Earth Elements Basic Guide + Gameplay Tips + Farming Resources

Earth Elements Basic Guide + Gameplay Tips + Farming Resources 1 -
Earth Elements Basic Guide + Gameplay Tips + Farming Resources 1 -
General Tips and How To for EARTH ELEMENTS



Game is about gathering resources, and modifying map in that way that gathering more resources will be easier. You have under Yours command RoundOnes game characters they will do heavy work for You.
Ultimate goal in game is to collect specific amount of Uranium or get all survived RoundOnes to portal – more about that in map generation topic.


Earth Elements general Guide - Start NEW GAME

In map generator window you should set desired settings, lets start form:
Left column

  • Choose winning conditions – well its up to You if RoundOnes will have to colllect specific amount of URANIUM or You would like to discover and dig a way to PORTAL.
    Gathering URANIUM as way of winning the game. Uranium tiles will be scattered on map and RoundOnes will have to dig out numerus tunnels to get to it. Remeber one tile is 1000 , if you need 10000 uranium thats 10 tiles you need to get access to, and of course that is not that easy you need to go through epochs to unlock possibility to dig out tiles (more about that in EPOCHs chapter)

    Choosing PORTAL is very similar but PORTAL is only one tile, is going to be located at very bottom close to center of map, digging tunnel to it will be not easy at the beginnig becouse of blocking not allowed tiles, so you have to go throup EPOCHS again to unlock all tiles on map. Portal is indicated on minimap as dark bluetile. When you will have tunnel to PORTAL tile to win a game all ROund ones have to go to it. Easiest way is to choose some tile next to it and choose all round ones for work task. They will go by portal and Portal tile will count them, if all surviving will reach portal (even just walking by it) than you will win game

  • Game parameters setting – in other words how easy is gameplay. Those settings will effect how many uranium you need to dig, how much initial ENERGY you will get, how many RoundOnes you will get on map, how fast STAMINA will be reduced for roundones (every 100 steps), how much energy ENEMIES will take going through recharger

Center column

  • Choose background of game – there are few background possibilities giving different feel for game, my favorite is jungle back ground, leave it to random… after seeing all of them you will make yours judgment which you prefer.
  • Choosing tile set – will give you also different feel of the game. tile set 1 is preferable seems more polished, worked on. leave that one as default

Right column

  • Choosing manually columns and rows and number of RoundONES, its better to leave them as defoults, if you will start manually changing them than preview of map might look nasty, or yours computer will not have enough processor power to accomodate yours choices (for example choosing too many RoundOnes will have huge effect on game perforamnce on slower computers)
  • So for those reasons choose predefined settings from button CHOOSE WORLD. most common should be NORMAl WORLD. If you notice that your computer is working very well with that you can choose bigger worlds, First one SMALL WORLD is only good for quick assessment what game is about but on it you will not get full game filling, for that more time is necessary and thereof NORMAL WORLD is recomended, there you will have time to go through EPOCHS build more BUILDS….for simple reasons there is more room there
    After choosing WORLD – world map is going to be generated and preview will be shown, if you dont like preview, press predefined choose world buttons again.

After all that settings are done you ARE READY to press GENERATE MAP.

DROPZONE strategic build

To start collecting pElements you need place where to deliver dig out material. That location is called DROPZONE

DROPZONE can be set for free, there are not resources necessary to build it, and round one doesn’t need to build it, whatever place you will choose than DROPZONE will appear there.
DROPzONE is first build in build mane,

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