DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivor and Raider Tips and Strategy

DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivor and Raider Tips and Strategy 1 - steamsplay.com
DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivor and Raider Tips and Strategy 1 - steamsplay.com

These tips help you effectively play and win as both Survivor (or Raider).


This guide will provide tips on how to win as Survivor or Raider. First, let me mention that the current game imbalance means that Survivors are not always winners if they are new. However, as you gain experience and improve, you will rarely lose. This takes time. You won't always have a strong team, but you will get better over time. These tips may come along a little quicker.

Survivor Basics

These are the essentials of being a Survivor. I' ll be covering more advanced stuff in the next section, but this is important to know if it is not obvious.

  • This is NOT a FIGHTING GAME! It is not a fighting video game. The goal is not for new players to kill or hurt Raiders but for survivors to survive. If you are at his level, you can at most, fight him to a standstill until you run low on energy. After that, you will likely die if you don’t know how to escape. Although you can do some damage, if your level is higher than his, it will eventually run out of energy. For the basics of fighting, run away, and don't fight again.
  • Do not give the enemy to your co-workers. If he can get you, then you are dead. You should 't drag your team members down with you to get them to save you. You won't save him and he will get 2 kills rather than 1.
  • Rescuing Citizens is the fastest way to level up quickly and rob the Raiders of their energy. Citizens 's out, and the Raider should be avoided to keep the team strong. Listening to citizens' calls for help is the easiest way to find them.
  • Namekians will be part of the Citizens if Frieza is flipped. Namekians often have Dragon Balls. Frieza can also get extra energy from killing Namekians, so it is important to rescue them. Namekians speak differently to humans, so you can recognize their voices and prioritize them.
  • If you are given a Dragon Ball, it is best to give it to the one with the most. It is easy to drop it in your screen's bottom left corner. Drop it near the person who has the most opportunities to summon Shenron. DO NOT STAND THERE HELDING IT, particularly if you are spamming Dragon Balls with the other person. Give it to them.
  • A Radar can be found in chests containing Power Keys. There are 3 Radars. Citizen Radar (Power Key Radar), Dragon Radar (Dragon Radar) Dragon Radar has three levels. Each level makes all Radars appear further away. Although the Citizen Radar can be useless, the Power Key Radar or a Lvl 2, 3 or 4 Dragon Radar are powerful enough to guide you in your match. Power Key Radar refers to the ability to find the Power Keys and then let allies place them. 2 to 3 Dragon Radars means it's time search for Dragon Balls. This is almost exclusively (but I recommend rescuing citizens along this route)
  • If you have the Super Time Machine, spread out, transforming to fight the Raider. The Super Time Machine is an explosive bomb that will be thrown at the Raider. He wants it gone as soon as possible so keep him distracted by one person at the moment to get the clock to count down.
  • Right-click can be used to hold your enemy down. Melee attacks can be a good way to waste your time so make sure you do them as often as possible. Or, just fly around and keep the enemy's attention on you.
  • If you do have to fight, stay close to the enemy and fire ki blasts(melee at them at a distance). This does a lot more damage than melee. Don't waste this special, as it will quickly drain your transformation. Keep it as a final hit.
  • Consider the situation if you are the one to summon Shenron and get the Dragon Balls. Is your team alive at levels 1 and 2, against a level 2 Raider? You might wish that everyone could level instead of you. In almost all cases, however, you will want to make yourself stronger because level 4 is far more powerful than level 3, and there is no time limit for the transformation.
  • Remember that this game is a team effort and not a solo one. Sometimes it's worth risking your life to help the team win. Do not kill yourself for anything, but don’t be afraid to die if you are forced to.


