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Full Guide on Hard Mode


Starting the Game

Choose your difficulty. 

  • Easy Mode: no explanation 
  • Regular Mode: no explanation 
  • Hard Mode: No special or new content but an extra Steam Achievement. Stats are lowered: HP/MP/AGI 90%, ATK/DEF/MAT/MDEF 75%, Luck -25




Captain Ailfred’s Camp

Items: Tent (crate), 3x First Aid Kit (open crate) x2, Dispel Herb & Stimulant (command tent), Simple Helm (command tent) 
Reprimand the soldier in civil. 
The other soldiers will give you tipps: 
Tundra Orcs are weak to Thrusting Attacks but resist Piercing Attacks. 
Use different types of attacks on the monsters to unlock their weaknesses. 
All attack types earn their own EXP (see save screen) and unlock skills. 
You can rest for 5 x (nights rested) Talents in the villages. 
Knocked out party members can revive at inns or with stimulants and only get a small portion of the EXP. 
Ferocious Monster Stat Changes: HP: 200%, AGI: 150%, all other Stats: 120%, +50 EXP after the battle for all monsters! 


Items: First Aid Kit, Stimulant, Simple Sling, First Aid Kit & Stimulant & Dispel Herb (crate, School of Combat), 85 Talents (jar, inn), Simple Speed Boots, First Aid Kit (jar), Dispel Herb 
Talk to the Abeyan at the tent and you will “buy” a Dispel Herb. 
Buy the Schism “Worldmap” for 50 Talents. 
At the School of Combat you can learn the “Sling” and “Greataxe” for 100 Talents each. 
You can rest for 10 Talents in the inn. 
Enter the item shop to proceed and you obtain 5 First Aid Kits, 2 Stimulants, 2 Dispel Herbs and a Tent. 
You unlock “Ailfred’s Journal”. 

Thalden Cave

Items (level 1): Stimulant, Simple Spear, Simple Crossbow, Stimulant, Dispel Herb x2, Simple Circlet, 3x First Aid Kit x2, Simple Crampons, Simple Cap, Chemist’s Gloves 
Items (level 2): Simple Buckler, 3x First Aid Kit x2, 3x Stimulant, Dispel Herb, Tent, Simple Breastplate 
Listen to the soldier. High attacks are not effective! 
Reach level 2. 
During your first Boss Challenge, you can only lose. 
The 2nd soldier suggest to try Side attacks. 
You can use a tent at the magic circle. 
I recommend to let Biggs (Wedge can use “Side”) tend the wounded. Instead you will get Orson as a 4th party member. 
Boss Sodiodon: try to exploit the weakness of Sodiodon. We already know that “High” is not effective but “Side” Attacks might work. The Boss attacks twice per turn. It will also resist “Ranged”. 
You unlock the Achievement “The Cockroach” and Wedge will follow Orson. 
Don’t forget to enter the Secret Cave Room to gather Simple Great Axe, Simple Crossbow (offhand) and Simple Tower Shield. 
You can either skip to the entrance or walk back. 

Captain Ailfred’s Camp

Biggs and Wedge are back to report… 
The camp will vanish after you finish your quest. 


Enter the item shop. Head north. 


Items (city): First Aid Kit (barrel), Ether (jar), Dispel Herb (jar), 94 Talents (jar, pub), First Aid Kit (closet, inn), 130 Talents (jar, School of Combat), 152 Talents (barrel), Stimulant (jar, weapon shop) 
Items (castle): First Aid Kit (jar, Throughway right), Stimulant x2, Simple Pauldrons, Ether (barrel, east building), Healing Potion (Training area), First Aid Kit, Simple Brigandine, Simple Armored Boots, Simple Sword (crate, Dungeon), Rage Potion (crate, dungeon), 4x First Aid Kit (barrel, dungeon), Simple Sword, Simple Helm, 
Ailfred “buys” a magical “Simple Strength Belt”. 
Play the piano in the pub (and later castle). 
The item shop has a discount to military personell. 
The School of Combat will teach you “Whip” and “Staves” for 100 Talents each. 
Currently only Shakar can learn “Whip”. 
But the First Aid Kits are still cheaper at the Abeyan shop. 
An Abeyan family is missing the father who went fishing. 
You can now accept bounties, but don’t bite more than you can chew as the cancellation fee will be 300 Talents. On Regular Mode you can compare the average party level to the recommeded levels. 
As your party currently only has 2 members, only the first 2 bounties are recommended. 
Your target will be marked with glitters. 
Available Monster Hunter Bounties: 

