Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots

Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots 1 -

A guide on a build and tactics made to trivialize Industrial Sabotage on any official difficulty. This is made assuming you already have a basic understanding of the unique enemies and challenges encountered during these missions.

The Build

Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Build - 1325415
This is a build for the master of destruction, the Driller, made to exploit the bots’ vulnerabilities to fire and melee. Our weapons of choice are the Crispr flamethrower the Subata pistol. We specialize in destroying the mechanical menace first and foremost, but we’re more than capable in a scrap against Hoxxes’ more traditional foes. Industrial Sabotage demands one be capable of fighting intense, prolonged combats. Thankfully, every part of a Drillers’ kit can be weaponized.
Of note is that your team can double, triple, or even quadruple up on this build. This Driller can handle everything Industrial Sabotage can throw at him, from start to finish, and more flames only means that robots melt faster. I tested this out, trust me.

The Armaments

Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Armaments - 2DF2063
The flamethrower is our primary weapon, and the centerpiece of the build. Built for heat and range, it’s what allows us to dispatch robots at an astonishing pace. Against aliens, set them on fire and switch weapons to the Subata or drills, or leave them to burn. Against robots, apply directly to the face swiftly and vigorously until slagged.
High Pressure Ejector: One of the biggest problems this build will encounter is sniper turrets and patrol bots hanging out outside of our range. This brings them closer, as well as increasing versatility overall and enabling some useful tactics during the Caretaker fight.
Triple Filtered Fuel – The single most important upgrade in the entire build. Robots simply overheat and die when they’re set on fire, but the threshold for that to happen is very high. This effectively halves it for you.
Oversized Valves – Do what you do faster. Flow rate is fire rate for most other weapons, and it means your flamethrower applies fire and heat damage more often.
More Fuel – We’re not taking advantage of sticky flame, so this is an obvious choice. With such a powerful and versatile weapon, we’re going to use it early and often, so more ammo is better.
Heat Radiance – Get in closer and apply heat even faster. Careful about patrol bots dropping into ground mode and slamming into you.
Lighter Tanks – More ammo is better. We’re not looking to use sticky flames, nor direct damage, and our range is important to us. Fuel Stream Diffuser is an acceptable alternative, but the flow rate penalty will slow us down some.
Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Armaments - 91E91C9
The Subata is our secondary weapon, and typically overshadowed by the more versatile Experimental Plasma Charger with most other builds. In Industrial Sabotage, however, we need to take advantage of its rapid direct damaging capabilities. To be spammed at large burning aliens and caretaker weakpoints.
Improved Alignment – Extends the effective range past 3m. For accuracy at long range, fire in extremely short bursts. Get used to animation cancelling your reloads to speed up your damage.
Increased Calibur Rounds – Ammo efficiency is nice,
Improved Propellant – But this needs to be a useful weapon. More damage.
Hollow Point Bullets – For more damage. To be spammed into praetorian and oppressor backsides, bulk detonator pustules, and caretaker eyes. (Yes, those are weakpoints too! With a 1x damage multiplier.)
Volatile Bullets – Guess what, it’s more damage. Mactera can be set on fire too, after all.
Automatic Fire – More damage! More damage! And to help avoid Repetitive Stress Injury. Unfortunately, the Caretaker is immune to embedded detonators (Edit: Not anymore! Fixed as of 17/11/2021). Fire control is important for range shooting.
Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Armaments - 924C79D
The Soldier’s Drills, as I like to call them. They go one, one, one, uh… One! They’re an important mobility tool, creating tunnels that help the entire team move around. An entrenching tool that helps avoid line of sight and projectiles. And, potentially, another tool of destruction in the Driller’s arsenal.
Barbed Drill Tips – The weaponized drills upgrade. They double the damage they deal, turning the drills from pitifully weak to usable. There’s a useful video on why you’re not giving up as much as you think when you move away from hardened drill tips, linked here:

