Draw It! All Achievements Unlock & Walkthrough

Draw It! All Achievements Unlock & Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Draw It! All Achievements Unlock & Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a guide to those Achievements that you don’t get for just playing the game.
A large portion of the achievements you will be awarded for completing levels.
Here are the ones that you get for doing other things.

Those Missing Achievements!

  • Click Antizero company
  • Playing on Time

– Click Antizero Company Achievements.
Easy this one.. on the title screen do as it says.. Just click the developers name at the bottom on the list.
Also an easy one. On the tile screen click on the training button.
then under the writing draw various shapes and delete them. Do at least one of each shape. you can change what shape to draw from the Circle, Square and triangle above the text.
– Playing on time.
This one will be a little more difficult to do.
On the title screen click on ‘Playing on time’ button.
You will then need to get at least 15 on the smiles to hit the red zone. Some luck will be needed but keep trying and you will do it.

That’s it for the missing achievements.

Now to complete the main game you will need speed on some levels. On other levels a slow steady approach in which you will need that graph paper background to count.
The long thin straight line is you friend and will help you in many levels to stop the smiles from falling away while you work.
Also sometimes you will just have to spam lots of circles almost on top of the smile to make them bounce up or away from an area.
All in all.. have fun. some levels I think I got through on luck more than skill. I am sure you will find the same also.

Written by Mauvias

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