  • Rec. Level 4 – Orc War Band: South of Thalden. Follow the glitters and the catch them. Get rid of the healer first. Reward 10 Tents. 
  • Rec. Level – Juvenile Roc: SE of Vooresh. Use Ranged Weapons or Reach. Reward: Fine Crossbow and Major Elixir. 
  • Rec. Level 32 – Undying Shoggoth

Currently not available locations: Locked house (western city), West Tower. 
Talk to the soldier guarding the throne room once you are prepared. 
Head to the dungeon. 
Now you can enter the West Tower and gather Stimulant, Dispel Herb (barrel), Simple Whip and Simple Platemail. 
In the dungeon Habar and Niomi will join the party. 
Get out and find the north gate. 

Prologue Part 2


Mount Elban

Items: Simple Bow, Simple Buckler, 3x First Aid Kit x4, Ether x3, Minor Elixir, Simple Dagger (offhand), Simple Cape, Dispel Herb & Simple Speed Boots (secret passage), Simple Shirt, Simple Kama 
Items (tunnel 2): 3x First Aid Kit x3, Simple Boots of Health, Ether x4, Dispel Herb & Tent (crack), Rage Potion, Simple Focus Crystal, Wind Bangle (equip it on your healer!), 287 Talents, Dispel Herb 
Right below the Simple Cape chest you can glimps a secret passage. 
In a crack of tunnel 2 you can use a tent at the magic circle. 
I recommend an average level of 10 for the next boss on hard mode. 
With level 8 Habar learns a AoE Heal. 
On the next map get the items before you head further west. 
Listen to the conversation and note the weakness are fire, ground, ranged and reach. Habar will heal the party. Take the Simple Nullmagic Mantle before you engage 
Boss Roc: Other weaknesses are water and lightning. Don’t try to use the Crossbow – Bola, the Roc is immune to Trip attacks. The boss attacks twice and you have bad luck when it cast his triple wind attack twice. 

ACT 1 “Exiled”


Mount Elban – Part 2

Items: Major Elixir 
Items (Tunnel 3): Ether, Fine Cap, Dispel Herb, Simple Crampons, 3x First Aid Kit, Stimulant 
Items (Tunnel 4): Dispel Herb, Simple Greaves, 3x First Aid Kit, Ether, Cryophoenix Feather 
Items (final cave): Fine Buckler 
On your way down you obtain “Habar’s Circle of Elements”. 
With this you can also check on negative status effects. 

Cecil’s Forge

Items: Fine Spear, Major Elixir (clock) 
Just talk to Cecil and remember to return once you find a rare weapon/material. 


Time to stealth. 
Take the Simple Circlet, 238 Talents (barrel), First Aid Kit (jar) and talk to your party before you begin stalking. 
Keep to the north. After the pub is an Ether in a jar and another one in the jar behind the Soldier next to the armor shop. 
Enter the armor shop. 
Try to enter a shop and then head to the graveyard. 
Before you talk to the grieving NPC there, check the other locations. 
A night in the inn costs 20 Talents. 
Train in Swords and Rods for 100 Talents each and buy new weapons. 
Play the piano in the pub and find the Fine Sling (jar) and Ether. 
The east house is still locked. 
Enter the graveyard. 
Now talk again to the NPCs in town. 
The kid will tell you about the ice cave west of the ice lake. 
Other tipps: no water, only ice (pub), Ornate Ice Spear and free rest once after the battle (inn). 
Find the Ice Cave by following the western shore of the ice lake. 

Lake Zeben

Items (outer): Ice Bangle (give it to Habar!), Simple Tunic, Healing Potion, Simple Greaves, Ether, Fine Rod, Psychic Bangle, Simple Evasion Cloak, Simple Strength Belt 
Items (inner): Stimulant, Ether, Simple Monk Bracers, Simple Boots of Health, Simple Focus Crystal, Fine Breastplate 
Remember that ice based monsters are weak to wind (and ground) and water based monsters weak to lightning. For the latter try Physic or Poison. 
Right when you reach the inner cave, use a tent. 
Find and equip the Ice Spear! 
Boss Ice Angler: Weak to wind, water, ground lightning, thrust and high. Resists ice and is totally beatable with party level 11-12 on hard mode. 
You can skip to the entrance. The cave will collapse!!! 


