Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions]

Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] 1 -
A gunner build guide that shows two ways to construct your loadouts for any mission type and hazard level.


“Leadstorm” Powered Minigun and “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver

Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] -  
We are going to build the minigun for damage and ammo by utilizing the leadstorm unstable overclock. As shown in the image above, the mod loadout will be 21312. This allows the minigun to have 14 damage and 3000 ammo at the cost of mobility. There are other tutorials for this out there, but the basic work around for that is to shoot while jumping to keep yourself moving during fights. 
Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] 
For the bulldog, we are going to take advantage of its versatile mod options and the magic bullets unstable overclock to turn it into a fodder killing machine. The mod loadout will be 13212to maximize ammo and aoe, along with acquiring the key part of this loadout, the tier 5 mod, neurotoxin coating. 
Neurotoxin along with magic bullets and explosive rounds allows us to potentially kill up to 6 grunts with one bullet by aiming it at the center of the swarm. 
With these weapons, we will be taking either the incendiary- or the cluster grenade to weaken and eliminate the largest of swarms that the bulldog might struggle with. 
Perks are generally up to the individual, but one I recommend in team settings is friendly, since sustained fire from a Leadstorm Leadstorm minigun has been shown to be unhealthy to fellow dwarves. 

“Thunderhead” Heavy autocannon and “BRT7” Burst Fire Gun

Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] -  
We are building the thunderhead for big direct damage with the Big Bertha unstable overclock along with the mod loadout of 31311. This makes us able to shred through the armor and health of praetorians from any angle or range, while still killing groups of fodder enemies like grunts, slashers, guards and swarmers efficiently. 
Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] 
The BRT will be for taking care of any BIG BIG enemies that the Big Bertha autocannon will be inefficient against. This includes oppressors, bulk detonators, naedocyte breeders, spitballers and dreadnoughts. To accomplish this, we are using the Lead Spray unstable overclock with the mod loadout of 21231
While inaccurate at even medium range, the Lead Spray overclock makes up for this with some of the best damage in the entire game at close range. While it is not recommended to try to snipe far away enemies with this weapon, that does not mean you cannot take care of enemies that are normally reserved for high accuracy weapons, like mactera. The sheer damage will make sure that running up to a group of mactera and unleashing will (most of the time, I am not responsible for any injuries caused by reckless behavior) lead to you killing the entire flock before they can even shoot at you once. 
With these weapons I have found that the sticky grenade fits me the best, so I can weaken tanky enemies as a means to conserve some ammo. 
As for perks, the only one that I feel is necessary would be Born Ready, as it allows you to keep shooting with your secondary while your autocannon is ‘recharging’. 

Tips, tricks and potential changes

While the builds that I’ve detailed in this guide are made to the specifications I recommend, there are a few minor changes that you can make while keeping the general theme. 
The first one would be to change the tier 2 ammo for damage on the minigun, giving you extreme damage and decent ammo. I went with the ammo for this guide as it is the statistically better option as well as being more comfortable to use, but let’s be honest, max damage LSLS is very fun. 
Another would be to go for the tier 1 magazine size instead of ammo for the thunderhead. This enables longer sustained fire and may even free up the Born Ready perk slot, but it is too situational for my tastes along with hurting your ammo slightly. 
The last minor change is to go for tier 4 ammo instead of weakpoint damage on the BRT7. I haven’t checked whether or not this results in more overall damage, but since I’ve personally rarely had ammo issues with the gun I choose to go for damage. 
Now, finally for some intermediate tips and tricks that will hopefully help you to use these builds to their full potential. 
-Bhopping with the LSLS while shooting will allow you to keep moving while dishing out damage, ignoring the only significant downside of the leadstorm overclock. 
-The splash damage of the bulldog will clear out swarmers easily, so it is recommended to use that instead of the minigun to clear them out. 
-While the neurotoxin allows you to oneshot groups of grunts with the bulldog, it is sometimes recommended to instead empty out your clip as to kill them instantly, especially if you’re on the verge of being overwhelmed. 
-The armor breaking capabilities of the big bertha autocannon are useful on praetorians even if you aren’t going to finish them off, as destroying the armor will allow classes like engineer to shoot their weakspots without needing to maneuver behind them. 
-The big bertha autocannon keeps some of its splash damage without even needing to invest anything towards it, so it is still capable of clearing swarmers with ease. 
-Shooting big enemies with the bulldog until you apply neurotoxin is a nice way to soften them up a little, while making them easier to handle by slowing their movement speed. 
Welp, that would be all I have to say. 
Rock and Stone, miners. 

By BavuhBavuhBavuhBavuhBavuhBavuh

Here we come to an end for Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Build Guide [2 Versions] hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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