Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire

Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire 7 -
Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire 7 -

This guide was written for Early Access Release v.0.3.22. Many things are likely to change. Let’s see how we fare with Chicken and Donuts!

You can generate passive income the legal way! You can grow your Laundromat service business without worrying about legal entanglements.

Starting your legal Laundromat Empire

Earning a legal income from your Laundromat Empire is easy and enjoyable. Daily-earnings can be expected to be around $700 to $900 per laundromat or more.

Let’s dive in, let’s start, and we’ll get into the details of how to make money with your Laundromat. What works, what doesn’t, and how you can make a quick buck…the legal way!

 Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Starting your legal Laundromat Empire - 5F174B2The initial thing you’ll need to do will be to Start a new game Title what you want, but be sure to un-check the Tutorial. This tutorial leads you into a life filled with crime. You have probably already played the Tutorial before you start reading this guide. You can play the tutorial to learn the basics if you are new. Also, remember that ‘R” rotates objects. Although it is not included in the tutorial for the Early Access Launch, it is likely to be on your shortlist.

The next step is to ignore your “Factory completely. Your free plots don’t need to be redeemed! We don’t manufacture Washing Machines. Instead, we are here to operate legitimate businesses. It would be best if you moved your camera out of the old Downtown park to avoid any illicit temptations.

The next step is to buy a small piece of land.

 Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Starting your legal Laundromat Empire - FEF9A78

Next, you must obtain a business license to operate your Laundromat. You should immediately upgrade to Level 3.

There are several main reasons you do this.

  • This nets you an additional Service Rating star, allowing you more customers.
  • Access to the Fast Dryer/Fast Washer. More on this later!
  • Access to additional revenue streams

Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Starting your legal Laundromat Empire - F3F2C0E

Once you have completed these two steps, you can build your first Laundromat.

Building Your First Laundromat for Passive Income!

You are now ready to start building your Laundromat. This will generate passive legal income. Construction should cost between $5000 to $6000 and your operational costs between $65-100 per day. A simple 3-Star Laundromat should cost you $700 to $900 per Day.

We’ll cover more details in the next few minutes, but here are some tips for building your first Laundromat.

  • Design a customer bathroom. It doesn’t need to be huge since you won’t serve that many customers simultaneously. A single 3×3-square room with 1 Toilet Stall and 1 Sink is enough.
  • Sell Laundry Detergent– As you already have a registered person, ensure that your staff has a Detergent Self.
  • Gumball or Magazine Stand can be a great way to up-sell your customers six at a time. These are not required for your Every Product for Sale star, but at $100 each, it’s a no-brainer!
  • One Manned Register– Your Laundromat will attract loiterers looking to buy drugs but not anything else. You need an employee to turn them off, so that your legitimate customers can use your services.
  • Fast Washers and Dryers can be essential for customer turnover and ensuring they leave happy. I would recommend starting with 4 units for each unit. Fast units bring in $14 in revenue, take 10 to 14 minutes for customers to dry, and average $1.40 to $1.00 per hour. Compare that to the $10 ‘Dryer,’ which takes 66 mins to dry a load and makes your customer unhappy. It only earns $0.15 per hour! The Fast units are more expensive but well worth it. The ‘Large’ units cost $12 per load, take a bit longer, and are slower.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Building Your First Laundromat for Passive Income! - 124539C


There are two basic ways to staff your Laundromat Workers. We’ll briefly examine each.

  • Traditional Shift Workers – You have one worker in your register. You build them a Bathroom and Break Room, and you deal with employee breaks when customers may have to wait.
  • Single-Shift Workers entail having 2 workers, each of whom only works half of the work-day. You don’t need to give breaks or spend Capital to build the facilities, since employees arrive at work with new needs. This is also helpful if your goal is to get the Cleaner All-Business Hours Rating star.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Staffing/Employees - 141A37B

Whatever the reason, you should send your employees home when they are not working (or on a Holiday) so that they can meet their needs and return to work fresh.

You should also consider hiring 1 Engineer, which will be needed for around 2-3 hours every morning. I recommend they be scheduled before customers show up (your business hours). If a customer has a machine that needs to be repaired, the Engineer will wait in line behind them. This is excellent customer service. However, the machines won’t be fixed if your engineer is unavailable.

