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Dragon Forge Crafting + Controls + XP 1 - steamsplay.com
Dragon Forge Crafting + Controls + XP 1 - steamsplay.com

Here's a fable from many centuries ago. Take a moment to listen and reflect on its wisdom.

Table of Contents

1. The Start
4.Laboratory Gems, Locations and Other Resources
5.Early Game EXP, Mana, and EXP
6.Finding Iron
7.Maximizing Space
8. Items that can't be made
10.Additional Information, Tips and Tricks

The Start

The game can seem overwhelming at first, and not everything is explained in detail. The game basically gives you a brief tutorial but you are pretty much left to your own devices. This is not the case anymore! Here is a Fable, written many years ago. Take a moment to listen and reflect on its wisdom.


Here's a little information about controls
WASD to move
Jump into space
Left mouse button to attack
F to interact
E for Inventory
R to Reload
Scroll up to zoom in scroll down for zoom out
TAB to switch weapons(. If you have a bucket, it counts when switching weapons).
Flying: Q, or double tapping spacebar, enters the flying state. Stamina will decrease even while you're still in the air. Space while ascending and L-Shift whilst Descending. Q will cause you to fall to the ground if you are flying.


Crafting is a fundamental way to improve your Dragon's abilities and unlock other items in the game. There are four types of tools: Workshop (furnace), Chest, Lamp), Laboratory (alter), Kitchen (mill), Farm, Well and Mine.
The Workshop, Furnace or Chest, Chest lamp, laboratory, and Alter are all possible to be crafted from the beginning. You will need to unlock the other buildings.
You can make the other items provided you have the necessary materials.

Laboratory, Gems and Locations

The Laboratory, together with the alter is the most important building in this game. You will not be able to progress in this game without these two essential items. Alter: Don't forget about leveling up! It is important to choose the right location. You cannot rotate buildings and the building will always be visible to the upper part of the dragon’s head(. If the dragon is facing towards the camera/south, then the upper part of its tail.) The importance of location is crucial(More information will be provided in the guide). Only the Dragon Forge can give you new gems. Moon Pendants are an item that can be used to get through the game. However, it is not recommended to use them until the middle of the game. It only gives you mana up until the end of the game. (Unless you are impatient), you should have enough knowledge about the game that it is not necessary.
There is an easy way to get goblins auto-farming for you. Once you have enough goblins, it is possible to start auto farming mana. Here's where things get tricky: when you assign a gem for manufacturing, you will see a percentage in the right sidebar. This indicates how efficient the goblins will transport one gem to another Lab, or to the Alter. Let's take, for instance, a Lab set up to transport Earth gems. A Lab set up to transport Flora gems. The Earth gems are currently at 114% production while the Flora Gems only reach 80%. It will take the goblins 20% longer for Flora gems to be produced and transported to the alter or to another building that requires them. You will need to make more earth gems in order to increase that percentage. However, if you increase the speed at which the gems can be made or produced, the percentage will decrease. The earth drops to 65% and the Flora gem drops to 130%. The water gem doesn't really matter since it is a "Basic" gem. Basic gems: Gems which don't require any other gems to create. You will now need to increase the speed at which the water gem building is completed. The earth gem must be increased to over 100% in order for the alter to receive a steady flow. This is where you will find the "Efficiency" portion of the game. It is also where the mana flow into the alter will be steady. I think someone who has played games like Satisfactory and Factorio would be able to explain it better than me. While it's not nearly as complex as those games, it can become overwhelming to the average player.

