Dying Light 2 Getting All Endings – Full Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 Getting All Endings – Full Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Dying Light 2 Getting All Endings – Full Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

How do you get Dying Light 2’s secret ending? You will encounter many story-changing moments during your Dying Light 2 playthrough. These decisions can have a significant impact on the ending. This guide will help you understand how each of the 8 (yes, eight!) endings can be affected. Dying light 2 endings are available. We’ll be discussing each of the main options as well as what changes they make in the Epilogue. Finally, we’ll show you how to get both the best and worst endings.

How many endings can you find in Dying Light 2!

Many important decisions will determine the ending of Dying Light 2 These are just a few examples:

  • Will you spare or kill Hakon;
  • Are you giving VNC Tower Frank or to someone else?
  • Whether you save Mia, or Loana.

The Epilogue will determine whether Villedor survives and is destroyed. This is the final choice.

Why 8 possible endings

Dying Light 2 actually has 8 endings. There are three sets of binary options that you can choose from, which allows you to create 8 possible configurations.


Dying Light 2 technically has eight endings. Although the differences between them are minimal, they still have significance. Below I will show you how to get the best and worst endings in the game.

What will happen if Hakon gets killed or saved?

If you spare Hakon he will appear at very the end to save Mia and Loana. But even if Hakon saves Miya she will soon die.

If you kill Hakon then no one will be able to help those who you have not saved. They will also die in the blast. If you choose this path, you will have to leave the City on your own.

What will change if Frank gets the VNC tower?

Frank will give the VNC Tower over to the Survivors. Villedor will be captured if Villedor isn’t destroyed – see next choice. Loan will also be taken away with Aiden if Loan survives.

If Juan or Jack Matt gives the VNC Tower to Juan, the Peacekeepers can take over Villedor (if Loan is still there), and Aiden will go with Loan.

What will happen if Loan or Mia are saved?

If you save Mia, Willedor is guaranteed to survive. Loan will successfully detonate and destroy the rockets, before they can blow up the city. Miya’s death will not be immediate after you save her. Loan, however, will also die if Hakon doesn’t get saved.

Villedor can be saved if you save Loan. Mia is the last person to die, along with Loan and the protagonist.

How to get Dying Light’s best ending

You should now be able to see the possible endings for Dying Light 2.

  • Spare Hakon, give Frank VNC tower and save Mia

Mia’s demise is inevitable. However, Loan must give her all to save the city. Loan will still live if Hakon is spared; and if Frank gives the VNC Tower to Loan, Loan will be able to accompany you on your travels. The game ends with a cutscene showing you and Hakon leaving Villedor. This is the way to save most people. It’s also the only ending in which you can leave Villedor without Loana.

How to get a bad ending with Dying Light 2

However, if you are a true enthusiast, then this is how to get the worst ending of Dying Light 2.

  • Kill Hakon, don’t hand Frank the VNC Tower, and save Loana

Saving Loana is the only real option. Mia is killed in the blaze that decimates the city. Willedor is now under the control the Peacekeepers. Loana is still not safe and Loana isn’t allowed to come with you.

How to get Dying Light’s secret ending

You should also highlight another ending because it offers you a unique cutscene near the end of the game.

  • Spare Hakon, save Loana

It doesn’t really matter who you give this VNC Tower to, except that it will decide who controls Villedor after the missiles strike the city. These are the options that will destroy the city. Instead of joining you, the loan will not allow you to join them. Instead, Hakon will stay with you until the end. As per your original agreement, you both will leave the city together.

This is not a good ending. Villedor has been destroyed, most people (including Mia) are dead, and Loan will not be seen again. Hakon is still there!


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