Destiny 2 Gearbook:: A Warlocks 1182 Weapons Guidebook

Destiny 2 Gearbook:: A Warlocks 1182 Weapons Guidebook 1 -
Destiny 2 Gearbook:: A Warlocks 1182 Weapons Guidebook 1 -
Information on items, perks, weapons, etc. I wanted to put all in one place. So I wrote this for myself.
:::Warlocks are known scribes for keeping such information. That which you will need:::


Important Weapons Information:::

Concerning weapon perks I wanted a cohesive list. The list will start. This is for builds.
I believe every perk can be used. Just match the roll w/ the role.
Rampage – Stacks 3x for 30% more dmg. Has an uptime of 5 seconds but is refreshed every kill.
Kill Clip & Multi – From topping off at 30% to 50-55% extra dmg you must reload after kills.
Surrounded – When enemies are near you your weapon damage increases.
Vorpal Weapon – 15% dmg against bosses, supers. Passive. Meaning sharp.
High Impact Reserves – Does more damage on the latter half of a mag.
Frenzy – After time in combat gain more damage for the remainder of the fight.
One for All – Hitting multiple targets gives extra damage for 10 seconds.
Firing Line – Increased precision damage when near 2 or more allies.
Adrenaline Junkie – Grenade final blows grant bonus damage for moderate duration.
Box breathing – Hardscoping grants more precision damage.
Disruption Break – Breaking an enemy’s shield gives weakness to kinetic damage.
Shield Disorient – Energy matched shield explosion disorients nearby enemies.
Swashbuckler – Smack people, shoot people. You’ll get more damage somewhere in there.
Explosive Payload – Splits damage with a little more to add. Small splash, big flinch.
Timed Payload – Same as above but timed and an even bit more dmg. Bigger flinch.
Redirection – Build up more damage on small tier mobs. Expend on bigger mobs.
Headseeker – Body hits increase Headshot damage.
Desperado – Reloading after a headshot gives buku fire rate. Beam ’em.
One-Two Punch – Hitting an enemy with every pellet in a blast increases melee dmg.
Recombination – Elemental final blows increase this weapons next shot. Stacks 10x. Big.
Trench Barrel – After melee, this weapon gets increased damage, handling, reload.
Banned Weapon – Banned weapon.
Rapid Hit – Precision hits enhance stability and reload. Stacks.
Outlaw – Precision, headshot, kills increase reload speed by large amount.
Forth Time the Charm – Put 2 back in the mag for multiple precision hits. Has a sibling perk.
Feeding Frenzy – Increased reload speed on kill. Stacks.
Auto-loading Holster – Reloads when not in use.
Field Prep – Crouching into reloading gives a big buff to reload speed. More reserves.
Alloy Mag – A light mag capable of fast reloads.
Pulse Monitor – Reloads when shields are broken or critically hurt. Works on holstered weapons.
Mulligan – Miss a shot, get one back. At a chance.
Rewind Rounds – When emptied refill based on your number hits. Don’t miss.
Sympathetic Arsenal – Reloading after kill reloads stowed weapons.
Overflow – Picking up Heavy/Special ammo tops the mag off to double its size!
Reconstruction – Slowly builds the mag to near double its capacity.
Lead from Gold – Heavy also grants special ammo.
Clown Cartridge – Provides a random amount of overfilled ammo from reserves on reload.
Dual Loader – Load two shell at a time. Reduced reload for some reason.
Ambitious Assassin – Overflows based on amount of kills.
Subsistence – Defeats partially reload the mag.
Genesis – Cracking a shield reloads the mag. Energies regen on hit when matched.
Bottomless Grief – Increases mag size. While your last alive kills refill the mag.
Grave Robber – Melee kills refill a portion of the mag. Grants primary ammo.
Thresh – Made for farming super energy. Wellspring is this but w/ abilities.
Surplus – A great perk but requiring you not use abilities. Good anyway, enhances weapon stats.
Elemental Capacitor – Enhances a single stat on your weapon given your chosen element.
Heating Up – Final blows enhance accuracy, stability, and recoil.
Tunnel Vision – Reload after kill and be granted great aim assist and ads speed.
Quickdraw – You can draw your weapon faster.
Dynamic Sway Reduction – A ‘fancy’ spin on the perk Under Pressure. Only works on long bursts.
Under Pressure – As mag gets lower your stability raises.
Hip Fire Grip – An okay perk from what I’ve seen. Enhances hip fire.
Moving Target – ADS walk speed increased, aim assist improved while moving.
Unrelenting – Rapid kills trigger health regen.
No Distractions – Hardscoping reduces flinch.
Zen Moment – Doing damage increases stability.
Eye of the Storm – Grants more accuracy and handling as health drops.
Firmly Planted – While crouched, enhance stability, accuracy, and handling.
Snapshot – Crazy ADS speed.
Full Auto Trigger System – Converts single fire to full auto.
Iron Grip – Big stability for reload speed.
Threat Detector – Increased reload, stability, and handling when enemies are close proximity.
Celerity – More handling & reload. While last alive gain more aim assist, handling, reload, and reduced flinch.
Killing Wind – Kills grant stacks enhanced notably range and speed.
Opening Shot – Extra range and registration of the first shot of atk.
Rangefinder – Increases range when aiming.
Iron Reach – Gives a big buff to range at cost of stability.
Slideshot – Sliding boosts range, stability, and loads the magazine a bit.
(Slideways is the same but no range.)
Firefly – Headshot kills result in a solar explosion. Also increases reload.
Dragonfly – Like Firefly but more elemental. Damage from it is typically better w/ spec.
Reservoir Burst – On full battery does more dmg and explode on death.
Chain Reaction – Kill creates explosion. Destructive.
Demolitionist – Kill refill grenade energy, grenades thrown refill the mag.
Osmosis – Change your element by throwing your grenade.
Cornered – When enemies are near you your charge time is reduced.
Backup Plan – Grants reduced charge time and increased handling after swap.
Impact Casing – More damage on direct hit.
Tracking Module – Adds tracking to rockets.
Cluster Bomb – On hit, scatters sub-munitions.
Lasting Impression – Rockets stick to targets exploding after delay for more damage.
Impulse Amplifier – Massive increase in velocity. More reload speed.
Full Court – More damage the long the grenade flies through the air.
Blinding & Concussive nades – Blinds and stagger targets.
Spike Grenades – Does more damage on direct hit.
Archer’s Tempo – Reduced draw time after every precision hit.
Explosive Head – Little more dmg used for finishing off bow targets. Good.
Sneak Bow – Hold for longer, more reload. Prevents radar pings while crouched.
En Garde – More damage when swapping.
Assassin’s Blade – Kills boost movement speed and damage.
Whirlwind Blade – Hits increase damage. Stacks 5x.
Shattering Blade – On your last attack you do increased damage.
Accurized Rounds – More range.
Assault Mag – Ups rof, adds some stability.
AP Rounds – Go through multiple targets.
Small Bore – A very neutral, good barrel.
Full Bore – Max range of barrels at the cost of speed.
Arrowhead Brake – Recoil benefits but thats it.
Low Zoom Scopes are good.
There’s some I left out in the scopes, barrels, and mags, although they’re not too notable here.
Also, Masterworks are pretty self evident. Just try not to reduce charge time unless you need to.

