Eco How to Fix Disc Write Error

Eco How to Fix Disc Write Error 1 -
Eco How to Fix Disc Write Error 1 -

First of all, hello
I made this Guide because i had the same issue and could only find the sollution after i reinstalled Steam completely. I hope i can help you so that nobody has to go trought what i had to.
I’m gonna structure this Guide into all the things i tried so you can try those things out in the hopes that it will work for you.
1. Antivirus Programm blocking the eco.exe
2. changing youre Download Region
3. scanning the Game for Problems
4. scanning your archive for Problems
5. clearing your Steam downloading chace
6. reinstalling the Game
7. running steam as an administrator
1. To get startet this is the Problem that caused my disc write error. I sadly found it out after i reinstalled Steam. What happened was that my Antivirus Programm took the Eco.exe without saying a word and took it under quarantine. I use Avast and i’m sure every Antivirus has that kind of thing so you just have to search the option to get that file back were it belongs and so my game was fixed.
2. to do this simply go to Steam > Configuration > Dowloads and right at the Top there should be a little bar were you are able to change your location, Steam automaticly picks the Location nearest to you but feel free to change it. I saw some people were this actually helped so just try it.
3. You can scan your Game for problems, to do this go to youre Libary and do a right click on Eco and go to properties. There you find yourself in a new little window and there you should find an option to scan the Game for problems, this could take a while so be patient.
4. this is simmilar to number 3. just go to Steam > Configuration > Downloads and also at the Top there should be the a bar that takes you to your archives on your Computer. there you can scan it just like we did with the Game
5. this is very easy and something you should do in generall from time to time. to do it we need to again go to Steam > Configuration > Downloads and here you can find a bar at the Bottom were it says something like clear steam download cache. Steam will restart after this and you have log in again so make sure you know youre passwort ;D
6. just right click on the game go to Properties and click deinstall on the bottom. To install it again you just have to go to youre steam libary and download it there again
7. Go to Steam > Exit to close it entirely. Next search Steam in your Search Bar and do a right click and then open it as an Administrator
If all of this didn’t work you maybe have to think a little simpler and start by restarting youre PC for example.
This is the end of my guide for now. It’s not the best thing in the world because many things are propably writen wrong but thats because i’m german and trying my hardest to help the english community so please don’t be to harsh 😀


Written by MonteEsser

Hope you enjoy the post for Eco How to Fix Disc Write Error, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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