Also, it will take at least 2hrs to complete a single Cleaner. If you would like the Cleaner during all business hours, You should hire 2 people to be a star for your company and split the operating hours into two shifts, with no breaks.

All employees should be allowed to take a 1-hour break before they return to work. This is less important than for the Cleaners and 22A205534546A, but it is vital for the Engineers.

Because we operate a Legal Laundromat, you don’t need to equip any employees with any equipment. Builder’s Gloves will be available in the future. This may help reduce Engineer hours but they are not yet available. We are a legitimate business, so you don’t need any weapons. If you find an item that fits your brand and wants to spend the money on it, you can decide to dress as you please!

Tips on services and revenue

A few important things to know about your products and services through your Laundromat service. Customer Turnover is key to ensuring customers are satisfied and making room for other customers.

  • You need 1 Machine per Maximum Customer – Keep in mind this is Simultaneous/One-At-A-Time customers. This information is available under your company’s “Customer Reviews” section. Max customers will be more if you have more Total Rating stars. A simple 5-star Laundromat I built for Center Lane can serve up to 10 Max Customers.
  • Fast machines are good, and slow machines bad. As I mentioned before, the primary Dryer/Washing machine, which cost $120, generates poor revenue ($3 per basic Washing Machine). You can use it by 3 people at once, for a maximum revenue of 9! It is slow to process and can make customers mad.
  • Happy Customers Tip can sometimes be a problem, and it’s usually $1-$2 per process they go through. Keep your customers happy, your facility clean and your machines in top condition. You can make your brand stand out with a bit of decoration. There is no way of knowing what your customer’s need or satisfaction is beyond what they think. Be sure to monitor those thoughts for potential issues.
  • Upsell Build that Magazine Stand and Bubblegum Machine. The cost is $100. The Bubblegum Machine generates $6 per process, while the Magazine Stand generates $8. Both can be tipped on and generate over $1/minute.
  • Seating – A Bench is $45, which allows patrons to rest briefly, fulfilling their needs, and also generates tipping opportunities.
  • Filter Cash Register ProductsDon’t sell anything. This will ensure that you receive the All Product Accessible rating star.. and a clear signal for your customers and workers that you’re a legitimate business.
  • Your Machines Are Going to Break Every Day Machines break at a constant rate, no matter how often they are used. You should schedule your engineer to have enough time to fix them all before opening your doors.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken How to Start Legal Laundromat Empire - Tips on services and revenues - 86EFE4F

Next Steps, Grow Your Empire!

Once you have your first Legit Laundromat up and running, it should only take a few more days before you can purchase Advertising with $20,000, which will impact all your future Laundromats. It also gives you an additional Rating Star to increase your customer base potentially.

Once you have enough money, begin looking for other locations to expand. While this can change, here is what the current Real Estate Market looks and how it ranks by price. We are only interested in Laundromat Friendly locations, which are currently 4.

  • Church Lane, $3000 Laundromat, Donut Shop. Size: 24×24
  • Center Lane, $3000 Laundromat, Donut Shop. Size: 12×24
  • Oak Lane, $3000 Laundromat, Donut Shop. Size: 12×24
  • Palm Drive, $3000 Laundromat and Donut Shop. Size 12×24
  • Beach View, $5000. Donuts or chicken. Size: 24×24
  • Washington Avenue, 5000 Donuts or chicken. Size: 24×24
  • Bishops Boulevard $7000, Donuts, or Chicken Size: 24×48
  • Park Avenue, $7000 Chicken or Lobster Size 24×24
  • Pine Street, $7000. Chicken and Lobster. Size: 24×48
  • West Street, $7000. Chicken or lobster. Size: 24×24
  • Ninth Arcade, $7000. Chicken or Lobster Size: 24×24
  • Main Street, 10000. Nightclub or Lobster. Size: 12×24
  • Seal Avenue, 10000 Lobster of Nightclub. Size 24×24
  • Ryder Place, $10000. Lobster or casino Size: 12×24
  • Seventh Boulevard, $12000 Nightclub or casino. Size: 24×24
  • Fourth Street, $12000 Nightclub or casino Size: 24×24
  • Farm Drive, $12000 Nightclub or casino. Size: 24×24
  • Bay View, $12000 Nightclub or casino. Size: 24×48
  • Chestnut Road $12000 Nightclub or casino. Size: 24×48
  • Rare Drive, $12000 Nightclub or casino Size: 24×42



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