DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Items, skills and good combos

DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Items, skills and good combos 1 - steamsplay.com
DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Items, skills and good combos 1 - steamsplay.com

To make it easy to win on killer mains, here’s a scuffed guide. Are you tired of being bullied by your killer mains? Fear no more! It’s Uno time!

Good combos, skills, and items

Rocket launcher-Stun locks are a great distraction tool if you are in pain or need it. Or as a combination extender.

CD drinks-Nerfed by beta takes ages. You can’t use the mid combo, but they are still good. Uses well with senzu beans if the killers slug.

Vegeta’s Gloves- Same as Rocket Launcher- Basically, no special beam

capsules-gacha item

Dragon balls collect all 7 to gain power. Remember to counter often and to PING to group the balls no matter how many you have.

Shield cell – restore shield

key,ball,civilian finder-find stuff

Zeni-used for vending machines

Senzu beans-self/quick rez other players

Grip hook – It is what it sounds and looks like

zipline-you place it down, and it’s a zipline. Shop-decent because it is predictable and travels straight.

Solar flare-blind + stun

smoke bomb- What happened to that pesky survivor?

It pod-stuns any person under it- takes a while for it to call- escapes to any area with it, and when lands, stuns once more- It used to run the killer/engage in fights to land on top of the killer with the stun. The killer can see where your land is.

Launchpad for a big trampoline

trap- A + sign is placed in the sky if a killer mosquito flies into the area.

Emergency escape-TP to random zones ???? It has never been used.

You taunt-bulma, a disturbing taunt in which the killer looks at you in disgust. For your teammates, take aggro

Fake death – What it sounds Yamcha move

Meat shield-Picollo Move – Make a splash for your friends by getting eye frames or body-blocking special killer attacks, such as Cell’s Kamehameha.

gold cloud-Gohan move — be the monkey-king and fly on his golden cloud for a while

kaioken Rush and Assault – This is an escape/engage move against the killer. I wouldn’t recommend it if your goal is to hide. Instead, it makes you glow red so the killer can see where you are.

(I added the combos to another section)

The map(I do not know the beta map.

Where the killer is likely to start- Killers love to start with buildings. This is the city. But I tend to find desert starters. Keep an eye out for Frieza’s ship, the city, and the desert building.

Buu, the 80% of killers. And where they spawn. Here are some things to watch out for. They generate in the egg place. Once form 1 is exhausted, they will choose to fight you survivors or return to the egg to obtain form 2. Use that time to find stuff. DO NOT feign ignorance if he is right there with you.

I don’t know much about escape time machines, but they usually spawn in a city and mushroom place first if there’s not much hope with the blue light and, if there’s not much, all around.

Depending on where you are starting, you will need to look first for certain things. Area D – Save a few civilians before you can get power. If possible, the chests behind buildings or on top of towers, in small houses.

Area C? Mushroom area: Wallkick is a good passive.

Area A? The pond. You can find the pond. Just take a look around the area, I don’t really know the details, but get out here soon; the killer often starts there.

Hint: I suggest securing area X for vending machines or items for late-game use.

The moment you’ve been waiting. HOW TO WIN Here are some combinations I thought of

It’s easy. If you have a good run, grab all the keys and power up before the killer gets formed with your teammates. Remember to PING! COMMUNICATION is key! You need to make calls on the plays. If they don’t listen, you’re screwed. You have two options. You can also take the dragon ball route. Your team should find at least 2 dragon balls. DO NOT BE GREEDY This applies to everyone. Once you have collected all the dragon balls, give them to your friends. They should be scattered. You can scatter them if the person holding them all dies. If you’re using a super spirit bomb, use it from 3. Use your teammates as bait and meat shields in the fight to land it. However, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, despite the name. You can still help even if you don’t have the proper form! Use items! Stall! Stall! Don’t forget to use those pesky Senzu Bean Saves during battle. The drinks might be nerfed. But senzu bean has potential. One more thing. Form 1-2: If you meet the killer, get away from him or you will die. You should time your dodges so that you do some damage while running. However, DODGE is your primary job early on. DODGE AND RUN! Have fun, and don’t get too caught! You can beat up those buu mains! I’ve seen them way too often lately. You can also find some great combos of skills and experience that will make you a killer.

Buu: Almost every game

Frieza: next on the list

Cell: I kind of miss him now.

My combo -escape quick escape combo: wall kick, ki sens, guard up Passive of your choice Actives are grapple, trampoline, and blind. You can also summon the trampoline blind to summon the killer grapple. Kaiokening away is not necessary, I use the Kaoken mainly for engaging the enemy.

Untested Toxic Land on Killer Combination: Sayan pod -smoke blind, kaioken assess/trap

(Can you see where I’m going?”)

Zoom Zoom combo -Grapple, oolong Rocket, trampoline and kaioken

Kaioken, a rocket for offense or mobility. This will give you great distances and heights.


Written by KenDaVamp

This is all for DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Items, skills and good combos hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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