Beforeyou rest in the inn: 
Restock on First Aid Kits, Stimulants and Tents and sell your loot for cash as you won’t be able to sell your loot at the next shopping opportunity. 
Also enter the formerly locked house to find the Simple Cape. 
You will only rest for free if you have talked to the innkeeper before your quest! 

ACT 1 “Exiled” Part 2


Vooresh Controlled Shipyard

You unlock the Achievement “So Green”. 

Northern Fort

Just witness the event. 
check the map for your location. 

Aldair Cave

NW of the Shipyard. 
Items: Ether, Simple Tunic, Fine Bow, Aggro Bracelet 

Abeyan Camp

Right before the great wall. 
Items: Fine Robe, Tent, Fire Bangle, 
Talk to the Abeyan at the eastern tent. 
You can restock on items now but no selling. 
Enter the Great Wall. 
Now you have the only chance to save the Abeyans! 
If you don’t want to help them, skip to the Kairon Checkpoint. 
Tell the female Abeyan in the Camp what you will do now. 

Vooresh Controlled Shipyard

Items: 37 Talents (crate on deck), Simple Mage Cowl, Ground Bangle, Simple Fencer’s Bracers 
Those Vooresh Sailors might drop Fine Rapier (but noone can equip it currently). 
Take the Key under deck and enter the captain’s room. 
Boss Ship Captain: resists thrust and Martial Arts but is weak to Side until he changes form. 
This form is at least weak to Martial Arts (Niomi defeated him with Suplex, the others where dead). 
Items (docks): Ether (barrel), Simple Bracers, Simple Pauldrons, Rage Potion, 319 Talents, Simple Evasion Boots, Fine Sword 

Northern Fort

Items (outside): Fine Shirt, Fine Hat, Fine Shield, Ether (well) 
Items (barracks): Tent, 648 Talents, Fine Sling (offhand), Simple Attacking Boots, Enchanted Kama 
Items (prison): Potion of Life 
After the first battle, loot the fort. 
Enter the bigger barracks and survive 2 waves of Vooresh Soldiers, Sailors and Veterans. 
Find the Northern Base Prison Key. 
Enter the Prison and you unlock the Achievement “The Honorable Thing”. 

Abeyan Camp

Talk to the reunited family and obtain the Ground Bangle and Simple Evasion Cloak. 
Now enter the great wall again. 

Kairon Checkpoint (great wall)

If you have not helped the Abeyans, you will enter without problems. 
If you have helped the Abeyans, you will have 3 options: Fight them (consequences), Run for it (consequences) or give them your remaining Talents (remember that you can’t sleep in the villages then). 
The consequences are bounty hunters on the worldmap in the Karion area. Those are faster than your party and on Hard mode not recommended. 

Aldair Cave 2

Items: Rage Potion, 257 Talents, Fine Tower Shield, Healing Potion 


Items: Healing Potion, Ferocious Lure, Potent Rage Potion (barrel, slum hut), Ether (bucket, combat school), Simple Throwing Axe, Minor Elixir (clock, inn), 2x Ether (barrel, inn), 250 Talents (balcony of the inn), 
Notice the wanted posters. 
Rumour: Temple in Wiloin Woods. 
Talk to the old woman at the food stall (where did she hide that money???). 
Sell your spoils at the item shop, so that you can go shopping (the items keep for last). 
Buy the Poison Bangle for 500 Talents from the Abeyan. 
In the Abeyan Combat School you can learn Throwing Axes and Bows for 100 Talents each. 
Another Abeyan sells accessories. 
A night in the inn costs 50 Talents. 
Play the Piano in the inn and talk to the nun to obtain the Aldair Church Key (side quest). 
Talk to the Constable in the Guardhouse to start the “Investigation of the Lester Mansion”. 

Rat Infestment

Enter the Aldair Church (the piano has no event). 
Rest in the inn for healing. 

