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Basics of Character Professions

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The Basics
1 – Each Character is endowed with 1 profession. You can unlock it and choose to have them become Friendship Level 2.
2 – A character who follows you increases the chance of getting double items for each Friendship Level he/she attains in the 1 Profession he/she selected at Level 2. For example, gardening offers a chance to get +1 crop for every crop you harvest. This extra harvest will spawn at a free cell close to the one you just harvested.
3 – Characters that don't follow you will still increase the chance of getting double items per every Friendship Level for each Character that has the same Profession as the one that follows you. If you have a follower or non-follower in Gardening, your chances of getting double the items are higher than if you had only one.
4 – This basically says that the Profession(or) you love the most should match the Professions you choose to use for every character at Level 2 in order to have the highest chance of getting double the items in that Profession. You don't have to fish, but you want to give your characters the opportunity to choose your preferred Profession.
5 – Each Profession includes a set of items that fit into the category. Some of these items fall under the category. Here is the table for each profession.

Profession 1 eligible object 2 eligible objects 1 NON-eligible NON-eligible 2 3 Time requirements for a profession General item value
Foraging Any Fruit Tree Any Fruit Bush Any Flower Any Wood Night Thorns Very fast Average
Gardening Any Crop Any Fruit Tree Any Fruit Bush Any Flower Extremely slow Average
Fishing Any Fish Slow Very high
Digging Any Digging item () Slow Extremely low
Mining Any Mining item Fast High

As can be seen, Foraging & Gardening have an odd distribution of objects while the other three have a set of obvious objects to generate the potential for double items.
You may also find that some Professions take longer to yield items. This makes them less desirable unless you are determined to do them. Here is my advice about each Profession.
A.) A.)
This Profession has access to items immediately for the double chance. Harvesting items is fast and easy, as neither Bushes nor Fruit Trees require watering. You don't have to wait for the trees and bushes to grow again until you have harvested them all.
The average price of these items is lower than Crops. To place each Bush and Fruit Free within proximity, use the " Furniture” menu. They can be grown in any Biome. You can collect all of them at one central location.
If you unlock a Biome, and certain items are blocking your path towards a Fruit Tree/ Bush, you can still transfer them from the "Furniture” menu.
B.) Gardening, Profession choice Rating: 4/10
Gardening is the most time-consuming task to yield double-chance items. Late-game Crops take about two hours to grow and require you to wait with nothing to do. Planting and watering the crops can take up a lot of your precious time.
If you are determined to grow money by gardening, this profession is not for you. Cooking does not allow you to create food in stackeds. This means that you will only be looking at more Crops for Goofys stalls and more products to quickly clutter up your minimal inventory space.
C.) Fishing Profession Choice Rating: 7.10
Fishing requires a lot of time. Yet, double Fish yields double the money and is very valuable. Fishing Spots are created in an ongoing fashion so you will never run short of spots to practice this Profession. If you enjoy the Fishing minigame, you should choose this Profession. If you don't, you should avoid getting it on any 1 Character.
D.) Mining, Profession choice Rating : 10/10
Mining is the clear winner in Dreamlight Valley's Profession System. In addition to standard Gems and other minerals, there are also Shiny Gems. These give you another set of items that have great value for double the chance. Mining spots can be generated continuously, so there is no stopping you from doing this Profession whenever it suits you.
This Profession should be selected at least once in your save unless you hate Mining.
E.) Digging Profession Choice Rating: 1/10
Pebbles, pebbles, and other digging items make you less money than the ones that are mine. Digging takes twice as long as planting Crops and Gardening, but you don't need to wait for items grow to have double the chance of success.
I did not find that Coins or Dream Shards found while digging with a character with the Profession were given a double chance. This means that this could be the worst Profession. This is not the Profession to choose if you're absolutely determined to dig.
Placing a building on top will allow you to "un-dig" all the holes you have already dug. These spots will be re-diged by the building, which will flatten the ground.
I hope you found this little guide helpful.


Written by Schutzengel

Here we come to an end for Disney Dreamlight Valley Character Professions Detailed Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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