New Additions


  • To enter sneaky mode, the ctrl keys or Crouching can be used. The Raider won't be able to hear you well, and they won't be able to lock onto your body unless they have either hit you manually or already have.
  • Learn to read the maps. You will be able to avoid being detected by the Raider when you better understand the locations of caves, Shenron summons, escape time machines, and other features.
  • Before you start the Escape Time Machine, try to work in a group. It will summon it faster if you are part of a group and allow more people to escape. However, the Escape Time Machine cannot be stopped in one hit. Once it's destroyed, everyone loses their escape and all are left behind. If you need to escape, don't be afraid. The others can summon it again.
  • Summon the escape time machine and stay low to ground. If you want to increase your chances of escape, hide behind objects and run away from the Raider.


Recommendations for Survival Skills

Active Skills: Capsule (Single Wheelel Motorbike). Charming Pose. Saiyan pod Remote. Trap Device.
Passive Skills – Emergency Transformation(only when learning) Barrier Auto-Recovery VIP Special Expert Driver [Speed Boost], expert Driver [Jump Boost], Wall Kick
Grapple allows you to escape the map quickly. You start with it.
Motorbikes are a high-speed transport option that can be used to move quickly across the map. Add Expert Driver's for a faster speed, higher jump and greater distance.
Charming Pose can be used to stun a Raider for just a second, then Grapple far away.
Saiyan Pod has been nerfed in beta, but it is still great if you plan ahead. It's easy and convenient to travel anywhere on this map.
Trap Device works well in caves, as it has a low cooldown. Raiders must be stunned to use it to reach you in the cave. Run into a cave, drop it and then wait for the stun to finish. You might be able to drop another one at the cave entrance for an additional stun.
If you don't know how to transform before you get hurt, emergency transformation will save your life. You can learn it once you are proficient.
Barrier Recovery is great because it doesn't require you to carry around the Barrier capsules.
VIP Special on Cooldown Drinks & Energy from Vending Machines
Wall Kick is not an easy move, but once you know it you can quickly get up walls.

Advanced Tips for Survivors

This tip is geared towards using your experience and knowledge to maximize effectiveness.

  • Keep the Raider busy as you can until he finds you. Fight him for one second, fly into a cavern, drop a trap, wait for him, and then use a charming pose. Once you're out of the cave, speed up, and then grab your grappling hook. It won't take a very long, but every second counts, especially in the beginning.
  • If you are at his level or higher, use the above tactic to harass the Raider. It takes a lot to poke him 7 times and keep him distracted. You should only do this if your escape skills are strong. Otherwise you'll be feeding him.
  • If you're in Comms give all Dragon Balls to whoever has a high-level Dragon Radar and keep Raider away.
  • Dragon Balls can also be dropped from high up in the air. To make the enemy drop one, fight him and fly high to pick it up. You' ll be able to help your allies get the ball by him losing track of it.
  • If the Raider is equipped with a Zone Destruction, don’t summon Shenron. He can block Shenron using it. If he's saving it, go to an area where it's easy to find the key (. He'll want the Dragon Balls, so be prepared to fight.
  • People rarely look up. He may lose sight of you, and even if you are killed, he won't be able to finish you off until your are slow-falling to death.
  • The Super Time Machine will charge, so keep it between the Raider and you at all costs. Charming Pose is a great way to dodge or stop him from trying and moving around. He will likely try and melee at that distance, dodge rolls, avoid melee attacks, and he will likely do so. He will use Charming Pose, dodge, and traps to keep the Raider from chasing. He will eventually start destroying the machine, but many won't until they have killed the Survivors near it.
  • To avoid Kid Buu’s Super Special Attack, the best way to avoid the blasts that nearly cover the map is to hide under something that can’t be destroyed. The blasts won’t penetrate even if your are within the AoE.
  • Buu absorbs senzu beans. If you have any, senzu beans can be used to revive others.
  • Don't fight Spopovich. He seems weak, and if he is bad, he' ll be weak. But a good Spopovich player will end the game without any problems. Majin Buu must be delayed to keep him from getting energy from citizens or you.
  • Fighting Buu is best against Fat Buu. Super Buu can hunt down Cell and is as strong as Frieza. Keep Buu at a low level for as long as you can. This applies to all Raiders but Buu in particular.