EXP and Mana for early game

This is what people get excited about when they first start the game. It's the beginning of the game. I recommend that you get comfortable with the controls for flying, as this will be critical for your survival in the game. The second picture shows my setup for the beginning. This will get you halfway through the game until you need an apothecary. Once that happens, you will have to move. I don't recommend fighting the first boss until you are at minimum lvl 7, and have made the strawberry amulet.
EXP: Getting exp early on is the best way. Do quests from goblins to unlock new areas. While farming materials are useful, it's not as efficient as doing quests to unlock areas.
Mana: The numbers can be confusing, especially when they look like 1.45E8. How the system works when it comes to the percentage of the item you are crafting. If it says 1.96E3, that is the number of digits left after you have reached 9,999,999,000,000. So, in this example, 1.96E3 is 196,000,000,000. If you reach 10,000,000, then every "E", that is an extra 0, is added to the number(. I am merely explaining exponents. It doesn't really matter in the game.) I would pay more attention to the "E", the number after it, and the "E" because the 2.56 ahead didn't really matter in the end. (I will explain the percentage of crafting Gems in "Laboratory Gems & Locations" section) to the best extent.

Finding Iron

How to find Iron early on in the game… The spot where my dragon stands in the third photo is (. This area isn't too far into the game,). It is the first area you will find iron. Materials in the game can respawn so it is worth waiting to see if iron respawns in the area. This is also the place you will find Bismuth, which can be used to make bombs. These explosive items are very useful against certain enemies early on. Iron is a brightly colored rock on the ground. Bismuth, on the other hand, is a rainbow-colored rock on the floor. You may need to clear the area of trees to locate them. The trees in the game will block your vision so you might need to do this. You will also receive 50 iron from the goblin who is standing next to you in the same photo. Iron is essential for most things. I would recommend stocking up on iron while you wait for more Mana, or waiting for something else.

Maximizing Space

You will likely encounter one of these issues as you play through the game. 1. Your area is too small. The Goblins are too far away from the building to reach the destination. 3. Your town is ugly and you want it to be fixed(, no offense to the creator. However, not being capable of rotating buildings will more often than not). The Apothecary will make it easy to arrange your buildings around. I can almost guarantee that. I have pictures of areas that I believe are great places to build. The 4th, 5th, and 6th pictures are general building. The 6th, 7th, and 8th pictures are more for those who love efficient building and maximising their areas to their full potential. If you wish to incorporate your building into one of the goblin villages that are available in the game, the 8th or final one is for you. You can also go to the swamp, but that area has a high possibility of crashing your game. I wouldn't recommend it. If you know of any other spots, please let us know!

Items that cannot be made

There are certain items that can't be crafted, and must be obtained using other methods. One of these is the monster drop that you get from killing them. I am specifically referring to items that you won't be able to get and wouldn't know unless someone told. These items are Tomato, Grapes (Wheat), and Monster eggs. These items can all only be made once you have built a farm. However, you won't be able to make the farm until much later in the game. You can probably farm the materials to exchange them for the item sooner than waiting for a farm build the items.
There are also 4 rare item drops. These items are only available by killing monsters within a specific biome. They cannot be obtained any other way. These Items are not required to beat the game.

Additional Information and Tips

First of all, flying is your best friend. While flying, be aware of your stamina bar. Once it drops to zero you will drop and until you get one back your movement speed will decrease. Also, if your flight is delayed by water, you will lose 10% HP for a while until you are out of the water(. Your stamina will not recover while in water).
Another thing is to plan what you do. You don't want to be waiting for mana to run out or for a building to build the things you are working on. It is important to always move. You will not be able to progress if you don't.
If you have multiple buckets in inventory, you can press tab until you reach the bucket. You can then press and hold down the attack button to fill the buckets automatically(as long as the button is held down.
You can still get materials from an area that is locked if it is within your reach. Once the item spawns, it's materials will be pushed from the locked area into an unlocked area. The material can then be picked up. This is a great way of getting a material faster than you would have if you waited to get enough mana.
The starting area of the swamp is by Leo. It will spawn enemies that will basically one-shot anyone who spawns in. Their attacks are fast and they can be hard to dodge at the beginning so it will result in instant death. This sword should be avoided until much later in game.
Don't worry about how to farm coal. You will find a goblin at your beginning that will give 10 coal for every strawberry you give him. So, if you have 500 strawberries, you'll get 5000 coal. This will continue until you need more.
As of now, that's all for this guide! I appreciate you reading it, and I hope it helps you to enjoy the game.


Written by AquaineBay

Hope you enjoy the post for Dragon Forge Crafting + Controls + XP, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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