Concerning Armor; Mods & Stats

In the game there are six character stats. These are granted by armor stats.

    Speed – Armor – HP Regen – Grenade – Super – Melee

They have different names in game, idc you’ll get it. Hunt for the stats you but keep in mind that anything for stat totals 59 and below just dismantle it. 60 and above is decent while slowing pulling together a collection of pieces 65 and above with good stat distributions. Its not as complicated as it looks, you’ll usually get these type of pieces from prime engrams and more notably endgame content. Again though the stats you need come first before totals.

Different Classes get different benefits from either of the first 3. They also help against stasis.
Moving on to mods. Im not going to talk about the whole system only whats important.
Charged w/ Light & Warmind Cells. These are extremely beneficial. I reccommend two arc ones that give you increased stats. Ada-1 should sell so go and check her inventory everyday on reset, that or websites like light gg list what vendors have, DIM works too. As far as warmind cells go, the two warmind cell mods that make them proc from solar splash damage and give them increased solar damage are some good ones. A lot of void warmind mods are really good as well. Especially in Season of the Splicer. Which is right now. You can get a Void version of solar splash damage mod so you have more chances to spawn them between loadouts. The rest is pretty straight forward. As you get more mods you’ll see more options open up.

My stuff :::;: various builds and such::::

Some of my favorite looks are getting old Destiny looks. Where things look like they seen weathering, Dark Age type stuff. One of the planetary ghost shells w/ cinderchar is a good look. A nice classic look. Im excited to see older designs coming back while getting new ones.

Graviton Lance builds are one my favorite fun builds and it works pretty well too for grinding out mobs. Splicer has a Void Warmind mod like the solar Wrath one we’ve always had. So it just keeps getting stronger. Tacking on Skull or Nezarec’s completes most of the bulk. It only keeps getting sweeter w/ mods that either enhance your abilites charge rate or your int. Blinking around with Astrocyte Verse it fun too. It takes practice to master but once you get it theres nothing else like blink. Dawn skipping is a good plan B if your still practicing.

A max INT Titan with Hammers and either Phoenix Cradle or the anti-freeze exotic with full warmind cell mods is a fun time. The new well mods have really helped w/ that.

A gunner warlock build is where someone grabs chaos reach, Getaway Artist, and No Time to Explain. Along with fitting mods. Proc the timegate and arc soul and have a fun time shredding everything.

General Healers are possible too with Warlock sporting Starfire Protocol with fusion grenades and fireteam medic warmind cells. Titan support has always been there with bubble but they also have the Crest of Alpha Lupi and access to the same fireteam medic mods. Hunters afaik I haven’t looked into. They are my least played class but I’ll agree Golden Gun is a lot of fun.

Hunters can run support with Omni as it gives damage reduction. Melee build, plain and simple.
Although most hunters are probably look for max dps with Stareater Scales. Its still good even thought it was nerfed. I’d use the word tuned.

GO max INT middle tree arcstrider with Raiju’s Harness. You can reflect everything but Chaos Reach. You’ll literally be turning the last good thing stasis hunters have against them. So sad.
I forgot to mention you can cancel your super with the exotic so you save energy and always be ready to only use it to reflect enemy supers, have fun.

I will be adding more information on weapon builds here in this section later.


Written by lunar artificer

Here we come to an end for Destiny 2 Gearbook:: A Warlocks 1182 Weapons Guidebook hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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