DOOM Eternal Weapon Tips and Tricks + Custom Key Bindings Guide

DOOM Eternal Weapon Tips and Tricks + Custom Key Bindings Guide 1 -
DOOM Eternal Weapon Tips and Tricks + Custom Key Bindings Guide 1 -

This guide will teach you some information that may or may not help you while playing DOOM Eternal, this guide is mostly meant for newer players who play on I’m too young to die, and Hurt Me Plenty

And please do note that this guide is a work-in-progress


Weapons, and how to use them efficiently

So, you’ve gotten all or most of the weapons, but you want to know how to use them as effectively to max out dps as much as possible,You will want to do something called “Quick Switching” do know that this will require some practice, but once you get it down, it becomes muscle memory, now, all you gotta do is fire your weapon and immediately switch to another weapon. A good starting Quick Switch combo that even was my first one, was the Super Shotgun (SSG) Ballista combo, it is really easy to do, and is really nice to use against Marauders, Ideally you’ll want the rune that allows you to switch you weapons faster. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to only switch between single-firing weapons, because if you quick switch from some thing like the rocket launcher, then immediately the plasma gun and start firing, then try to switch to another weapon it will be too slow, so you’ll want to wait for the firing to stabilize before switching again. You can also use mods in your Quick Switch combos, one popular combo to use is Precision Bolt (PB) Rocket launcher combo, mainly known as the PB-Rocket combo, this combo uses the Precision Bolt mod of the Heavy Cannon, and the Rocket Launcher, now this combo may be tricky to do at first, but what you need to do is pull out the Heavy Cannon first, right click, then immediately after press left click, important note, the zoom doesn’t have to be activated in order for it to fire, this means you can pretty much quick scope,

Here is a good video showcasing pretty much all Quick Switching combos, and how to do them:

YouTube player

Custom Key Bindings (Very important)

THIS SECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT SKIP. Key bindings are very important when it comes to a game like DOOM Eternal. Now, lets be honest the game’s original bindings aren’t very comfortable when it comes to Quick Switching, or doing anything else, which is why I advise you to make your own bindings to your own personal preferences, important note:it may be ideal to make your bindings to where quick switching, and other actions will be much easier for you to do.

My bindings are down below:

Shotgun: 1

Heavy Cannon: E

Plasma gun: 5

Rocket Launcher: Q

SSG: 3

Balista: 2

Chaingun: 4

BFG/Unmaker: 6

Dash: shift

Equipment Switch: Left CTRL

Grenade/Ice bomb: R

Flame Belch: T

Chainsaw: C

Crucible: V

Melee/Interact: F

Weapon Mods, quench your bloodlust (WIP)

So, you want to know which weapon mods to use? Mods are very important when it comes to the gameplay, they’re pretty much essential, with them you can do a boat load of damage, wipe out groups of enemies, destroy weakpoints, stun enemies, and more! Use whatever mod suits your playstyle best. There is no bad mod in this game, they are good for different situations, and as I said earlier, play styles, so go ahead and experiment with mods, who knows, maybe there is that one mod which will help you by a large amount, Such as with the Heat Blast mod for the Plasma Gun, you can build up the charge, then when it is maxed out, run up to a demon like a Mancubus, or Revenanat, etc, then right click, then all their weakpoints are destroyed, or you can go a different approach and use the Microwave beam, in the middle of your quickswitching combos, switch to the plasma gun the stun the demon, putting them in place for a second.

Or the Rocket launcher, I get a lot of hate from this, but I main the Remote mod, it just fits my play style more, with that when you fire a rocket and detonate it, it does decent damage and stuns any demons around it, giving you some room to breath, it is quite slow however, do do keep that in mind, there is also the lock on mod, which can one shot most of the heavy demons, ore put others in a glory kill state with on go.

Written by ^1Ravencap0807

Here we come to an end for DOOM Eternal Weapon Tips and Tricks + Custom Key Bindings Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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