New additions


  • If the Raider has Zone Destruction but isn't in Area X use the Summon to panic the Raider into using Zone Destruction. They cannot target Area X and they will not be able stop you.
  • Frieza should not be fought, especially at the beginning. He will not stop fighting, and fighting him will only strengthen him.
  • To get your transformation back, you can hide by pressing ctrl. This will save you energy and make your transformation faster.
  • Your transformation can be stopped by saving a Civilian, reviving them, summoning Shenron, charging their Super Time Machine, and calling the Escape Time Machine. These actions can be done to get an extra hit when your transformation is nearly over.
  • Tien with DodonRay is your 3rd transformation(all of them if possible). Dodon Ray can be extremely powerful and cheap, and it can be fired off very quickly. If you Summon Shenron, you can become a level four Tien. Then an ally melee attacking Raiders allows you to spam DodonRay repeatedly and take them down to 0% in about 30-45 seconds. It's powerful enough to spam at any level.


General Tips for Raiders

This section will explain the basics of playing any Raider. These tips, together with the tips and tricks for specific Raiders, make it easy to destroy other planets.

  • Only destroy areas that they haven’t finished in order to make the Super Time Machine begin sooner. This is only if you're stronger or have made Survivors waste their transformations. This will force them to take the initiative.
  • You should only destroy the areas that they have already found keys for. This will allow you to prioritize areas they haven’t set the key in yet. This will force them find all keys and give you more chances of leveling up. This is especially true for Buu.


  • If you feel ganged up on, don’t be afraid to flee. Their transformations are limited, and your power is not. Once their transformations end, you can start hunting again knowing they won't come back next time.
  • If Shenron begins to be summoned, you should use your area destruction to stop him from being summoned again. This stops the summoner from finishing and scatters the Dragon Balls once more.
  • If the Survivor can summon Shenron and wants to be level 4, there are no limits to their transformation. You must kill them. The best strategy is to keep them out of melee reach and continue firing ki blasts, Specials and ki blasts on them, unless they are Special spamming. In that case melee attack them to disrupt their Special.
  • After you destroy the Super Time Machine or get it down to 3 or more survivors, blue light will appear in the sky. This is where the escape machine can be summoned. If they vanish, it means that the time machine was summoned. It takes just one kiblast to destroy it. If it hits you, then you kill all of them as there is only one escape machine.

    Frieza Tips

    Frieza is a battle-oriented Raider. This means that he excels when he gets the Survivors involved in his fight. Frieza's style of gameplay is what I don't like. However, he can still dominate if played correctly.

    • Frieza creates Namekian Civilians. They have Dragon Balls in their possession, and killing them gives almost the same amount of energy as a Survivor. If you hear a Namekian Civilian calling, don't hesitate to kill them.
    • Look for survivors right away. If you can get them fighting you, you will be leveling up faster. Fighting = Levels of Frieza. Get as many Survivors as possible to fight you. Once they level up they will start hitting harder.
    • Destroy any areas where the key isn't yet found. You want the Super Time Machine to be spawned as quickly as possible by the Survivors so that you can force them into fighting you.
    • Dodoria or Zarbon can be used as guards for areas, including dead bodies. They can also be used to increase your attack distance so that you can hit people summoning Shenron or who have gotten in Time Machines from further away.
    • Finish Survivors from afar It makes it more difficult for allies and friends to stop you from finishing.
    • Break Strike (can be used to stop Survivors from ganging up against you. It is a non-Zarbon/Dodoria skill. You can use it even when you&#039 are melee-attacked.


    Cell Tips

    Cell is a search-and-destroy Raider. He hunts down Survivors to make them unable to escape. A cell can end games quickly, and the Survivors are left with no choice but to surrender. Cell is capable of ending games faster than any other Raider.

