DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries 1 -
DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries 1 -

Devour tips and tricks that will help you while playing the game!

Before playing

First of all.

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content. – []

If you want or have already purchased, be aware that the game contains jumpscares (you can disable the scream in game settings if you have heart problems or something).

Also on “The Inn” map you can activate the anti-arachnophobia option if you want.

Difficulty variation & Batteries

You may have noticed that the game have 3 types of difficulties.

– Easy

– Hard

– Nightmare

The main differences beetween them are:

  • In Easy mode, your UV flashlight has maximum capacity and fast recharge.
  • In Hard mode, your UV flashlight has medium capacity and slower recharge.
  • In Nightmare mode, you have no UV flashlight.

For that, you can use Batteries, that will give an additional bonus UV amount. They are spread out across all maps and will respawn once used by a player.

  • Normal difficulty: 160% from 100% – 4 spawn at a time
  • Hard difficulty: 100% from 60% – 3 spawn at a time
  • Nightmare difficulty: 60% from 0% – 2 spawn at a time

Batteries will be VERY useful in Nightmare mode for stunning Azazel, since you don’t have UV light.

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Difficulty variation & Batteries - 460D844

Important Things

There are some things you’ll probably want to know that the game doesn’t tell you.

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Important Things - 74E73CF

In case you come face to face with Azazel before starting the ritual, don’t worry, he won’t attack you, unless you stare him for too long.

(actually there is a really small chance that he just starts hunting even not staring them)

Medkits, Batteries, Ritual Items (like hay, plates of food) keeps respawning after using them, so don’t be scared of using them if you need.

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Important Things - 6A5DB6E

The bonfire will never go out, once you light it, it will stay on fire until you burn a goat.

Always remember checking every door, cage, trash bin, in the map, because it will be a pain to look for a key while being hunted.

The keys will only appear after making the starting event, and they appear at not completely random places.

Keep in mind that keys can spawn behind locked doors.

You will remember the name of each room over time since they are simple names.

Azazel cannot be stunned with red eyes (I will explain how this works later).

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Important Things - 7F79D87

You can kill the crawling demons with UV flashlight, but in Nightmare mode I really recommend just passing by them.

Azazel isn’t attracted by walking noises.

General tips

Tips that can be used in every map.

  • Sprinting. DEVOUR has no stamina limit, so you can hold sprint the whole game if you want.
  • Relocating Medkits. Whenever I find a medkit in a bad/hard place to reach, I usually take it to a more accessible place.
  • Ritual Items. You have enough time to get the 10 ritual items before the hunt start, make sure you got the 10 fuel, fuses ready for use.
  • Running from Azazel. With the Escapist perk you can run fast enough to escape Anna and Molly until 7/10 sacrifices. After that she will get really fast and agressive. For Zara, she gets really mad at 8/10.
  • Starting with half ritual items. Every map has its own way of starting the game 5/10 (only works with 4 players) I will explain how to do them later.
  • Starting Hunts. Azazel starts yelling when starting hunts, and it sounds like they are right next to you, most of the times they aren’t. You can tell if Azazel is close by your flashlight.
  • Sacrificing yourself. When Azazel catches you, it takes a long time to take you to a random place, after which he will pacify for a period of time or until you sacrifice an item. The period of time scales depending how many ritual items you sacrificed. (at 9/10 it will instantly start hunting again).
  • Key Spawns. Key Spawns have low variety of places, the more you play the more used you get to them. The only thing that changes A LOT is which door it opens, but that’s no big deal.
  • Prioritize what is far. It’s really important in the beggining, getting the distant goats, rats, since they are harder to get, it’ll be easier in the start, while Azazel is “less” agressive.
  • Hiding. Crouching and having your flashlight off helps you staying hidden.


Tips for each map

The Farmhouse (Anna)

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 8F0801C

  • Map. The map is not that big so you can hear pretty much everything happening, pay attention to Anna’s running sound.
  • Spreading hay. I usually put 3 on each door at the entrances of the house makes the process a lot easier.
  • Opening Cages. There are 2 cages on the map, one outside and one in the attic, make sure you open both before starting everything.
  • Ritual Items. In Farmhouse you need to sacrifice 10 goats, to make it easier you can just bring the 10 fuel to the altar.

    DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 7F79D87

  • Demons. The Farmhouse demons are really slow, so it’s not necessary using the UV light, they only get a little faster in 7/10. It’s nice to remember that they can’t turn 180° properly, so keep that in mind when running around them.
  • Anna. After triggering the starting event Anna will spawn in the attic, going downstairs. She will not attack you until you sacrifice a goat or stare at them for too long. With the Escapist perk you can run from her until 7/10, when she grows horns and get really fast.

