Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium “Unofficial”

Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium “Unofficial” 1 - steamsplay.com
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium “Unofficial” 1 - steamsplay.com
Knowledge about the game, slowly gathered and systematized.

Suggestions are welcome in the comments and information that should be added or changed.

English is not my native language, so in case of any mistakes, please let me know.

Planned chapters:
Races, weapons, equipment, crew and
elements such as: worlds, enemies and similar …



Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
The choice of race is an important element of the game and can determine the fighting style. 
In the game, in addition to the basic races, during the game, we can find “sub-races” which we can also start the game. 
Each race has a tendency to develop in specific areas(determined by racial bonus), but we can always distribute development points as we see fit 
The skill tree also depends on the choice of race. 
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
I will not describe individual skills because everyone can make a character and check (they are well described). 


Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
Humans are a very mobile race, they are very good at withdrawing from the fight thanks to the mine slot and thrusters. 
Preferred armament with a high brust dramage. 
Speed ​​is the preferred form of defense, they have no preference between armor and shield defense. 
An effective tactic is to attack the enemy and start escaping, leaving mines behind. In case of a difficult fight, use the speed to withdraw from the fight. 
Humans are considered as good race to start the game because they do not impose the style of the game, so they are very universal and thanks to good speed and mines they can save their skin in critical situations. 
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  


Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  
Race that focuses on active defense and active regeneration, for which dealing damage is of secondary importance, considered good for diplomatic play. 
The energy sane weapon of choice as active defense consumes a lot of energy, and lack of energy equates to the failure of these systems. 
It is recommended to develop a balanced defense between shield speed and armor, thanks to the active armor repair system we have great opportunities for long-term forays. 
The recommended tactic is to separate your opponents and fight to exhaustion using our active regeneration. 
Race is very simple in combat, however, it is demanding when equipping, badly selected equipment that will quickly drain the energy, will lead to our quick death. 
Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium  

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Here we come to an end for Drox Operative 2 Slow Compendium “Unofficial” hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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