    • You should find Civilians or Survivors quickly in Larva Stage if they aren’t leveled. However, you should focus on Level 2 as soon as possible.
    • Start hunting down survivors starting at Level 2. Ki Detection if it is difficult to locate them. If they can be found, then Ki Detection if possible. Ki Detection can be used on cooldown (once every 30 seconds,). If you have luck, you can hunt down all the Survivors in 4-5 minutes. You should pay attention to areas where keys are missing or have not been found.
    • Solar Flare can be used for long-lasting stun to stop an enemy from trying to fight back. This works on everyone around so it's great for those who are being ganged up.
    • After-Image can be used to chase down fleeing survivors or dodge attacks from being ganged on. You get 5 After Images, so after you finish your 4th and 5th, you can attack from it to catch them off guard.
    • Cell is not well equipped for Combat so don't fight. Instead, use your skills to dodge/escape and kill anyone who tries to escape.
    • You can hide your energy by using Ki Control after killing survivors. This will make you disappear much faster from the Survivors' eyes.
    • Do not be afraid to destroy areas. It will cause them to spend time looking for keys, wasting your time hunting them down.
    • After-Image can be used to summon an Escape Time Machine to make it easier to reach it. The after-Image is available for attack once you are close enough.


    Majin Buu Tips

    Buu is a new addition to the Survivors' ranks. Many Survivors aren’t quite sure how they will face him. He is a Hybrid Raider and can do anything depending upon his stage. Level 1 Buu, also known as Spopovich is the strongest start and Level 4 Buu the strongest finish. Level 2 Buu has the weakest start, and Level 3 Buu is only as good as Cells 2-4. Buu isn't a pushover. Survivors won't be able to defeat him on any stage if they don't know how to face him.

    • Ignore Civilians until they are at least 2. Spopovich is extremely strong against survivors, especially because they are low-level.
    • Level 1: Summon Yamu to steal their energy and replenish your bar. You can do this frequently because the cooldown is brief. Spopovich's Ki Blasts are almost always used because Spopovich can spam extremely fast and is as powerful as Tien’s Dodon Ray.
    • If you are low on energy and kill a Survivor; don't waste it. Instead, go revive Buu to get more levels.
    • Focus on Level 3 once you have attained Level 2. Buu is weakest at Level 2, so get out as soon as possible, even if that means finding Civilians.
    • To regain your health if you are in poor health, eat a Survivor/Civilian.
    • Go-Go gum can be used on escaping enemies to keep them down and deal easy damage. Use Ki Blasts on them when they are trapped. A Ki Blast will not break but will for a melee attack or Special.
    • If the enemy fights back. Use Angry Shout. Angry Shout can be used to prevent enemies from being ganged upon.
    • Once you have reached level 3, hunt down your enemies like in Cell. Ki Detection in areas not yet completed. Ill Bomber can be used to hide and hunt for enemies. These can be done immediately after absorbing the Survivors in you to locate them quickly.
    • Start slowly, going from 3-4. To be most effective, wait for almost all Survivors to disappear before you eat the last one. This will prevent escape and keep you safe.
    • Assault Rain is immediately available after you have reached level 4. They won't know where they' re at all, and if they don’t find a cave at the right time, they will be gone.
    • Ill Bomber is a sneaky way to get in on your enemy when they try to escape the escape time machine. It can also draw them to you, hiding in the escape time machines.



    These tips will hopefully help everyone. While the game is still a new game, there are still some things that need to improve. Overall, I think it is a great game and I hope everyone has a great time. I noticed more people complaining about Survivor's weakness so I decided not to post Raider tips for a while to give Survivors a little handicap on learning, hopefully.
    If you notice that I have forgotten something or feel that something should change, please let me know in the comments! 😀


    Written by Athrek

    Here we come to an end for DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivor and Raider Tips and Strategy hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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