Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapon Repairs [Korek Charm]

Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapon Repairs [Korek Charm] 1 - steamsplay.com
Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapon Repairs [Korek Charm] 1 - steamsplay.com

Never say goodbye to your favourite weapon again!
Techland have hidden the ‘Korek Charm‘ away in a secret room in a specific building – requiring you to have completed the ‘Broadcast‘ storyline quest in order to access it.
The Korek Charm is a weapon modification giving +500 durability, which you can repeatedly add to any weapon with a charm slot. Read/watch on below to see how you can gain access!
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Visual Guide

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    Ignore the common zombies present in my video - these appeared after my first visit to this secret room, they will not be there in the first visit.
    When you open the final doors to access the secret area, a 'Boomer' will be waiting for you at the other end of the hall. Have your bow or knife handy to show him what for!


Text Guide


Once you’ve completed the ‘Broadcast‘ storyline quest, you can quickly regain access to the top of the VNC building via its elevator. However the elevator is not accessible via the ground floor, so you have to head out to the side of the building where their is a lift that can take you up the first few floors.
Once you’ve ridden the elevator up to the roof, head out and jump off the building. You’ll be aiming for the building with the Military Drop on top (identifiable by the parachutes hanging off the edge of it).
Follow the video for close demonstration, but essentially you have to plug in 3 sets of red power cables in order to access the secret room. These three cables are plugged in a few floor lowers than where you find them, so you basically have to fall(and later, grappling hook) down the building in to get to the ‘powerpoint’.


As shown at 2:40 in the video, you will need to sit on each of the 4 chairs. Stay seated on the 4th chair and you will see a glow appear just above the table. After a couple of seconds, the Korek Charm will appear!

Additional Easter Egg

The Korek Charm isn’t the only easter egg in this secret area. Navigate through the house and sit on the bed where a few teddy bears are. More bears will periodically spawn, followed by a weapon blueprint on the ‘Techland’ poster.
Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapon Repairs [Korek Charm] - Additional Easter Egg - FD895F9

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