YouTube player

Magnetic Refrigeration – No contest, just don’t overheat. Overheating is entirely within your control and never a good idea.
Supercharged Motor – No contest, literally.
Increased Tank Pressure – More ammo, since you get a lot of use out of these. If you’re drilling enemies long enough to overheat your drills, you’re likely doing something wrong.
Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Armaments - A984684
Satchel Charges are powerful bombs and mining tools, and notorious teamkillers. Do be careful with these.
Bigger Charge – We want more damage for the Caretaker fight, to be explained in its tactics section.
Kill Switch – Be careful about when you retrieve your charges after misplacing them, because we’re also using…
Volatile Compound – More damage! I regard the volatility as more of a downside than anything, a price to be paid for MORE DAMAGE!
Concussive Blast – This tier is mostly to taste. Two flavors of crowd control and some utility, none of which is useful against robots.
Extra stuff! The rest of your tools of destruction aren’t each worth a section to themselves.
Serrated Edge power attacks are important in Industrial sabotage for cleaving robots in half. Especially Caretaker tentacles, which get one-shotted.
Impact axes are important and powerful, and the alternatives are poor choices, either against robots or in general.
Armor upgrades are largely personal, but I am a heavy advocate of HP up. You refill it more often than you think, and it helps you survive large bursts of damage.
Perks! Useful for giving you an edge during a mission. As with everything in Industrial Sabotage, these need to be turned towards combat.
Resupplier is THE top tier perk in most gamemodes, and downright necessary in Industrial Sabotage, where it’s impossible for your carried ammo reserves to see you through the Caretaker fight alone. Resupplying mid-fight is mandatory.
Vampire is an obvious choice for a build specializing in melee damage and provides an HP source to end Iron Will safely.
Sweet Tooth helps red sugar go farther, and it’s the first passive perk I’d replace if you think you have a better idea.
Iron Will is a useful second chance button, for when some nonsense occurs and your team wipes. Remember to somehow gain HP before it ends so you don’t just fall over again. Vampire and Resupplier both help with this.
Field Medic is an excellent support tool for getting teammates back in to a fight rapidly. A godsend for when you inevitably end up being the last dwarf standing.
I used to run Dash, but I find it’s pretty easy to dodge Caretaker attacks without it, and the extra chances are more important.


Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - Robots! - 2EFC402
Detailed herein are this build’s favored tactics for defeating the robotic menace. Many of these are simple and straightforward, but the Caretaker fight will have an entire section dedicated to it.
Burst Turrets & Repulsion Turrets – The flamethrower solves these nicely. Line them up for collateral kills to save time and ammo. Alternatively, undermine them! If the ground directly underneath either of these foes is destroyed, they just die. If there are no burst turrets or other threats around, you can also jump on top of repulsion turrets safely to kill them with melee attacks. While it’s slower, it’s ammo-free and returns a bit of health via Vampire.
Sniper Turrets – Slow firing, fragile, and easily the most dangerous machine in the tunnels to this build. We can slag them in record time if we get in range, but they tend to be high up on the ceiling and placed densely enough to cover each others’ blindspots. If bumrushing them is out of the question and we can’t assume our teammates are reliable (or existant), the next best option is drilling. Create and use tunnels in the walls, floor and ceiling to avoid line of sight, bursting into the room near them to melt the snipers while staying close to cover.
Patrol Bots – Fast, durable, and dangerous flying brutes. A squad of these can give a squad of unprepared dwarves a run for their money all on their own. Fortunately, we are a very prepared dwarf, with multiple options for efficient takedowns. First and most obviously, the flamethrower. Apply liberally and slag these overbearing monsters with impunity. Alternatively, power attacks and impact axes. 2 of these should drop a patrol bot even faster than the flamer, but only one at a time and with shorter range and more intensive aiming requirements. On the upside, killing them via HP damage means your teammates can contribute without their own heat-applying weapon, and the fact that these are melee weapons means you’ll get some health in return via Vampire.
Shredders – Like robotic naedocytes! Who came up with these things!? The flamethrower can, again, deal with these quickly. However, over-reliance on it will run it dry of fuel, and we happen to have an even better option. Bring out the drills! Barbed drill tips kill a shredder in 2 ticks, affect a large area in front of you, and fire very rapidly. For best results, bait them into a tight space or a tunnel, to keep them all to one side of you.

The Grand Finale!

Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots - The Grand Finale! - BF61E8B
The Caretaker! The robotic overlord, the mechanical piece de resistance, the final boss to end all dwarves! (for now, anyway.) It’s the main draw of Industrial Sabotage, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s what the entire mission is leading up to. Detailed herein are the threats to look out for and the steps to counter them.
Step 1: Preparations
What to do even before the fight starts. Firstly, I would recommend on hold off on machine events prior to the Caretaker fight, especially the OMEN. You won’t know how hard up you’ll be for resources by the end of the power stations, and you can safely return once the mission is complete. You’ll want to have a lot of resupplies available to keep you in the fight.
Also, try to keep a full stock of satchel charges starting the fight. They’ll be very effective, and you’ll go through your whole stock of them multiple times if you’re being as effective as possible and no other drillers are there to supply extras.
When you actually get to the fight itself, you’ll have fairly normal driller duties; Prepare the ground. Clear away obstructing terrain so that you have free reign to run around. Dig trenches sparingly, to avoid falling in at inopportune times. Breaking line of sight with all of the enemies does NOT guarantee your safety, as there are several attacks that ignore terrain. There is one special consideration to be made for this fight. Dig a tunnel from somewhere accessible, like a wall at ground level, all the way up to the ceiling. Poke a hole in the ceiling directly above the Caretaker. Creative use of waypoints can make this job more precise, and help you remember where this tunnel is later. You’ll be ready when you’re standing above the caretaker with your satchel charges in hand.
Step 2: Combat!
Have someone else pop out the batteries if you have teammates, or do it yourself and run to your spot if solo. The first thing to happen during the fight is the Caretaker will spawn a ton of patrol bots and its tentacles, and open up its 4 corners, which need to be destroyed to progress. this is where we start. Drop your satchel charge from your spot in the ceiling on to the Caretaker, aiming as close to the center as possible. Detonate, then repeat once if necessary. Done right, you should annihilate all 4 of its weakpoints in 2 well placed explosions, ending the phase. (Exception if you’re playing 4 man haz 5; You’ll leave them on a sliver. You’ll do it in 1 charge if you’re playing solo instead, though.) Return to ground via the tunnel and help clean up spawns, utilizing the tactics described above. Note that the flamethrower has enough range to line up and incinerate 2 tentacle bases at once, saving time and ammo. A lot of people choose to exercise caution during this fight, but we’ll be doing away with it entirely. The best counter to constant spawns and summons is raw aggression and extreme damage that kills the adds faster than they can spawn, rendering the fight largely safe. This isn’t to say we’ll be putting no effort whatsoever into self preservation, but high risk high reward and playing close to the enemies is the order of the day. Once the area is clear, you have freedom to take out the Caretaker’s eye by spamming it with impact axes and Subata bullets. Clear tentacles as they rise, then rinse and repeat for rounds 2 and 3.
Step 3: Repeat.
Whenever you take out one of the Caretaker’s HP segments, it’ll start a new round and add a new defense. It’ll do this twice, choosing from a pool of shredder drones, phase bombs, or sniper turrets. This is an ideal time to grab a resupply or two, and have yourself or another driller with full satchel charges return to your spot at the ceiling.
Shredder Drones: Another task to deal with, but tactics for handling them are well established. Burn them with the flamer, or outshred them with your drills. You likely weren’t using the drills for anything mid-fight anyway, so it’s not even additional ammo load.
Phase Bombs: They teleport to you anywhere, at just about any time. They tend to arrive in waves, one after another, with a break only once a wave is finished. Make sure you’re able to move during this time. You won’t have time to grab resupplies or revived downed allies (Without the active component of Field Medic), and going through the tunnel to the ceiling during this time is risky. Consider putting in extra time, effort, and fuel to widen it up considerably to guarantee space to dodge bombs.
Sniper turrets: The most dangerous add, and the best argument to have something other than drillers on the team. The sheer size of the Caretaker room guarantees they’ll be out of your flamer reach, and the lack of safe cover makes plinking them from afar with the subata dangerous. Rely on your teammates to handle them, or bring a different secondary to damage them more reliably. If you’re going to jump in to a trench, make sure to keep moving to outpace tentacle strikes and phase bombs.
It’s execution reliant, like with so many things in so many FPS games, but in my experience these methods make the new mission type fairly easy to beat. If this finds widespread use, I don’t doubt Ghost Ship will want to nerf some part of it. And if you have feedback or want to suggest changes, say so in the comments! I’d be happy to argue with you.

Hope you enjoy the post for Deep Rock Galactic How to Rend Fiends and Immolate Robots, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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