landed.

The special effects of casting tools is another thing to be aware of. Certain seals or staves can buff certain spell categories. The Dragon Communion Seal boosts dragon communion spells, while the crystallian staff boosts crystallinelian sorceries.

But how can damage be taken to the next level? Look no further than.


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - CONSUMABLES - 9B1F01C

Consumables are all that can be placed in Hotbar (except for ashes). Flasks and greases, knives, pots and perfumes are all acceptable.

FLASKS can replenish at grace and then resuspend upon dying or resting at one. As you only have a finite number of FLASKS per run, it is important that you maintain a balance. I recommend that you have more red than blue. 8r/6b for spell-casters and 12r/2b melee builders. Mix and match as you wish. Your flasks are cut in half by the host. So don’t stick with odd numbers (8/6 [net 7] but) 7/7 [net 6]

Knives are all the throwable projectiles you can buy or craft. However, Fan Daggers are objectively the best. Poisonbone darts can be used for pressure and damage through lag. Crystal darts can cause machinations from small golems to large imps (to malfunction and attack your enemies randomly for a time if thrown enough. Kukri are heavier than normal and can be thrown slower, causing staggers and bleeding buildup. These can scale with stats in an important way.

Pots are craftable items that can be made from regenerating containers. They can be used for inflicting status effects, affinity damages, or applying debuffs such as fire weakness, the inability of using flasks or even luring enemies to use them. Normal pots are more dangerous but can still be made. They also come in a useful rope form, which can be used to toss behind one’s back as one runs. Ritual pot forms can be more destructive but are only meant to be thrown.

Greases are weapon enchantments that can be crafted and applied to weapons to increase damage. Rope versions have a faster buff, but they last very little.

Perfumes can be potions you can make that can either buff or attack. They are very effective and can be used to refill pots. It is an uplifting aromatic that can even be used to boost the PVP of nearby invaders.

Starlight Shards can regenerate fp over time. Both frenzy and frenzy warming stones can heal.

However, damage is not the only vital thing.


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - ARMOR AND WEIGHT - C76D861

Your armor helps you to protect yourself and increase your resistance to damage. You must have the best armor available without getting overweight. Here are some tips.

Weight is the most important factor. Endurance allows you to carry more equipment. So the more you have, you’re better off. A minimum of 70% gives you medium rolling speed, which can be used most often. A minimum of 30% grants light rolling speed, which has the best speed but provides the least defense for equip loads. For our purposes, we will assume you wear the most heavy armor possible, with your weapons, stats, and keep below 70%. Pick what looks good to you.

There is however one thing that can help.


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - TALISMANS - 3AE139F

There are many talismans and many have better versions. They all have different benefits (apart from 2 – but they are all widely useful on many builds. Pick the one that best suits your needs, whether it is to improve your damage, equipment load, spell casting speed, or appearance.

The Alexander Jar Shard and the Great Jar Arsenal are two must-haves. They boost ash of all wars and increase equip load.

But, there’s one more slot.


ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - GREAT RUNES - 9138F9E

Mohg’s great rune is the only one you need as an invader. By using it, you can have 3 phantom ranes for invasions that buff nearby Pve. Use this in tandem to uplifting aromatic to create an obstacle in the path for any host team.

You have many options as a host.

Dueling is a game where the host does not need to use one, and the duelist does not.



The following are status effects

Bleeding and Frostbite, Poison. Sleep, Frenzy, Poison. Death Blight

Death blight in PVP is essentially meaningless. Bleed, frostbite and death blight are highly disliked by some and can be very powerful to use. You should give them a shot on your arcane or intelligence builds. Frenzy, sleep, and sleep is more challenging to use, but they are also more powerful and scorned. Poisonous and rotting are deadly if not treated. They can cause severe damage and high levels of pressure. However, this is a slow and painful process. Every status effect has a resistance protein that it can be used to treat as well as alleviating boluses.



These are things you can do, but not enough people see them. Again, it’s entirely up to you.

Bestial sling, Star shower. Stars of ruin, Elden star, star shower, swift glintstone.shard, Carian slicer.

Moonveil ash from war spamming

halberd is running attack spam

Bleed weapons with either seppuku, power-stanced, or both

Spam carian retaliation

Spamming with Royal Knight’s Resolve

Crouch poke spamming, especially with colossal knives)

extreme lag

I use them sometimes myself, and everyone does.

INTERJECTION – Duel Etiquette

ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay - INTERJECTION - Duel Etiquette - 989B02A

Rules of Duelling (- vague and largely opinionated)

1: Bow before attacking

2: The buffs before the bow are protected. The buffs immediately after are a gray area. During the battle, buffs can be attacked.

3: No healing, except for blessed dewtalisman and icon shield.

4: Bow after a Duel unless they truly deserve to be pointed out, then get ’em

5: Severing out before a duel is a retreat and during breaks. A victory for one side and a loss for the other is called mid-battle sever.

7: Have fun



You may also want to save your save file and duplicate your character.

Open your file explorer, and search for “%appdata%”, “eldenring”, and then the number jumble applicable to the current steam accounts. To see the ER00000.sl3file, you can use that search. You can copy it and save it somewhere safe. If you want the elden rings, save it as a copier-

https://github.com/BenGrn/EldenRingSaveCopier – [github.com]

You can also make copies of your characters in order to save time when making builds.


A fan dagger can help with parrying and compensation for lag. The difference between when the character makes contact and when they hit the register is how latency you have. This also determines how early you need to parry.


Divide your poise by 10. Divide by 10.


Written by Ronin Akumo

Hope you enjoy the post for ELDEN RING Souls Style PvP Gameplay, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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