Destiny 2 How to get opulent keys and opulent weapons

Destiny 2 How to get opulent keys and opulent weapons 1 -
Destiny 2 How to get opulent keys and opulent weapons 1 -

How to get opulent keys & opulent weapon


Season 17th has been reintroduced Leviathan (now Derelict one . Opulent Keys, among the many valuable drops available, are the most interesting. It drops randomly during different activities, much like the old Destiny Key of Spawn. To use it, you must find a chest (on a ship) to which it corresponds on the map.
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These boxes can be used to receive exceptional rewards The 7th Season also includes four rare guns that were 3 years earlier. To find a chest you will need to go on a goosechase. They can spawn in various locations after the key has been dropped. You will get a clue every time you go, making the search even more exciting.

Search for Keys

The Opulent Keys are found in Destiny 2 and can be dropped in a variety of activities, including raids, quests, or events. These are not guaranteed drops. You can only hope for a key to many cases. You'll find many more if you look around the vessel.
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There are three main methods to get these keys for D2. Each of them involves doing something on the ship. However only one can guarantee you a drop. The rest are a chance.
The keys can only be used on the main portion of the ship. They are not applicable to other areas such as the Sever missions.

Completing your First Quest

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The Season of the Haunted questline will give you your first taste of the new area. The goal is simple. It rewards you with an Opulent Key free of charge after your successful completion. It is the best way to obtain the Key.

Opening the Basic Chests

This drop can be found in basic Destination Chests that are scattered all over the ship. The Keys are an uncommon drop. You will usually find Glimmer and Crown Influence here. If you have Tracker mods and are willing to look for such boxes, it is possible to farm keys in D2.

Nightmare Hunting Rewards

Nightmares are found in various parts Leviathan. Once you have killed one, a Haunted Alcove Chest near your location will activate. These boxes drop higher-level loot, currencies and occasionally an Opulent Key. You have many chances to win these boxes, though it's not guaranteed.

Nightmare Confinement – Rewards

Operation Midas offers Nightmare Confinement, which is a unique type of event. You can get an Opulent Key and a box for completing a Tier 3 run. Opulent weapons can be obtained directly at this stage if enough Opulent Umbral Energy is collected.
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Nightmares are a result of this event. These can be very difficult foes to a single player. Reddit or Discord can help you find fellow teammates if you feel that you need a*sistance.

Look for chests

Opulent Chests can be found by looking at the key you have in your backpack. It could be hidden in six points on the ship. The description of the key gives a clue as to its origin. It literally tells you where, out of two Leviathan section, it spawned. And, in a cryptic fashion, exactly where it sits.
Only a few such spots exist. The spot is randomly chosen by the chests in the Derelict Leviathan. It is important to compare the clue that they gave you with the locations listed below. You will likely see the thing immediately when you reach the location (.

Royal Pools

There are 3 locations within the Royal Pools 2 Leviathan.
Where water used be. Enter the area from the South. After entering the area, look to its left for cracked, sloped walls. It was likely once home to a waterfall. Just a few feet away, you will find what you are looking for.
At the feet and heels of greatness. This one is in central part of the area. It is right next to a huge golden statue depicting the Cabal Emperor. But a large gaping hole within the wall is likely to be a better indicator.
Among stately columns. You will find the last box by going past the large columns on the right side. It is located by following the Pleasure Gardens entrance and straying slightly left.

Pleasure Gardens

There are 3 more in the Gardens.
A loyal companion will guard your dog. After exiting the Pools tunnels turn left to find a gilded memorial of an animal (similar to a Dog). The pedestal would be located near the chest.
Among the ruins. Go to the Southern exit, and then turn to your right. Stick to the wall until a pair ruined columns is located next to a rock vantage point. Your reward should be between the two.
By the fallen greatness. Once you have entered the area from Castellum, continue to the rightmost edge of it until you see the large golden statue without the head of the Emperor. The box that you require is next to the head is also found there.

Loot from Chests

Six Opulent weapons were reintroduced to the 17th season. These weapons can be obtained through a variety of methods. 4 of them can be found inside an Opulent Chest . If you want to maximize your loot, you will need to locate the 4 Keys.
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All of the guns in question were available in the Season of Opulence at least three years ago. The current season simply introduces some of the rare guns from the past. The Beloved Sniper Rifle (, similar to Destiny 2 Tone Patrol) is the most unique.
They are generally worth it. Even though you'll not get all the loot, if your ship activities are continued long enough, you will be able to harvest many Opulent Keys. These activities will also give you other rewards. These weapons can be equipped with special traits like Deepsight Resonance.


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