Dread X Collection: The Hunt (Metagame Guide)

Dread X Collection: The Hunt (Metagame Guide) 1 - steamsplay.com
Dread X Collection: The Hunt (Metagame Guide) 1 - steamsplay.com
This is a guide for the 7 metagames within the Dread X Collection: The Hunt. While not an outright walkthrough, it’ll provide many tips for each game that’ll help you on your hunting journey! Happy Hunting!



To enter a time period, you have to photograph the blue spectre in the mall first. By extension, to exit a time period, you’ll have to photograph a red spectre that’ll appear at the end of a stage. 
Notes are not only a source of info, but they can point you in the right direction! Some objectives require a key item, so be observant in those nooks and crannies! 
Enemies only take a single snapshot to defeat but you have to be close enough first. 
To activate the generator, open the choke, jump on the generator three times, pull the starting handle, then close the choke. 
On the pedestal underneath the tree at the mall is a notebook that’ll contain extra lore about the creatures you’ll encounter. To unlock these entries, you’ll have to take pictures that align with the images inside the book. 
For the tunnel puzzle, you’ll have to make a full rotation around the tunnel until you hear a particular sound. That’s when you’ll know you’ve completed a single arrow point. 
Concerning the gears in the barn, the ones that are copper can be moved to affect the silver colored ones. They all have to be moved at least once, but the one closest to the platform should be last, as the platform will rise automatically upon completion. 
With the stone slab puzzle, keep in mind that the anthills always point towards the south
-The answer is : Face, Raincloud, Ram skull 
Something to keep in mind with the final boss is to always keep moving
There are 7 pages to unlock in the book at the mall. To unlock the contents of the page, you must recreate the shot depicted on the page. Here are the locations for those particular shots: 
GHAST: The tree next to the book itself. 
IRRBLOSS: Upon entering the second trip to the past, turn to your left towards the red barn. 
WITCH-HUNTS: Right after completing the gear puzzle in the barn, stop at the door frame to the outside. 
SACRIFICE: In the third trip to the past, at the set of stones that form a circle. Pay extra attention to the symbols depicted in the picture. 
CHURCH GRIM: At the beginning of the third trip to the past, stop at the second house and look towards it’s cross. 
MYLING: In the third trip to the past, after leaving the first house, turn immediately to your left. Use the objects in the terrain to help you line up your shot. 
CONCLUSION: After completing the second trip to the past and traversing the underground part of the mall, stop at the stone stairwell leading back to the main floor. 


You’re not only snapping pictures of animals and critters, but any special oddities you may come across during the level. They will show up as red dots on the mini-map. 
Your level progress can be viewed on the bottom right-hand side of your camera-view
By default, pressing ‘M’ will bring up your map. On it are places where critters/oddities are marked. If they’re not already present, use The Call (by default: C) to call them to you. You’ll receive the calling device in the second stage, at the front of the house by your car. 
Some of the barrels may contain ammunition for your rifle. 
The automatic rifle that you obtain in the final level has infinite ammunition, so no need to be stingy with it. To deal significant damage to the Snake, you’ll have to shoot the glowing points on its body. 
Cheat Codes: 
CRISIS: Changes all creature models into dinosaurs. 
PATE: Changes all creature models into human. 
ZOO: Gives you a zoo to explore and see the different creatures of the game. 
FLY: Allows you to jump continuously, propelling you into the air. 
NOTREES: Trees are gone completely gone. 
TINYTIM: Small heads. Small heads everywhere. 
CAFFEINE: Speeds up your movement & actions. 
ALLWEPS: Gives you all the weapons with infinite ammo. 
DKMODE: Big heads. Big heads everywhere. 


All the red shoes that appear in the world will point towards your next objective. 
By default, your objectives can be viewed by pressing ‘TAB’. 
Speaking to barrel folk can yield not only health, but ammunition as well. 
Shooting a red barrel is the only way to damage foes. Beware, however, as the explosion from the red barrels is rather large. 
Your next objective will be indicated by a rose above it. 
Your health is indicated by the eyeballs at the bottom of the screen. The redder and shakier they are, the less health you currently have. 
The Leg conjures up barrel folk that can provide health if you pray with them, as well as ammunition in their hands. 
Dyk, the upside down head, will provide you with knowledge. 
After talking with Gunn, you’ll receive an objective for collecting wood. You can find wood by killing Old Wooden Ladies in the forest, as they’ll drop a piece upon death. You can only hold a single piece at a time. 
The best way to defeat the Spider is to maintain distance, summon barrel folk with the Leg, and take your time shooting the barrels with it nearby. 
After Mother kills Gunn, the boat will drop from his body. Interact with it (E by default) and take it towards the beach


On the front steps of the house lies a note that gives an overview of the controls and function of the game. The notes in general not only give you insight into the situation of the house, but clues to find key items as well. 
Enemies cannot be harmed using your cross. To dispose of them, you must use your handgun
You can heal yourself by interacting with the angel statue on the second floor. It’s in the room next to the one where you performed the exorcism. 
While most, if not all of the flesh chunks can be dispelled with your cross, only certain ones need to be to continue progression. 


To find the key to the Scrivener’s chamber, you’ll have to explore the monastery. Some rooms have more than one door. 
Reloading your weapon and grabbing bolts from a crate takes some time, so be sure to clear enough room between yourself and foes. 
Shoving is always an option if you’re not able to kill enemies and you can’t run further back. You can also shove multiple enemies at once! 
The bone totems slowly siphon away your health if you get too close to them. You’ll know when you are if your screen starts to redden. 
There are 3 parts of the game where you cannot progress before defeating the enemies in the area. Once you do a cutscene will play showing you where to go next. 


Travel to the boat to begin your journey. 
Enemies have two types of drops upon death:red for healing Items & yellow for ammunition for one of your firearms, chosen at random. 
If you find yourself running low on ammo, switch to your melee weapon (by default:1). It’s a solid alternative to your firearms. 
For the Kraken boss, wait for its sound cue and move to the opposite end of the platform. That’s when it’s going to strike down with its tentacles. 


When you reach the town, speak with Lady Pyrus inside the Church. She will inform you of your objective as well as provide you with a rifle
Watch out for Ms. Shaw. 
To open the gate and leave the town area, you must explore the other houses in the village and acquire the necessary spell
Ammunition for your rifle can be found spread all over the level, on top of rocks, tables, shelves, etc. Take a good look around whenever you enter a new area/locale. 
Bonfires are your method of saving progress, healing, and creating a checkpoint in the case of death. They are placed throughout the map, not only under fireplaces, but in fields as well. 
Deal with theflying skull enemies by using the book and casting the spell that matches the rune on the skulls. 
While your rifle is good for dispatching enemies at a distance, your axe is incredibly useful as well, dispatching regular enemies in two strikes. 
You can receive two different endings depending on your final choice in the game. You can either walk away or choose to fight the mob. 

Written by Lazarus

Here we come to an end for Dread X Collection: The Hunt (Metagame Guide) hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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