The Asylum (Molly)

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 8000DD1

  • Map. The map is really big, with spacious hallways, making hard to hear Molly, but you can jump from high heights without taking damage, so use that for your advantage.
  • Food Plates. I don’t, but if you want, bring many food plates infront of the fireplace. Usually in the Kitchen there’s a lot of food.
  • Trash Bins. Trash Bins are the hiding spots for rats, there are always 4 in the map, make sure you check every of them.
  • Ritual Items. Same as fuel, bringing 10 fuses to the ritual is really important.

    DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 9EEC580

  • Demons. Asylum demons are also slow, but don’t underestimate them, they get you from afar. They usually are making really loud sounds, so you will most of the time know where they are. They can easily turn around, be careful.
  • Molly. In my opinion, the scariest one. After triggering the starting even Molly will spawn at the Infirmary hallway. You can also use the Escapist perk and run away from her, until 7/10, where she also grows horns and get really fast

The Inn (Zara)

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 930174C

  • Map. The map is pretty audible like Farmhouse, having many room “connectors”, making good use of them will help dealing with spiders while you have no UV.
  • Water. The water will not get dirty with time, only cleaning. There are 2 places for cleaning.
  • Eggs. The eggs are found dirty, after cleaning it’ll appear an image, you need to fit it with an altar with the same image.

    DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - E5ADF4C

  • Holes. If you watch closely, the map have a lot of holes in the walls, these places will be where you (after being catch) and spiders spawn.
  • Closets. Even though they seem very safe, they are not, Zara will most likely hunt you inside them.
  • CobWebs. Eventually Zara will make cobwebs blocking the path, they can be removed by using UV light, but in Nightmare, is better just passing around if possible, since you have no UV.
  • Spiders. They are fast but not a threat since they don’t kill you that easily. Getting hit by them gives you slow effect, but after a time being hit they can kill you. They can also carry your dropped eggs, clean or not. Spiders cannot open doors.

    DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - B0C78FD

  • Safezone. There is a “safezone” where spiders can’t spawn, making it possible to drop eggs inside safely. (TV room)
  • Altars. The altars change their location, and what egg it fits, make sure you memorize every run where they are. (they can also be in caves).
  • Last Eggs. Is highly recommended that you place both 9th and 10th eggs at the same time, because hunting the last egg with 9/10 is really hard.

    DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Tips for each map - 01D6B26

  • Zara. Zara’s starting event is in the caves, where she will puke the first egg. You can find 5 eggs before she starts hunting and 5 more after. Since shes activated spiders will start spawning. Zara has 2 forms, human and spider, she cannot attack you while in human form.

The Town (Sam)

only available in march ;(

How to pacify Azazel

To pacify Azazel you need to aim your UV flashlight in towards his face, stunning him for 3 seconds

Depending on how your ritual stage is, it will require more stuns.

UV lights have no effects when Azazel have red eyes

  • 1-3/10 Long pacified period. 1 Stuns needed.
  • 4-7/10 Medium pacified period. 2 Stuns needed.
  • 8/10 Medium pacified period. 3 Stuns needed.
  • 9/10 Almost instant hunt. 3 Stuns needed.
  • 10/10 GG.


Each map own Tactic

The Farmhouse (Anna)

4 players needed for this to work

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Each map own Tactic - E36296A

  • Place 2 Hays infront of the Altar
  • Make sure one goat is already set inside
  • Now the 4 players need to grab a goat
  • One player will be dropping the goat and lighting the Altar
  • The goat will start eating hay so with that you can make the normal process and start the game 5/10

The Asylum (Molly)

4 players needed for this to work

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Each map own Tactic - 8469770

  • In this map the process is easier since you can let a fuse already set
  • You will set one rat in the bed
  • Make sure the fuse is already set
  • Now the 4 players need to grab a rat
  • Some of the 4 will pull the lever, put the rat in the bed and run to set the fuse.
  • Then after that you can just play the game normally starting with 5/10

The Inn (Zara)

doable in solo

DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries - Each map own Tactic - C63056D

  • In this map there will be always 5 eggs to clean before Zara starts hunting
  • With that in mind you can just easily clean every eggs and put them close to the respective Altar
  • Multiplayer you can sync the eggs, but in solo you will need to run and set them.

The Town (Sam)

available in march


Each perk aids the player to assist them in the overall game. Only one perk can be equipped at a time. To deselect a perk double click it and it will remove it from your status.


Here we come to an end for DEVOUR General Tips + Difficulty variation & Batteries hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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