Dorfromantik The Perfect Tile Guide

Dorfromantik The Perfect Tile Guide 1 -
Dorfromantik The Perfect Tile Guide 1 -
In Dorfromantik you can gain the Perfect-Status for a Tile, if all 6 adjacent borders match perfectly to the neighbouring Tile.

Woodland to woodland, gra*s to gra*s, village to village, water to water, railroad to railroad, field to field – you get the idea …

You get +60 points for a “Perfect” and also one extra Tile to your pile!
You get the points rewarded, when you close the last border of a Tile.

An easy way to get perfect matches are field and woodland tiles. They are often mixed with only gra*sland. Just turn the Tile respectively.

See my example of a Perfect-Tile here:

(I wrote this little guide because I was searching how to fulfill the “Perfectionist” achievement and had not found a detailed answer. Sometimes wondering why I got 60 perfect points at random situations I puzzled it out =)

Edit: Open-Water and Water-Train-Station are no Jokers for the Perfect-Status. See comment below.


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