  1. Start with the SW stairs, defeat the rats and step on the button. 
  2. Take the SE stairs and step on the button. 
  3. Take the N stairs, defeat the rats and step on the button. 
  4. Take the SW stairs, defeat the rats, take the Simple Evasion Boots and step on the button. 
  5. Take the SE stairs and step on the button. 
  6. Take the SW stairs, take the Minor Elixir, pull the lever and step on the button. 
  7. Take the SE stairs, defeat the rats and step on the button. 
  8. Take the SW stairs, defeat the rats, step on the button and take the Fine Shirt. 
  9. Take the SE stairs, step on the button and ignore the lever. 
  10. Take the N stairs and step on the button. 
  11. Take the SW stairs, defeat the last rats and take the Fine Strength Belt. 
  12. Report to the nun and obtain Fine Boots of Health and Major Elixir.

Now you can learn more about the religion in the church. 
You cannot enter the crypt anymore. 

Lester Mansion

4500 (3000 corrected by the daugther) Talents were stolen from the bedroom. 
No visible break in clues. 
Please (don’t) steal the Minor Elixir (clock), play the piano and go upstairs. 
Check the left window by the stairs and the treasures. 
Enter the east bedroom and (don’t) steal another Minor Elixir (clock) and open all closets. 
Enter the west bedroom and find the hidden compartment. 
Report to the Constable and obtain 100 Talents. 
Now Xen’s wanted reward is doubled. 
Talk to the Constable once you are prepared. 
Boss Mercenaries: Both are weak to Trip and She also to Martial Arts. He might drop a Fine Sword. 
Boss War Hounds and Mercenary: You beginn fully healed and can switch the formation before the battle so have Niomi as reserve (no elemental weakness). Celeste should look up the weaknesses and then you should act accordingly. 

ACT 2 “The Road to Peace”


Wilton Woods

Items: Fine Staff, Minor Elixir, Whump Stone, Simple Attacking Boots, Fine Brigandine, Healing Potion, 422 Talents, Ferocious Lure, Fine Breastplate, Disengage Bracelet, Simple Monk Bracers 
Listen to the tactic against Shriekers: weak to poison, wind, fire and ice. 
Currently the best party setup is Aifred/Shakar + Celeste + Habar + Niomi. So you will have 2 damage dealers, 2 weakness scanners, 2 mages and 1 healer. 
I recommend to have Celeste and Habar in the active party as often as possible. 
Reach the roadsign and head to the dead end first. 
Reach the 2nd roadsign and head to the dead end again. 

Earth Temple

Items (spring): Sonic Bangle, Simple Nullmagic Mantle 
Items (map 2): Minor Elixir, 5x First Aid Kit, Fine Hat, Healing Potion x2, Fine Whip (offhand), Stimulant 
Items (NE room): Fine Great Axe, Ether, Fine Sling, Fine Scale Mail, Fine Greaves 
Items (SE room): Fine Focus Crystal, Stimulant, Ether, Fine Throwing Axe, Fine Robes 
Items (SW room): Healing Potion, Fine Crampons, Potent Rage Potion, Dispel Herb, Fine Speed Boots, Tent, Ether 
Items (NW room): Simple Augment Sigil, 3x Stimulant, 5x First Aid Kit 
Items (2nd floor): Stimulant, Fine Strength Belt, Simple Regen Ring 
The spring will heal the MP of the party – this dungeon is a good grinding spot. 
Take the Red Sphere and use it at the door. 
Find the Green Sphere in the NE room. 
Put the Sphere into the one of the other 3 pedestals, best clockwise and find the other green spheres. 
You can use a Tent at the NW room. 
Put all 5 green spheres on the pedestals infront of the red door. 
Now insert the Blue Sphere into the door. 
Equip the Ground Staff and check the formation! 
Boss Shrieker Baron: Investigate its weaknesses and act accordingly. But Poison will most likely not work. Guard when told! The weaknesses won’t change (a little glitch). 
Escape in time or GAME OVER. You cannot flee out of battle, so use a Rage Potion to get enough rage for Cleave! 

Wilton Woods

Items: Fine Crossbow (offhand) 
Progress further east. 


