Dying Light 2 All Missions Guide

Dying Light 2 All Missions Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Dying Light 2 All Missions Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Main Missions

The main quests may have various choices and consequences.
Remember that all the quests from the list below are mandatory.
– Pilgrim’s Path
– Getting Stronger
– Markers of Plague
– The Only Way Out
– Unruly Brother
– The Arrival
– The Raid
– Water Tower
– Revolution
– Let’s Waltz!
– A Place to Call Home
– Orders
– Observatory
– Welcome On board
– Cathedral
– Broadcast
– The Shoe
– Nightrunner
– Veronika
– The Breakthrough
– Now Or Never
– X-13

Side Missions

The optional quests in Dying Light 2 are not required to complete the main storyline but may have interesting content, give you a lot of XP, and valuable rewards.
Below you will find a list of side quests and additional activities.
– The Spark of Invention
– All in the Family
– Diva
– The History Lesson
– Fish Monk
– The Rose Garden
– The Essence of Survival
– Cheers!
– The First Biomarker
– The Ball is in Your Court
– A Good Samaritan
– Snipers’ Alley
– The Matchmaker
– The Breadwinner
– The Reddest Red
– Renegades

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