Items: 3x Healing Potion (jar), Fine Throwing Axe (offhand), Potent Ether (well), Potent Rage Potion (jar), Water Bangle, 265 Talents (jar), Tent (crate), 2x First Aid Kit (barrel), Ether (jar, combat school), 300 Talents (jar, combat school), Minor Elixr (clock, combat school) x2, Simple Augment Sigil, 744 Talents, 97 Talents (barrel, storage), Fine Circlet, Simple Fencer’s Bracers, Tent (barrel) 
An Abeyan will sell a Rage Belt for 1500 Talents. 
Talk to the NPC on the pier and collect 3 Freshwater Crododile Teeth. 
They will attack in the Rust Cave (?) to the west or when you sail a small boat on the rivers. 
In the Combat School you can learn the Greatsword and Spear for 100 Talents each. 
Play the Piano. 
Talk to the old woman beneath the storage until she tells you about the lonely island somewhere between Kairon and Hess-erabi. The Wiggle-Wiggle man will train your Side-Attack for Elixirs. 
Enter the inn to proceed. 
You can enter the pub and talk to the other guests, but you have to rest for 60 Talents. 
Now you have to get along without your main healer. 
Talk to the Abeyans. 

Abeyan Prison

Items (start area): 5x First Aid Kit x3, 3x Stimulant x2, 3x Dispel Herb, Poison Bangle, Fine Kama, Fine Bracers 
Items (3rd area): Potent Ether, Fine Greatsword, Healing Potion x2, Fine Dagger, Fine Platemail, Fine Evasion Boots 
Items (4th area): Fine Attacking Boots, Healing Potion, Masterwork Shield, Stimulant, Fine Tunic, Tent 
You will need another Key to open the remaining cells in the starting area. 
Defeat the guard and obtain the Abeyan Prison Key. 
Free the Prisoners and obtain Fine Cap, the Fine Strength Belt and you can open the last chests with the 3x Ethers and Aegis Ring. 
Use a Tent and proceed. 
Free the next Abeyan and hurry further. 
Free all other Abeyans and obtain a Fine Mage Cowl. 
Near the exit are 2 doors: left is a Tent location and right is the boss. 
Boss Orson, Vooresh Lieutenant and Vooresh Soldier: Let Celeste explore the weaknesses and depending on who has the Chemist Gloves equiped heal. Orson will escape again. 
Take the Fine Pauldrons and use another tent. Don’t forget to change your formation. 
Proceed to the south and Prefect Trellic will “join” the party. 
Magic is temporarily disabled. 
The next day you can still enter the Abeyan Prison if you forgot something. 

ACT 2 “The Road to Peace” Part 2


Fort Abel

Follow the escort. 


Prepare and then enter the pub and investigate the bookshelf. 
Talk to Trellic to proceed. 
Outside the town you will receive a small boat. 
Remember to hunt Freshwater Crocodiles for their teeth! But they are strong and can one-hit-kill a level 20 party member on hard mode. 

Rust Cave

Items (entrance): Crocodile Tooth, Fine Greaves, Seeker Pelt, Fine Rapier 
Items (map 2): Sahuagin Fin, Ferocious Lure, Sahuagin Scales, Major Elixir, Potent Rage Potion 
Items (map 3): Potent Ether, Rust Beast Claw 
Use the tent area on map 3. 

Rust Temple

Items (map 1): Fine Armored Boots, Potent Ether, Masterwork Kama (offhand), Minor Elixir, Fine Sai, Potent Rage Potion, Healing Potion, Potent Healing Potion 
Items (map 2): Masterwork Robes, Masterwork Sword, Stimulant, Ether x2, Dispel Herb, Potion of Life, 3x First Aid Kit, Minor Elixir 
Items (map 3): Ether, Masterwork Throwing Axe, Healing Potion, Minor Elixir, Tent, Rage Potion, Potent Rage Potion, Perfect Rage Potion, Stimulant, Battlemage Robes, Ninja Garb, Karate Gi 
Watch out for traps and disable then from the tile infront with Shakar. Only spike traps can’t be disabled. 
Disabled Traps (map 1): 4 
Disabled Traps (map 2): 5 
Disabled Traps (map 3): 1 
At map 2 ignore the big stairs and go further north to gather Potent Ether, Masterwork Rod and Masterwork Hat. 
Use a tent after the mural and put Niomi into the reserve. 
Boss Rust Beast Queen: Probe its weaknesses and attack accordingly. 
Use a tent and then you can either skip back to the temple entrance or cave entrance. 
Exit the cave to the west. 
Return to your boat. 


Get your reward from the NPC at the pier (Crocodile Teeth), a Lesser Sonic Gem. 
Restock and then rest in the inn. 
Talk to Prefect Trellic and obtain a Masterwork Mage Cowl. 


Items (town): Major Elixir (clock, combat school, 2nd floor), Masterwork Breastplate, Masterwork Crossbow (cupboard, combat school, basement), Potent Ether (barrel), Pointy Hat (church), Healing Potion (jar), Major Elixir, 238 Talents (barrel), Stimulant (jar, hunter guild), Tent (cupboard, musican’s) 
In the Combat School you can learn the Kama, Flails and Rapiers for 250 Talents each. 
Talk to the NPC next to the jewellery shop to obtain a Simple Mage Ring. 
At the Abeyan Camp you can purchase a Ring of Aggression for 1500 Talents. 
Another one has a secret Magic shop. 
Bounty Hunting 

  • Rec. Level 18 – Overgrown Devourer: Near Wilton Woods. Reward: Lesser Poison Gem. The first clue is at the western end of the Abel Wall! The battle is on the first map when you enter the Wilton Woods. Weak to Low and Fire! Don’t underestimate it! 
  • Rec. Level 20 – Greater Devil: Somewhere in Kairon (Combat School, Item Shop, Inn). Reward Lesser Lightning Gem. 
  • Rec. Level 25 – Giga Wump: in a lake west of Abel. Reward: Claymore. It is too strone for a similar levelled party on Hard Mode as it has a Quadra-Attack and strong AoE and those twice per turn. 

Enter the church to start a side quest. Do this as the last thing before you enter the pub. 

The Stolen Book Investigation

Start in the church. 
The Cleaning Girl Dana: lives above the combat school. Check the floor first and then ask Dana all question from top to bottom. 
The Musican Matt: SW corner of the city. First check the house, especially the beds. You can ask all questions to the girl and her mother. Don’t ask the father about the book – or he won’t cooperate anymore (leave if for last). 
The Abeyan Margaret: a nun has witnessed her at night near the church. Lives in the camp (ist the mother). Ask her the last question last! 
Note: Disable the AutoSave option!!! (this won’t be saved and is active each time you start the game) 
Now you have two real options. Both will earn you an achievement, but you only can make one choice. 

  • It was Matt, the violonist = Fine Monk Bracers, Achievement “Moral over Truth” 
  • It was Dana the Cleaner = There is no evidence and prior suspections were all cleared. 
  • It was Margaret the Abeyan = Choose this for the Achievement “Truth over Moral” 
  • It was Matt and Dana = Fine Monk Bracers 
  • It was Matt and Margaret = Fine Monk Bracers, Masterwork Greatsword, 1000 Talents, Achievement “Truth over Moral” and later a mini side quest. 
  • It was Dana and Margaret = Fine Monk Bracers

To get your reward it is best to travel back to Abel and return or progess the story. 
For returning the Holy Book to the Priest you obtain 10 Ethers. 
Mini Side Quest: Talk to the little, orphaned Abeyan and give him 10, 100 or 1000 Talents (best is the last option). 

ACT 2 “The Road to Peace” Part 3



Enter the pub and find your contact. 
Last chance to stock up items before the party is split. 
The battles will be a bit more difficult. 

Kairon Dashi Camp – Ailfred’s party

Travel per boat the to the end of the east river. 
The camp is a bit further north. 
The Daishi Riders are weak to Trip! 

Kairon Dashi Camp – Shakar’s party

Walk through the former checkpoint west of Kairon, visit Pada and then go further NW. 


Items: 98 Talents (crate), 3x Healing Potion (well), Tent (jar, 2nd floor) 
A night in the shop/inn will cost 40 Talents (after the next events the costs will be halved). 

Kairon Dashi Camp

Without a healer that will be tough. One of them should wear the Chemist Gloves for better healing effects of First Aid Kits. 
Start going back. 


Meet up in the inn. 
Check your formation and report in the pub. 
Last chance to finish a started bounty! 


Report to Prefect Trellic… 

Monsters, Physical Skills, Character Skills

Currently in progress. 
Links will be added later. 


The Monster list will contain all Monsters, where no or only one of the “scanners” is in party. 
After Celeste has joined the party, only Monsters where one of the “scanner” is missing, are added. 

Physical Skills

Will contain the levels of the weapon based skills (not combat school). 

Character Skills

Will contain the skills and magic learned by levelling up. 
This should help to figure out a level you need to beat some bosses. 

Written by Firefly130984

Here we come to an end for Divided Reigns Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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